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^ agreed, sometimes with swatches it's tough to discern how they will look fully made up. I'm really digging the linen brown windowpane TRE1001 from this book but I'm afraid it might be too light as a SC. Sometimes swatches look darker to me and then they end up looking lighter IRL after being made into a garment. Anyone have pics of this one as a completed jacket or suit?
8.5UK typically would translate to a 9.5US size. However, for me personally the sneakers did seem to run a little small. I wear a 12 in Converse Chucks, but the 12 in these were noticeably smaller - I posted a comparison pic in this thread a few weeks ago. I wear a 13 in New Balance (996, 574, etc.) and I think I'll need to size up to 13 in the EP sneakers.
I have more Alden suede than shell right now, although in admittedly small quantities (3 to 2). But I do have 3 shell pre-orders going so that balance will shift when those come in. I am always on the lookout for good suede makeups from Alden, I think it's just as good as their shell, depending on your individual tastes and wardrobe needs.
I've washed and tumble dried several pairs of 10oz duck canvas rivets, and those shrank considerably in length, about a full inch shorter in the inseam. So if you're ever planning on tossing them in the dryer, definitely do that before hemming.
First day back after a week and a half rest - 3.1 this morning, finished in under 26 minutes. My previous PB at a competitive 5K was 28 minutes flat, and although that was almost 2 years ago it felt good to smash that time today.
Very true! Although I think I have 3 pairs that are scheduled to arrive within the next 2-3 months. I need to try and restrain myself from getting on too many more pre-orders.
Interesting thought. I do find it strange that most stores offer wide and even sometimes extra-wide fittings in a lot of different styles, but narrow and extra-narrow shoes are much much harder to come by. Are there more wide-footed people out there, or are there just more of them buying higher quality footwear?
Yep, I have darts on all my shirts. They're not darted to an extreme amount, but it does help to slightly alter the shape of the shirt to fit my upper back to lower back drop. You could also try making the back waist smaller than the front waist as others have suggested, that will essentially have the same effect.
Seems like pre-orders are the only way for the most part. I have B and C width Barrie shoes, but all took months or years of waiting.
This is helpful, thanks. I should probably go 12.5C or maybe even 12.5B in a Grant boot in that case. I'd rather err on the side of caution and go with 12.5C and wear some thicker socks rather than get something that's too tight. Thanks!
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