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I think I already know the answer but I'll ask anyway...any chance you will ever be able to offer any of the sneakers in size 14? I tried the unfinished HH sport trainer in size 13 on the last go-round of pre-orders, but they were just a tad too snug on me. I really like the white tennis trainer with the ecru sole, but I'm afraid even in size 13 they'd be uncomfortable on my feet.
Just got my second EFF jacket - Firenze guncheck. I don't want to overuse the word bonkers but that really is the best way to explain this fabric. I had been looking for this type of guncheck for a while now in a jacket shape that actually fits me, so kudos to EP for allowing enough customizations to make this happen, and at a killer value! Here are some pics, this just happened to be what I was wearing that day when I got home and saw the jacket had been delivered, but I...
Thanks for the feedback guys! This is going to get a ton of wear from me year-round. Unconstructed shoulders, partial lining, very light and airy fabric, and it goes with pretty much everything...greys, blues, tans, pretty much any trouser color except brown.
Quick and dirty fit pic of the Mocha wool-silk (I think that's what it was called) from the most recent Southwick EFF: Really happy with the fit...it could probably be another half inch longer, but this is already an XL length, so I'm not sure how much longer Southwick could have made it. Also I need to get the sleeves shortened just a tad and maybe nip the waist very minimally, if at all. Here's a better close-up shot of the fabric: Still waiting for the Firenze...
Mine actually got delivered yesterday already, didn't even get a chance to unbox it yet, so I'm not sure if it's just one or both of the jackets I ordered. Can't wait to open it up tonight!
Thanks, it's just a standard Luxire BD with a taller collar band and neck height and 3.75" points.
Took these last week but forgot to post - here's some photos of the new Cotton Linen: Light Blue Chambray that I got a few weeks ago. In the first photo, the color looks just slight oversaturated, and the second photo shows the color more true to how it looks IRL. The Brembana Sky Blue Oxford is on the left, and the new Cotton Linen: Light Blue Chambray is on the right, for comparison purposes. I think I actually like the shade on the chambray a little better, and it's...
@breakaway01 I think the jacket looks pretty great as is, maybe the back at the top of the shoulders needs to be cleaned up just a little to smooth it out. Any local tailor should be able to take care of that easily. The shoulders look pretty good, but like you said they're still not quite natural or unconstructed. I thought I saw an example of a recent Luxire jacket that did have nice looking natural shoulders, but I can't remember who posted that. I think for my next...
Agreed, and if you buy enough belts you will eventually have the right shoes to wear them with. I think I'm up to 7 or so Epaulet belts now. In fact I don't wear any non-EP belts anymore.
You're better off sending in a pair of your own and making adjustments where needed.
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