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more drops...these are at insanely low prices now!
I'd be all over this
Very nice! Those Kirkwoods look almost like #4 in comparison to the new DC Ravellos
Aaaaand I just got Murl's joke. Didn't notice the capital H at first
This thread moves way too fast for me
Christ, the Valstar linen safari jacket is sold out in every size already? I didn't stand a chance at that one.
I agree with this, the pants are not draping properly because they are way too tight through the leg, especially on the thighs. When sitting down, they must be ready to burst at the seams.
hookem - pants look very nice!
Thanks for the info. Or maybe I'd be better off sizing up and wearing an insole or something in my left shoe to compensate. Either way it sound like I won't have much luck unfortunately.
Has anyone ever tried to order a pair of Aldens in different sizes or widths for your right foot and left foot? Would Alden be willing to accommodate something like this? In the past year or two, my right foot seems to have grown (???), and some of my shoes and boots that fit perfectly on my left foot now feel tight on my right foot, which never used to be th case. Some are OK, I can feel the difference in fit but the shoes are still wearable, but with others it's gotten...
New Posts  All Forums: