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Echoing what others have said about the ocean blue, that one looked like a winner, congrats to the dude that snagged it!
last price drop!
another drop
Looks like mine! Right in time for a little cold snap we're having down here.
5 miles again this morning with more pullups and dips halfway. Managed to finish the full run at my 3rd fastest pace ever at this distance.
I placed an order around the end of December that just shipped this week. It was a pair of trousers based on an existing pattern, but it was a H&S fabric that they didn't have on hand, so it took a little longer than most of my other orders. If you ordered in November, you should probably check with them and see what the holdup is.
6.6 miles this morning with 3 miles of hill repeats
5 miles tonight, trying to increase my pull-up reps at the halfway point. I'm usually good for the first or second set, but then my strength drops off considerably by the time I get to the third.
I thought too long about the houndstooth linen...went back to grab them and looks like they're out of stock now. Broke the #1 EP rule, buy now ask questions later.
I already bought the antique grey and was wondering if getting the perfect grey as well would be overkill. They look pretty similar.
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