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So far all of my shirts - except for the ones I wear with suits - are unfused/unlined BD collars, so that's what I did with th cool white linen cotton as well. That's just my personal preference, I'm sure the NOBD I would work as well.
Doesn't look sold out to me:http://custom.luxire.com/products/cool-white-linen-cotton
I can never have too much linen...my closet is stocked with linen and linen-cotton shirts and pants from Luxire, and there's always room for more!
IMO it doesn't wrinkle too much more than my sky blue oxford, it definitely doesn't wrinkle as much as a pure linen. But, it is a little see-through, so I'd recommend an undershirt unless you want to show off some chest hair and/or nipples. I haven't found an exact equivalent of the sky blue oxford in white yet either.
4 miles this morning at 6am. Temps in the low 80s already with 94% humidity. I was sweating like crazy within the first quarter mile.
Agreed, I don't think it's too casual at all, I've worn mine with a cotton SC and tie. But it's also really versatile and I've worn it with shorts & sneakers and the sleeves rolled up.
Enlarged the pic for you so I could see it better on my phone, these look great!
Depending on how warm your climate is, I'd recommend the cool white linen-cotton for a BD collar casual white shirt.
I don't have either, which is why I'm still thinking of getting both! I'll probably start with the tennis trainer and see how I feel a week from now...if there are any still available at that point.
I wish there was a photo of the tennis trainer with some wear. I think most are going for the GATs because of the awesome patina photos, and the unworn photos of the tennis trainers probably aren't doing the finished product enough justice. I definitely prefer the overall look of the tennis trainer compared to the GAT. And having said all that...I still might buy both.
New Posts  All Forums: