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19875.6 + 4.5 + 5.5 + 9 = 19894.6
9 miles this morning, got up before the sun got too hot so it was a great run.
Looks great! I had just never thought of getting any oxford fabric with a spread collar to wear with a suit. I think my brain has been programmed to think oxfords are for OCBDs, you guys are helping to un-train me with these pics.Yep, pretty sure I will be getting a sky blue oxford with my custom cutaway collar on my next order.
NOBD is making me eat my words with that pic. The spread collar looks fantastic, maybe I will try that on my next order.
Any chance I can still get in on the #8 Alt Wien in a 12B on this run or is it totally sold out already?
still looking if anyone has an old fit Large available!
Damn...I pm'd Mike and emailed the store and never got a response if they could offer a B width or not. Narrow footed people always gettin the shaft...
5.5 miles this morning, preparing for another 9 mile run on Sunday. I ran pretty slow when I did 9 last week, so I'm going to try speeding it up this weekend. I've been ramping up mileage by 2 total miles per week every 2 weeks, and increasing my long runs by one mile every 2 weeks, but I think I'll be ready for a week-long break in a few weeks, just to make sure I don't burn myself out or get injured
I got some narrow feetz...I can do a C or sometimes D width depending on the maker and last (I can actually wear a D in Barrie boots, although C is ideal), but Barrie shoes are roomy enough that I need a B. Besides, is a B width really that strange? It's not even considered "extra narrow" by most standards, that's typically only A, AA, or AAA. And they're offering EEE extra wide as an option of the pre-order, which is much wider on the scale compared to a B on the opposite...
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