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one last drop...can't go any lower on the price here, only $275 shipped!
Too bad about the polos, I was holding out hope that EPLA would be able to provide the ultimate casual-ish polo that I could wear to work with denim on Fridays. I liked the luchino, but it was a little too formal looking for me. Anyone have any recs for a decent polo elsewhere? And will there be any more pique tees with the chest pocket like the current indigo ones? Crewnecks sound good, but I always prefer the pocket on a crewneck tee as opposed to a plain front.
Henley looks awesome, will definitely be picking up a few of these. Mike - are you still planning on running polos in the spring or releasing some additional colors of the pique tees? I think a heather grey pique tee like the indigo one will pretty much the most perfect t-shirt ever.
Lolwut? Just email them the details. Or better yet, send the shirt in for replication to have it copied exactly. Calling the parent company will not help you at all.
6 miles this morning, beautiful day here today.
5 miles with pullups and dips halfway. It was cold (for Tampa) at a brisk 44 degrees, and I think I just wanted to get back inside quickly so I ended up having my fastest run ever at this distance. Finished with a 8'15" pace, and felt great at the end.
Just took delivery of my H&S brown tweed trousers yesterday, and all I can say is wow. I made very minor changes to my pattern and they fit even better than the last pair I ordered, and the fabric is unreal. It's such a soft tweed, not scratchy at all, and not too heavy. It feels pretty similar in weight to my Minnis flannels. I'll try and get some pics up by next week.
That Valstar linen jacket looks great. I think I was looking at too many jackets that were probably too heavy for my needs, and if this jacket is good for 50-70 degree temps, it might be exactly what I need.
If you're measuring the rise right at the crotch seam it's definitely smaller than 11.5". It's probbaly closer to around 10".Might be time to find a new tailor, if she is refusing to taper the legs.
Same here...I go all the way up to 38(!) and take in the waist to fit more like a 34-35 just to get my thighs and butt to fit. But I'm an extreme example compared to most EP customers I'm sure; I also take a 36 Rudy and get the waist taken in to fit like a 34. I tried on Walts once and my legs looked like sausages.
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