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I've been very satisfied with the whole process so far with regards to the customer service, Theresa has been nothing but professional and courteous every step of the way. I haven't gotten a response yet on this most recent issue with the new shoes, I just sent the email last night right before I posted my review in this thread.
Those Vass do look really nice, which is why I sent the picture to Luxire so they could try and copy the color, but I was still looking for the styling and details of the shoe in the first picture I posted, the punched captoe. I'm hoping Luxire can just copy that exactly, but I haven't had luck yet with the first 2 iterations of shoes.However, I am waiting on my first pair of Vass to arrive shortly, so I'll need to check sizing once I get those, but if they work out I...
Got my shoes today...not sure what happened, but here's my short review: To recap, I asked for a copy of this: They were having trouble matching the leather color, so I sent them this pic as an example of a color I liked: Seems simple to match the style from the first pic with the color in the 2nd pic. Here's what I got (this isn't my pic but one Luxire posted in this thread): I'm guessing they saw the 2nd picture I sent and tried to replicate those, instead of...
price drop to $65 shipped
price drop to $165 shipped
8.4 this morning. It was supposed to be 8 but I must have miscalculated my route and I ended up doing a little more by the time I got home.
^ yeah judging by the weight listed in the item description it looks really heavy, I was just curious if anyone had any experience with them made up into a pair of trou. I have one of the Dugdale tweed swatches and it didn't really feel too heavy, so I'm probably leaning towards the Dugdale.
For anyone that has experience with the Molloy fabrics, are they super heavy? I was looking at getting some tweed pants made for the winter, and I was trying to decide between the Dugdale and the Molloy fabrics. The winter here is very mild, so I'm not looking for anything extremely heavyweight, but those Molloy fabrics look so nice.
New Posts  All Forums: