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4 easy miles this morning
8.1 miles really slowly. It was super hot and I started my run too late. With about 1.5 miles to go I had to pop in a McDonald's and ask for a cup of ice water. I drank half of it and walked outside and dumped the rest of the water and all the ice on my head to cool down. It gave me a second wind to finish the run, but I was still pretty slow.
I've never seen such low sale prices from Epaulet, just picked up the pistachio Union jersey tee and navy suede belt for $60 total...these are borderline TJ Maxx prices.
^ if I do lunges during a run, I don't do them weighted, because I'm not running with weights on me. Depending on how long the run is I might finish with 100-160 total (50-80 each leg). If I'm doing them at the gym I don't do heavy weight (maybe a 15-20 lb dumbbell in each hand) and I'll probably do 3 sets of 20 (10 each leg)
I was planning to run yesterday but I didn't get up early enough before work, so I got my 4 miles in this morning.
Did 5 miles Friday morning and 8 this morning. The temps were very reasonable for a change and it didn't feel super hot like it usually does.
I use them when I sell stuff. I'm always flipping things on the B&S here so I save them up and then use them when I ship my stuff out.
Can't wait for the Ecru Heirloom! Too bad I'll have to wait another 4 months before its cold enough to wear it here.
Fully canvassed with unstructured shoulders (no padding) and 3/8 lined (upper back and sleeves, no lining in the rest of the back or sides). I didn't specify the type of canvas, I just asked for a fully canvassed jacket.
I have three Luxire jackets now and they're all awesome, and I've posted pics of all of them in this thread. I still have some very minor tweaks to make with the fit, but the construction is top notch and I don't see any buttonhole issues on my jackets. I don't think you have anything to fear by sending in a jacket for replication.I think those grey linens you posted looked a bit long for that outfit, but IMO the length on these pants for this outfit is perfect. The...
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