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That is an awesome looking fabric, I'd pick that one up as an odd jacket for sure.
This one:http://custom.luxire.com/products/cotton-linen-light-blue-chambray-gov_10888
Already ordered the light blue chambray...couldn't resist with the 20% off code.
Ok thanks...still looking for that elusive cotton-linen equivalent to the Brembana sky blue oxford.
^ Hmmm...that light blue chambray might be calling my name. Is that less saturated IRL than the other blue cotton-linen blends?
The lapels look fine, don't stress about it.
Speaking of the website, it seems to be getting worse. I just got an email that one of the fabrics from my last order sold out, so I'm trying to search for a replacement, and I can't even get the search function to work now. Tried on Safari on my phone and Firefox on my computer, and both times I just get a result that says "loading..." but I'm not getting any actual results.
There's always time for cotton-linen!
Will there be any Buttero pre-orders anytime soon? I need a 46 so a pre-order is pretty much my only chance to get my size.
I just got a shipping notification for my stuff yesterday, after people were posting that they already received their orders, so I assume they're probably still making their way through everything.
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