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I like e-spoke! I've been able to get jackets made at other places, but the only pants I've ever gotten that I really like the fit of are my Luxire pants, so if I want a suit I'm going to need to give Luxire a try. Fingers crossed they can nail the unstructured shoulder.
Any updates on the new suiting program?
Yep this looks like Minnis Fresco-Blue Plain 0520.
Standard Luxire BD collar with 3.75" collar points, 1.75" neck band height and 2.25" collar height. Unfused and unlined. This is how I have all my BD collars set up on all my shirts.
Not the best photo, but here's the light pink university stripes:
^ I have the light pink university stripes oxford, it's awesome. Feels just like the other Brembana oxfords which are always a favorite.
Heirloom cardigan sold, only one SNS Stark (Olde Green) remains!
Very nice haul - is that the Blue Bengal Stripes or the Blue-White Bengal Stripes?
price drops on both remaining sweaters
price drop!
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