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I think I started wearing my Luxire shoes about 5 months ago, here is a recent picture from this past week. I haven't put any product on them yet, but they're starting to look a little rough around the edges so I'll probably polish them up a bit soon.
No problem, that makes total sense, thanks!
I compared some measurements from my Luxire pants and my only pair of jeans (Left Field Greaser), and when looking at things like rise, thigh, leg opening, etc. they really weren't all that different, surprisingly. I might need to just take my current measurements, and have Luxire change them to a jean style, and then tweak from there if I need to.
Those linen-cotton canvas options look great. I need to work on updating my pant fit to try and get some jeans-style pants made in some of those. The olive looks great. Also, I could some more jackets in my future with these, like the brown or maybe steel blue, which I think would look great in an LBM-type causal makeup. Also, I might be one of the few here that doesn't understand the fascination with these huge waistband, double pleated pants. Looks like way too much...
4.2 this morning with some more sprint intervals. I realize how much easier it is to run at a steady pace when I start introducing these intervals into my workouts. I was dead by the time I finished this one. MP - interesting topic on music. I always have music playing when I run, and I created a bunch of different playlists so that I'm not always listening to the same things. Typically it's fast and heavy rock music to keep me energized while I'm running, things like...
I wouldn't really say it's a tonal stripe, but the herringbone pattern is very faint, and unless you're looking at it very closely with lots of light, it mostly looks solid. It's a great tie, you'll love it!
Wanted to double check on this - can anyone from NMWA weigh in?
Moss rivets kopped
^ for oxford patterns, I had a red/white/blue plaid oxford from Luxire that unfortunately doesn't fit ideally, as it was one of my earliest orders a few years ago. The fabric is now sold out, but I'd love to be able to get something like that again.
@ericgereghty here is another shot of the navy herringbone linen, taken in natural light with no filters. I snapped this pic with my iPhone, and the color looks a bit more saturated here than it does IRL, but you can definitely see the pattern here. Worn with a khaki cotton jacket and drab linen trousers:
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