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Had to get them hemmed a bit, I'll adjust the inseam on my next order, but I'm picking them up from the tailor tomorrow so I'll be able to wear them and give some comments on the quality. From what I could tell by trying them on at the tailor, they are absolutely fantastic. With the exception of the pants being just about 0.5-0.75 inches too long, I think I've nailed my fit really well, and they drape wonderfully.
Damn...I just took delivery of the mid grey and light grey Minnis flannels just over a week ago and now they're both $100 off. Next year I'm waiting until Black Friday/Cyber Monday before placing a $600 order!
The cut on the heirloom that Epaulet sells is an exclusive design, so if you ordered direct you would not get the same cardigan that EP sells.
Those are mine! Still working out some kinks but Asish & Co. have been a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process
Emptym - I'd love to see the results of a Luxire-made cordovan shoe! Where were you able to source he shell? I got my mid and light grey Minnis flannels this week, and they are fantastic, totally worth the premium price. The came a little longer than expected, I requested a 33" inseam but the actual measurement was around 33.5" so I dropped them off at the tailor to get shortened slightly. While I was there, I was browsing through his swatch books, and he had some books...
I got the black Stewart tartan, so there must have been enough fabric for a few pairs. I know this was in the top 3 of Mike's all-time favorite fabrics...can't believe it's still sitting there!
I had these, grew out of them, and sold them. When I saw them pop back up I grabbed them in a bigger size instantly. I think that was all I needed to make today a success.
Rough 12 miles this morning. My pace was almost 10 seconds slower per mile compared to my 11 mile run last weekend. I'll need to speed it up a bit if I want to hit my goal in my half marathon in January.
drop to $50
Got shipping notification for 2 pairs of Minnis flannels. That was pretty fast for these fabrics, I think it was only about a month from order date to ship date. I think I'll have to pick up a pair of one of the H&S tweeds now...the brown herringbone is calling my name. Also, @luxire will you be stocking any other patterned oxford fabrics for shirts at any point? I like wearing OCBD's with denim and chinos, but outside of a business or biz casual setting, I don't really...
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