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all sold!
drops drops drops
I've never bought a leather jacket before because they're usually too short on me, but this new MTO program sounds promising.
I cuff everything and for me it almost always looks better. I have long legs and for some reason I don't like seeing the long lines of the pants without a cuff at the bottom to break it up. I don't think adding cuffs on Taylors or Gables would look like there's too much going on.
Pre-orders are your friend
another drop
^ I just went to Luxire's website and typed "checks" into the search bar. I got 929 results and almost all of them were under $200, and many were sub $100. If there's a specific type of check you are looking for, you can narrow your search, but there is no shortage of checked fabrics in your price range.
The old style rivets were built more like a trouser in the waistband and could be brought in and out easily, but that was changed with the current version. It still may be possible to do, but I don't think it will be easy.
I'm legitimately thinking of flying to Budapest to get properly fitted in Vass so I can start buying their shoes and boots.
Still waiting on the waffle knit measurements as well, I haven't shipped my current one back yet either.
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