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I just followed up this morning for an answer on that, waiting to hear back from the now. Yesterday they sent me a picture of buttons they had but I didn't like them, so I confirmed yesterday the button type I was looking for on this suit.
The aforementioned button shortage caused a bit of a delay in my suit that I ordered from the Black Friday sale. Once those come in my Fresco suit and Loro Piana trousers should be shipping. I'm super excited to get both of these, pics will be posted upon arrival.
drop, someone take these off my hands!
Just a tad off on the size, I'm still selling a 44L Jort and Havana jacket.
If anybody size 44L missed the outlet sale I'm going to let go of the 2 jackets I bought. They're just a little too short on me, ideally I'd need a 44XL but Suitsupply doesn't make extra longs. I have the green Harris Tweed Jort and brown check Havana. Both are really great fabrics and I would have kept them if they fit better. Willing to let go of them at cost, I'll pay shipping. PM me if interested before I post the B&S listing.
I placed 2 orders in Black Friday and I'm still waiting on the 2nd one, but I ordered a suit so I know that would take a bit longer. It's been about 2 months so I'm hoping it's done and ready to ship soon.
I have similar issues with the pants which is why I only got some jackets as well. I did finally get shipping notification and tracking numbers for my order as well, which is being sent in 2 different shipments. One is scheduled to arrive on Jan 30th and the other just says the label was created but I don't have a shipping or delivery estimate yet.
Interesting, thanks for the info. These were an impulse buy anyway, sonits not like I need them right away, but hopefully they're not too delayed.
From my order on 1/19, only one of my 2 jackets shipped, according to the order status on the website, and the tracking number is not showing up in UPS's system yet. I'm hoping maybe the tracking and status updates are just delayed and I'll get my jackets today. Seems weird that almost a week later I don't have an active tracking number yet.
one more drop, will also offer a discount if you want both the Cigar and Whiskey pairs!
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