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Yep I'd say that should work. You'd probably be good with a 44 heirloom.
To add in on the heirloom sizing...I'm 6'4" and typically weigh between 200-205, and I wear a 42 in the heirloom pretty comfortably. If anything, it's just a tad short and I would probably order the long version if that is available on this round of pre-orders. For reference, I don't own any EP shirts at the moment, but I'm right in between an L and XL. I have 2 EPLA pique tees in L and those fit great, nice slim fit but not overly tight. I tried on an XL in the pique tee...
I can't seem to find the link where I found that photo now...not sure what happened to it. I'm going to order it anyway, the response I got from the Luxire customer service rep said it looks incredible in person. I also just ordered the mid grey hopsack for a pair of year-round (for Florida) trousers. Can't beat $150 for those.
Luxire said back on the last page that it would be $600-$700 depending on fabric for a jacket. I think I will order one and hold off on the measurements until I get my first jacket, which should be within the next week. I'm thinking...fully canvassed, soft shoulders, patch pockets, 1/4 or maybe 3/8 lined, with light brown horn buttons. I would get a ton of wear out of that for probably 85% of the year here.EDIT - I think I found a pic of the estate blue Hopsack made up,...
Thanks guys! I don't have a measuring tape handy right this minute, but I think it's about 13.75" on the thigh, 9.75" on knee, and 8.75" on the hem.
Finally picked up my H&S tweed trousers from the tailor today, they were about 0.5" too long so I had to have them shortened a tad. I've made the change on my next order so I think my pant pattern is fully nailed down now. The fabric on these is really incredible, and my crappy photography does not do these any justice. Too bad it's already too warm to wear these here, so I'll have to wait until next winter to really get some use out of them.
I'm about to try the same thing in a few weeks. I had a nagging ankle injury that didn't seem to go away, and after not running for around the last 2-3 months, it's finally starting to feel a little bit better. I think in less than a month I'll be ready to get back out there. I've been lifting a lot of weights to try and strengthen back up, and I plan on starting out really slow, like only one or two miles for my first run and increasing mileage very slowly from there.
+1000 to that ecru nep. I'm all over that, would love to see samples of the fisherman crewneck as well.
That Estate Blue Hopsack would make a killer summer blazer
Brisbane Moss Sand canvas, unstructured and unlined, 3r2 button configuration, patch hip pockets and welted chest pocket, dual side cents, medium brown horn buttons. Last Tuesday they said it would ship in about 2 weeks, and that email was sent 9 days ago, so it should be nearing completion soon.
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