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Loving the shirts I got from the linen sale, here's the navy small gingham:
Is the Fairfax jean still being developed? Haven't heard anything about that in a while.
^ you probably need an XL unless you want a really slim fit. EDIT - I assumed you were talking about the newer fit Stark
+1, everything else in the fit looks great but it would look much better if the Stark was like 2 inches longer.
The sky blue cool linen cotton is a very vibrant color, more so than I was expecting, but I'm still happy with the fabric. Whereas the fan-favorite sky blue oxford is more of a standard pale blue, this one looks more like an actual blue sky. It doesn't look turquoise to me at all though, it's still a fairly safe color. The fabric is very dry, but I don't know exactly what makes it "cool." I also have a white linen-cotton and pink linen-cotton and the fabric on this one...
^ I've never been much of a loafer guy, but those could change my mind.
^ those look pretty awesome! I really like that dark brown suede, I think I might try and use that for my next pair of Luxire shoes.
Here's my shirt haul from the linen sale a few weeks ago: L-R: Sky Blue Cool Linen Cotton, Cotton-Linen: Blue Chambray, Blue Micro-Gingham Linen, Linen: Indigo Blue Mini Gingham
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