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9 this morning, hip flexor still giving me issues. If it still hurts on the next run I'll rest a little.
Damn, missed the brown fresco...any of those left?
Living in FL I only get to wear my knits a few times a year. Mine are still scratchy
I wouldn't recommend wearing an heirloom over a tee. When I got mine earlier this week I tried it on fresh out of the box and I was just wearing a tee at the time. It was pretty noticeably scratchy, at least to me. I'd only wear mine with some sort of L/S shirt underneath.
another drop, only $120 shipped
another drop, down to only $90 shipped
5.5 this morning, relatively good pace for me under 9 min/mile
patrick_b always has some of the best Alden pics ITT. Really makes me want those snuff wingtip boots as well!
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