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Here are some quick shots of the jacket I just got, also wearing Luxire sky blue oxford and navy linen trousers here (trousers look way darker in this pic than IRL): Overall I think the fit is really good, other than the bump in the right shoulder. I emailed Luxire for some thoughts on how to correct this. Here's another shot of the side of the shoulder, along with a creepy mirror effect:
Will do, thank you
I had that relationship with my previous tailor before I moved to a different state, now I'm building that up all over again with my new guy.
Completely unstructured, no canvas and no lining. I'll try to take some more photos tonight if there's enough light when I get home.
Thanks, your photo is much better than mine! You can't see the bump in my pic because the mannequin is too small and the shoulders are hanging off the edge. I need to get a man-sized mannequin for myself. How would you recommend I get this fixed? It was really the only issue on my jacket, and I'd like to be able to get it resolved for future orders.Thanks! I definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of it. When I run meetings at work I need to wear a tie (company...
This is my wife's mannequin so please ignore the boobs, best I can do for now. I'll try to get some fit pics up by the weekend:
My shirts from the linen sale just shipped today Also, I got my Brisbane Moss canvas jacket at the end of last week, and it's pretty awesome. Luxire followed the measurements and details exactly as requested. The only issue I've found so far is that the right shoulder seems to be constructed a little strangely and there's a little bit of a bump, and it's not sitting flat like the left shoulder. I'll get some fit pics up here as soon as I can to show the overal fit and...
now only $250 shipped!
My incoming jacket has this configuration, so I'll see how I like that. That's pretty much the norm for me, but I'm looking to try something different so all my jackets don't look the same as I start buying more. The only one I have now that I get any significant use out of is a navy Hopsack blazer from KW that has patch pockets and welt chest pocket.And of course I'll have to wait to decide anyway because I just checked the tracking and my expected delivery went from...
Thanks for the comments guys, I really like the look of the jacket in the first pic above @emptym, I think that's selling me on the triple patch and lapped seams. That's a Luxire jacket? I've actually never had a jacket with a patch breast pocket and I've been wanting to try one out for a while, and I think this might be a good opportunity to do that. I'm not getting the jacket as part of a Blazersuit, it will be worn strictly as a blazer with odd trou.
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