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I'm not the best at explaining these types of things, but I sent a photo to Luxire which showed them the issue, and they said they were going to change the angle of the pant legs to account for the bow-leggedness. I'm not sure exactly what they changed, but whatever they did seemed to help. I also made some other small changes, such as increasing the rise and widening the legs around the knee just a bit, which I think helped the pants fall a little cleaner. They're still...
Same here, one of the downsides of being 6'4". If I could get one with like a 32" BOC measurement that would be awesome.
Yep I had decent results with Luxire in trying to correct those bow-legged issues. I still have a couple suits from Kent Wang, but I've never been 100% happy with the trouser fit. I still wear them, but all my odd trousers are Luxire now. Once I nail down my jacket fit (pretty close to that now) I'll get all my future suits made by Luxire.
A lot of good examples of burnished tan calf in this thread lately...nice to see those boots getting posted here.
I don't think those lapels look too wide at all, you should stick with them as is. But then again I've gotten 4.25" wide lapels on my 3 KW suits and my KW blazer, so I'm biased towards wider lapels. If you don't want to have a trendy slim lapel look, since you've said as much, then keep what you got on the trial and don't switch to the 2.75" option.
Picked up the ecru cardigan with 1" additional length. I already have a dark glacier heirloom from last year (did that name change to pacific blue or is that a new color?), and the length was decent, but I think the extra 1" will be perfect. All of my knitwear is pretty dark, so it will be nice to finally have a lighter piece to add to the rotation.
Not really. Some of my dressier shirts I think the shoulders are still a bit too wide (although the yoke if perfect), so I think going forward I will get all my shirts made on this most recent pattern and change the collar depending on the type of shirt. I typically only use 2 collars - wide spread for shirts worn with a suit and Luxire BD (with 3.75" points) for everything else.
Thanks guys! I'm really happy with the way my most recent batch of shirts fit, I made some minor adjustments and I've dialed it in exactly how I want it. And I'm pretty much wearing nothing but linen (except when I need to do CBD) from now until October. I think at this point now I have 7 pairs of linen trousers from Luxire and at least 8 linen or linen/cotton Luxire shirts.
Loving the shirts I got from the linen sale, here's the navy small gingham:
Is the Fairfax jean still being developed? Haven't heard anything about that in a while.
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