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I was thinking the same thing. The size 42 waffle knit is considerably tighter than my size 42 shawl collar heirloom from last time. But it's not just the chest and waist, it's the sleeves too, which are skin tight on my arms while wearing only a tee underneath. I don't think that measurement will stretch out enough to make it comfortable unfortunately.
Got my waffle knit cardigan today as well, and it's too tight. If anyone is looking for a derby in size 42 with wood buttons, shoot me a PM.
all sold!
Thanks for the explanation on the standard jackets vs bespoke option. Unless you guys are planning to visit Florida, I will probably be sticking with the standard option, which still results in a very good jacket, especially for the price.
Jacket prices seem to have increased dramatically since the last time I was quoted. Will most jackets be $1200+ going forward?
Best to check with Luxire directly to see if they have the fabric you ordered in stock. My last order fromThe summer sale took about 2 months, but it included some Minnis Fresco pants that I know they don't keep on hand.
^ speaking of options for jeans, how about a nice grey denim or an eggshell white denim?
another drop, need someone to take these off my hands!
another price drop, need someone to take this off my hands!
still more price drops, someone take these off my hands!
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