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Thanks! I mailed in a jacket from Epaulet that had unstructured shoulders with no padding and just asked them to replicate it exactly, and I gotta say they did a bang up job. The Epaulet jacket had slimmer lapels (about 3.5") so I just asked them to keep the same shape but widen the lapels. These are probably around 4.25".Thanks! I'm ecstatic about the result. I have a big meeting on Thursday so I'm excited to take this out on its maiden voyage.
Here's the best photo I can show of the new Minnis Fresco suit. The lighting is crap and I don't have a full length mirror at my place, by it at least mostly shows the silhouette of the jacket. If anyone is worried about Luxire doing soft shoulders on a jacket, fear not, they can do it. The suit is probably my favorite thing I've ever ordered from Luxire, and that's saying a lot because over the past four years I've probably ordered over 30 shirts and 20 pairs of...
big price drop on last remaining pair - only $275 shipped for the Whiskey PTB!
My Minnis Fresco suit will be delivered today, but I asked Luxire if they snapped any pics of it before it shipped, and they sent me this one of the jacket. The shoulders look pretty good in the photo. And this reminds me, what happened to @LuxireStudio? I used to like when they posted images of completed garments like this.
^ those are so dope, I wish they could get produced in a size 14.
^ great, definitely interested to see how that looks. My suit is scheduled to arrive Monday.
Yeah I'm still a little apprehensive, but I'm hoping it turns out good. It would probably be more difficult if I just gave them descriptions of what I wanted, but they have the jacket in hand to copy, which usually works out better. I remember years ago someone posting pics here of a guy who had a Liverano jacket copied that turned out really good and looked different than Luxire's house style.
I'll post pics of mine as well. I had my trouser fit down already, but I mailed them an Epaulet jacket that has no shoulder padding with no extension or roping on the shoulders, which is very different from most of the pictures of Luxire jackets I've seen. I'm excited to see how it turns out.
Cigar LWB sold, only Whiskey PTB left!
They have the horn buttons and my suit shipped today
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