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Here's my shirt haul from the linen sale a few weeks ago: L-R: Sky Blue Cool Linen Cotton, Cotton-Linen: Blue Chambray, Blue Micro-Gingham Linen, Linen: Indigo Blue Mini Gingham
If I didn't already have both hoodies, I'd jump on this deal. I kinda want to do it anyway, with the hopes that I'd get 2 crewnecks, but I'm not that lucky.
I have a few pairs of duck canvas rivets and I washed and dried them prior to hemming. I noticed about an inch coming off the inseam after the wash and dry.
Yep I did notice that...not a big deal, I've posted pics with my face in other threads in the past. I thought it was kinda funny with the never-ending reflection of mirrors on both sides of me.Thanks for the suggestion on the pockets, I think I'd rather lengthen rather than lower. It's a pretty long jacket so it would benefit from slightly longer pockets to make it look a little more proportional. I emailed Luxire so I'll see what their advice is for the shoulder bump.I...
Here are some quick shots of the jacket I just got, also wearing Luxire sky blue oxford and navy linen trousers here (trousers look way darker in this pic than IRL): Overall I think the fit is really good, other than the bump in the right shoulder. I emailed Luxire for some thoughts on how to correct this. Here's another shot of the side of the shoulder, along with a creepy mirror effect:
Will do, thank you
I had that relationship with my previous tailor before I moved to a different state, now I'm building that up all over again with my new guy.
Completely unstructured, no canvas and no lining. I'll try to take some more photos tonight if there's enough light when I get home.
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