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I've tried 42L in EP jackets and those work well for me so if you wear a 44L in jackets then I'm sure the 44L heirloom would also work.
I remember when I first joined SF about 5 years ago and I thought people were insane to spend $300+ on a pair of AE, and before I knew it I found myself spending $700+ on Alden boots. However, adding nearly another grand on top of that is a whole different story. I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed, but I think I need a pay raise first.Sorry for the Galway thread derail, I'll get back to talking EP...I'm 6'4" and about 205 and last winter I got an heirloom in a 42 and it...
^ thanks! I'm going to steal this photo and ask Luxire to replicate that wash when I place my order if that's OO with you.
Wow, thanks guys. I don't venture into the EG thread much but judging by the quickness and volume of responses I am clearly missing out on something here. Sadly they're a bit out of my price range at the moment...in the process of buying a house so funds for large purchases are limited, I don't think I'd be able to explain to the Mrs. that instead of buying a fridge I bought another pair of boots! But these will be added to my future wish list.
I really like the boots in this photo, anybody know the maker?
I like the leather on these. Bummed that my pair ended up not working out for me. Wish I could have gotten a 46 in these.
I had the same thought looking at that pic of the cinnamon. I think I'll be happy with the ecru, and really I can only wear knitwear like 3 or maybe 4 months out of the year, so I probably already have too many sweaters.
These look great. What fabric is in the bottom middle? Might need to get something like that for fall.
drop to only $105 shipped CONUS
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