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My longer runs (I'll consider that to be anything 10+ miles) I would typically average somewhere between 9:00 and 9:15 per mile. If I ran under 8 or 9 miles, I could get my pace below 9:00. My longest run was 14.2, which was about 2 weeks before the race. Not sure why, but I always seem to have issues on race day that I don't have while I'm training. I never got leg cramps during training, but my thighs started cramping really badly towards the end of the race. At the...
Haven't checked SF in a while and just saw the post from a few days ago about the updated Napoli jacket from Southwick. Any details on what is changing from the original Napoli jacket? My dream list - wider lapels, slightly longer jacket and slightly lower buttoning point. I would order this in every fabric possible.
Finished the Key West half marathon on Sunday. My third half marathon, but another disappointing finish. My goal was under 2:00 and I finished in around 2:16. I'm not sure why, but I felt like I had no energy and my legs started cramping up near the end, so I had to walk/run the last few miles. My training was going really well and I was able to do longer runs (12+ miles, usually with some hills) without any issues. So I was surprised that I couldn't finish well on a flat...
Ah man, too bad the snuff trainers are switching to a gum sole, I was really hoping to special order a pair in size 13 at some point but I liked the look of the white sole with the snuff suede. I tried them in 12 but they were too small. Any chane this is still possible if I do a special order?
Has anyone used the prepaid FedEx service for mailing items to Luxire? I have a jacket for replication (counts as 2 items) and 4 shirts to get altered. That's 6 items total, but in the drop-down box I can only select up to a max of 3 items. How do I add that to my cart? Can I just select the option for 3 items and then change the quantity to 2 in my cart, and add in the notes that I'm just looking for one prepaid label so I can send everything back in one consolidated...
I have a steamer that I use sometimes since I hate ironing (mainly just for shirts though), but a trouser press is definitely something I'd love to have someday.
I'm super lazy and rarely iron anything. I usually just wait until they start looking sloppy and get them cleaned, but that takes a while, and not really because of wrinkles but because after a while the crease doesn't look as crisp. I wear them maybe once every other week, or once a week at most, and I can go a couple months before they start looking shabby.
I have several pairs of the less expensive linen trousers that Luxire offers, and they're all great, very nice drape with minimal wrinkling. The navy linen and chocolate brown linen are especially nice, I wear them constantly in warmer weather.
Thanks! I'll try and get some more photos soon. I really like the way the shape turned out. I'm not a fan of super elongated or chiseled lasts, and I think these have a nicely rounded and elegant toe without looking too bulbous.
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