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I could probably give some good recs for Tampa! PM me if you're ever in that area...unfortunately don't know much about Jacksonville though.
Did 4.4 miles yesterday with a group of my friends before a wedding in Newport, RI. Beautiful scenery along the Cliff Walk. I didn't take any photos but a friend of mine snapped this behind me as I was running. I wish I had gotten a better shot of the view across the water:
First off, they were darker than I expected. Definitely a shade or two darker than my mid grey Minnis flannel from Luxire. And the fabric description from you and others here was spot on, definitely a looser weave, more slouchy, not as dressy. Having said that, I still really like them, and they are a good match to the estate blue hopsack jacket, because that jacket has similar qualities. I'll probably still need to order another "business-y" navy blazer at some point,...
^ mine! This thing is awesome, got it last week. It came a bit rumpled in the mail so I'm having it pressed now, but I can't wait to wear it.
Very slow 7 miles today with 140 walking lunges and 70 push-ups. I need to start getting up earlier on Sundays because it's already too hot and humid at 7:30 when I start my run.
4.8 miles this morning. And I foam roll before every run, no matter how long or short. It really helps me to warm up and get my muscles and joints ready to go. I don't like the way it feels to start a run without foam rolling first, since I've gotten so used to it.
I don't really see much of a bump in the photos. It looks like one of the sleeves may be attached ever so slightly higher than the other one, so that it's sitting a little bit higher, almost like a very subdued roped shoulder. But honestly I had to look really hard at the photo to notice that at all. The first jacket they made had a really big issue where one of the sleeves was attached incorrectly to the shoulder, resulting in a very large bump, which they fixed for free....
Turnaround was very quick on this one, about 6 weeks. But like you said, they already had my pattern and made only very minor changes, so if it was a first order I'm sure it would have taken longer.
That navy unstructured jacket is mine! Can't wait to get it (hopefully tomorrow), judging from the pics it looks like they absolutely nailed it. And the measurements were not changing substantially from the sand canvas jacket I had made recently, so the fit should be spot on as well. As mentioned by a few people, I may lower the gorge just a bit on future orders, but that's a pretty minor detail.
Thanks for the comments, and while they may not be the dressy hopsack I was looking for, it sounds like they will still get a lot of wear in my wardrobe. In the summer, I wear linen pants to work almost daily, so even if the fabric isn't very refined, I'm sure I'll still wear them a lot.
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