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Awesome! I had a Doyle but ended up selling it as it was kind of a neither here nor there piece for me. Too heavy for warm days but not really warm enough (unless I had layers underneath) for colder days. And I have a heavier winter coat (Schneider merino) that sees maybe 3-4 days of wear when it's cold enough here, which is a shame. I was looking at maybe getting a Monitaly mountain parka, but that will probably be too heavy as well. Sounds like this moleskin field jacket...
What's the weight going to be like on the moleskin field jacket? It might actually be a decent Florida winter depending on the weight. I see so much awesome outerwear but most of the time it doesn't make any sense to buy it because it never gets cold enough to wear it.
Birthday code came in handy...wasn't planning on getting anything but I couldn't pass up on the Vibergs. Hoping sizing works out.
Thanks, I'll add the 42 to my wish list, I can't imagine doing much layering (I live in FL) so the 44 might be too roomy.
If I'm a size 6 in SS merino and a 42 in the Valstar linen safari jacket, what size would I be in the Monitaly mountain parka? 42 as well?
3.1 today, first run in almost a month. Thought I'd give it a go but my hip flexor and IT band are still giving me issues. Looks like it's back to foam rolling for maybe another month.
So here's the super-saturated sky blue linen-cotton that I bleached the hell out of. It looks almost white in the photo, but IRL it's a very very very pale blue. At first I thought I over-bleached, but I kinda like the way it came out. I'd still like to have a linen-cotton version of the sky blue oxford, but this still fills a gap in my shirt rotation, and I'll wear it much more than before I bleached it. I'll post a pic of the pink one too when I get a chance, that one I...
OK, I think I've seen this one I the site. How does this pure linen compare to all the other linen-cotton blends? I like the blends because they work a little better for me in an office atmosphere than pure linen most of the time, but if this wears similar to the blends then I'll probably pick it up anyway.EDIT - actually I see 2 linen pale blue end-on-end fabrics so I'm not sure which one you have there, hopefully Luxire can clarify.
Thanks @emptym! I must have missed that post, I wasn't checking SF regularly for the last few weeks. I'll definitely add that one to my list. Like the post above, do you have the link for this one? I checked their website quickly and I only see the ones I've ordered in the past...unless it's the same one and fabric has just been updated.
Has there been any luck getting a true pale blue linen-cotton shirting fabric? The pale blue I have now is still pretty saturated, and the sky blue (the super saturated one) I never wore, tried to bleach, went a little overboard, and now it's basically white with a very very faint hint of blue left in it. I'll post pics of that later this week when I get a chance. I also bleached the pale pink linen-cotton and that turned out pretty good.
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