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I might do oatmeal in the waffle knit, but was also considering derby. Might just need to get both.
Don those Brixtons have aged so nicely
If anyone is having that many issues getting a button fly open before pissing at a urinal, then the fly is not your biggest problem, maybe you need to see a urologist. You're looking at maybe 3 seconds max with a button fly as opposed to 1 second with a zipper.
Probably around $700 or so for an inexpensive fabric, with the price increasing along with the fabric cost.
Congrats Mike and Adele on the move...again! My timing is just a little bit off, I'll be in NYC for a wedding on the weekend of May 7-8, I wish it would have been this weekend so I could hit up the Brooklyn store closing sale. And, I'm planning a trip out west in August, too early to check out the new space in LA!
I think it was just posted on SF, I didn't get an email either.
I started by mailing in a pair of decent fitting pants a while back, and it took several iterations of changes to get the fit exactly the way I wanted. Now that I've gotten this fit I won't be messing with my pattern any more.
Me too! I only have one pair but I need more. I'm thinking my next bigger Luxire purchase might be a full Fresco suit.
^ alright I'm all-in on that waffle, especially with the extra length option. Time to sell the heavier knitwear I don't wear and make some cash for this.
New Posts  All Forums: