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price drops!
I'm 100% in on the new jacket program, and I'll be checking this thread religiously next week to jump in as soon as it's offered. Excited to see the Dugdale silk/linen cloths as well, I'm always up for some more lightweight jackets. And since my pant pattern is just the way I want it, I'll be looking to get some grey and navy Minnis Fresco suits.
I honestly don't really wear "casual pants." 90% of my pants are either for work or they're jeans. The differences in the measurements aren't that drastic, it's more in the details and construction of the pants that makes them look different.
I've actually been thinking about mailing in a pair of jeans and having those copied in a linen-cotton canvas fabric. Not sure if that's a good idea or not, but it might be worth a shot.
Cool, thanks for the insight. I already wear my 100% linen trousers with a jacket and tie all the time anyway (usually with linen shirts and ties and lightweight jackets), so the linen-cotton blends being slightly more formal would work for me also.
What are some of the top picks for linen-cotton blend pant options? I have a ton of pure linen trousers from Luxire, but I'd like to look at some blends as well. The Brown Cotton Linen looks great but it's been sold out for quite some time. I added swatches for the Dark Brown Cotton Linen and Dark Gray Cotton Linen to my summer sale order, so I should be able to get a feel for those pretty soon. I haven't tried any of the linen-cotton canvas fabrics yet, and I was...
My cleaner comes to my office and picks up my stuff and then drops it back off when it's ready. Don't even have to get up off my ass to get my clothes cleaned.
Just got my summer sale order in, discount code still working as of right now. 1x Blue Dress Stripes Seersucker 1x Navy Linen 1x Coffee Brown Cotton Tweed 1x Minnis Fresco-Light Grey Plain
thanks @razl for the mentions! I hate to get rid of the KW suits, they're just a little too small for me now.
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