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EP belts are the best, I have a bunch and they're pretty much the only belts I ever wear. I think I have 6...brown CXL, natural CXL, western print, unfinished bridle leather, snuff suede, and tan suede. The only problem is that they're such high quality products that I don't need to buy any more! I'm sure I'll buy more EP belts when these wear out and I need to replace them, but some of these belts, like the brown CXL, I've worn multiple times per week for something like...
Yeah some people seemed to get their outlet stuff shipped almost immediately, so I'm surprised my stuff is taking this long too.
I placed an order for 2 jackets last Thursday and it still says my order is processing, no tracking number yet.
I would probably prefer if the Havana buttoning point was maybe a half inch lower, but it's definitely still wearable for me. Maybe it was just the angle of the photo I saw online, but it looked like the Jort may have been just slightly lower.
Cool thanks for the info. I assumed the fabric had something to do with it since it is a Harris Tweed, which is really tough to find at a price like this, so I think I'll go for it. Measurements look similar on their size chart, any significant differences between Jort and Havana? From the photo it looks like the Jort might have a slightly lower buttoning point, which should work well for me. I assume if I'm a 44L in Havana it's safe to say I'll be 44L in Jort as well.
I've never actually owned any SuSu stuff before, but I did try on a few jackets in their Tampa store right after they opened and I was really happy with the fit and quality, so I took the plunge with this outlet sale. Picked up the same brown check Havana that a couple people posted about yesterday, and I'm still wavering back and forth on that green Harris Tweed Jort. Is the Jort worth the extra money compared to a Havana or Hudson fit? With the outlet prices, it's really...
Rudy Rivet! Can't wait to see how this turns out. I still have three pairs of old duck canvas rivets that I sized up all the way to a 38 in and got the waist taken in by almost 4 inches (all just to fit my thighs), but the rise is still a little too low for me to wear comfortably, so those don't get much use anymore.
I would say Tampa but but nobody ever comes here. I might have to plan a short trip to NY for that trunk show.
Any chance of a 42XL jacket coming down the pipeline? Haha, I'm sure I'm dreaming with that one.
Lighting kinda sucks, but this is the best I can do for now. Tried something a little different today with the charcoal pants, navy windowpane jacket, pink shirt, brown tie, and tan shoes. Colors aren't reflected super accurately in the photo, but it worked well enough for me. Shirt and shoes are Luxire as well.
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