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another drop
more drops
Subscribed. I'm doing a similar trip at the end of March, and I created a thread about it but I totally missed that this one was already open. The only thing I knew for sure that was on my list was Vass.
Haven't bought a new pair of Jordans on release day in many years, but I managed to grab the new SJ's. SNKRS app worked well for me, and I just took delivery yesterday. Gotta say they're pretty awesome, love the icy blue soles.
Eggshell denim!
Those look great, can't wait to get my pair. How do they feel weight-wise?
Just to pile on here, I agree with everyone saying the black welt pretty much killed the design. Right now it's just a black boot. The combo with the brass eyelets, no speed hooks, and antique welt and edge trim really would have made it a unique one-of-a-kind makeup. Maybe someone will have to work up a special makeup for a similar boot in something other than black shell. I know shell is worse than crack to an Alden addict, but I think if you take the same boot (with...
Does that go for suit jackets as well? I assume my suit order would take a bit longer since I'm mailing in a jacket for replication, but I'm hoping that my trouser orders will ship once completed.
Awesome, I got these VBC flannels in my order, I hope they ship soon. I know Luxire likes to combine shipments, but I hope they don't hold all my orders until my suit is done, because if they do that it will be too warm here to wear the flannels.
^ good point, I agree as well. I always wash the shirts before wearing and all the packing materials go right in the garbage. Well, I do recycle the plastic stuff but it still seems a little unnecessary.
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