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4 after work on Friday and 8 this morning. My right ankle was hurting so I took some time off, but now I only have about 6 weeks left to train for my half marathon, so I need to hit it pretty hard until then, hopefully my ankle holds up.
Awesome, thanks. Can't wait to get them! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the fit works.
Thanks! Nothing fancy, just the standard Luxire BD. This is actually one of my older Luxire shirts and I've made a few updates since then, like adding some more room in the sleeves and chest, and I lengthened the collar points a tad. I think the points in this shirt are only 3.25" and my newer shirts are 3.5". I may try 3.75" on my next shirt just to see if I like it.
Any update on the Vass museum calf double monk GMTO? I think it's been over a year now since the deposit was placed. I sent an email about a month ago asking if I could change my size (it's my first pair of Vass and I'm a little worried I may have sized incorrectly), and Adele said I couldn't change the size because the shoes were in production. I assumed they'd be here by now but I haven't heard anything since then. Thanks!
Thanks for the compliments guys! It's nice knowing that I can order a very well fitting pair of pants now with just a click of a button and no tailoring afterwards, although it's bad news for my wallet, especially since Luxire carries so many fabrics now. @europrep my thigh measurement is 13.75" (measured from the crotch seam directly across) and the leg opening is 8.5". From the pictures, it doesn't look like that drastic of a taper, but I got some thick thighs.
A couple people asked, so here are some pics of the Minnis light and mid grey flannels. The lighting is awful since I took these while trying them on at the tailor (tried to adjust the settings as best I could on Snapseed). Light grey: Mid grey: I'm really happy with the fit, and now that I got them hemmed I will update my pattern with Luxire to account for the slightly smaller inseam. I think the light grey pair are maybe a quarter of an inch shorter than the mid...
Had to get them hemmed a bit, I'll adjust the inseam on my next order, but I'm picking them up from the tailor tomorrow so I'll be able to wear them and give some comments on the quality. From what I could tell by trying them on at the tailor, they are absolutely fantastic. With the exception of the pants being just about 0.5-0.75 inches too long, I think I've nailed my fit really well, and they drape wonderfully.
Damn...I just took delivery of the mid grey and light grey Minnis flannels just over a week ago and now they're both $100 off. Next year I'm waiting until Black Friday/Cyber Monday before placing a $600 order!
The cut on the heirloom that Epaulet sells is an exclusive design, so if you ordered direct you would not get the same cardigan that EP sells.
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