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I've had a few SNS Starks in the past and ended up selling them because they were a little too slim, probably should have sized up, and that's why I ended up sizing up on this too (sized up 1 from my EP jacket size). It has a very nice "grandpa steez" vibe to it now. I like the tall collar on this too, I think it's even higher than a Stark.
Just got my waffle knit remake, fantastic turnaround by Epaulet and Northern Watters to get this corrected so quickly. I ended up sizing up one from my original order because I wanted a slouchier fit and it turned out really good. I'm a fan of the derby color too, it's a bit different than most other knits out there but it's still very versatile and can go with just about anything. I'll post some pics this weekend. Also, if anyone missed out on the last round of sweaters...
Dang, sold out
Totally worth it for the one week I'll be in the northeast over the holidays this year...and the 2 days in February that it gets cold enough to wear it here.
If I'm a VI in SS Merino, can I fit into a large in the Frank Leder tweed officer's coat, or would I need an XL?
more drops
more drops
That Aero jacket looks really great, I'm intrigued by the upcoming MTO program with them.
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