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Great, thanks for the info! I've bought a ton of stuff from NMWA (well, maybe not a ton by SF standards) and I like working with them, but I'm sure I'll end up spending significantly more than if I were able to go direct. Also, I'm still trying to work out my size, so I don't know how difficult that will be as far as trying some on before I place the final order.
Mine wasn't tagged 42L, it just says 42, but there was a little hand-written card that came with the sweater that said size 42, +1 length to body and sleeves.
That would be awesome.I just got my ecru heirloom yesterday and it's great. 42L worked out perfectly for me...its snug but not tight, and I think a 44 may have been too big.
4.5 miles, still humid as hell but I had a quicker run than when I did 4.5 last Tuesday.
I just read the last month's worth of posts ITT but I'm still a little confused on being a U.S. customer and ordering a pair of MTO directly from Vass. On their website it looks like you can just send them an email with all the details and they will work with you to place the order. But most of the comments seem to imply that if you're in the U.S. you need to go through a 3rd party retailer instead of going direct. That seems like something they should make a note of on...
Kinda wishing I got wood buttons on my ecru now...
9 miles today, I'm getting some pain in my hip flexor on my left leg. At first I thought it was just tight so I've been stretching and foam rolling it a lot, but the pain is starting to get worse. Might need to take a little time off.
5.5 miles today, much faster than the 4.5 I did on Tuesday. What a difference a couple degrees and slightly less humidity makes.
I've tried 42L in EP jackets and those work well for me so if you wear a 44L in jackets then I'm sure the 44L heirloom would also work.
I remember when I first joined SF about 5 years ago and I thought people were insane to spend $300+ on a pair of AE, and before I knew it I found myself spending $700+ on Alden boots. However, adding nearly another grand on top of that is a whole different story. I'm sure I wouldn't be disappointed, but I think I need a pay raise first.Sorry for the Galway thread derail, I'll get back to talking EP...I'm 6'4" and about 205 and last winter I got an heirloom in a 42 and it...
New Posts  All Forums: