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Did 5 miles Friday morning and 8 this morning. The temps were very reasonable for a change and it didn't feel super hot like it usually does.
I use them when I sell stuff. I'm always flipping things on the B&S here so I save them up and then use them when I ship my stuff out.
Can't wait for the Ecru Heirloom! Too bad I'll have to wait another 4 months before its cold enough to wear it here.
Fully canvassed with unstructured shoulders (no padding) and 3/8 lined (upper back and sleeves, no lining in the rest of the back or sides). I didn't specify the type of canvas, I just asked for a fully canvassed jacket.
I have three Luxire jackets now and they're all awesome, and I've posted pics of all of them in this thread. I still have some very minor tweaks to make with the fit, but the construction is top notch and I don't see any buttonhole issues on my jackets. I don't think you have anything to fear by sending in a jacket for replication.I think those grey linens you posted looked a bit long for that outfit, but IMO the length on these pants for this outfit is perfect. The...
I digging it for sure. It's already become my go-to navy blazer for days when I need to wear a jacket and tie but don't need to dress too business-y.
This movie came out when I was 10 years old and I think Tia Carrere is single-handedly responsible for jump starting my puberty.
Thanks for the compliments! I agree, any changes at this point are very minor and i have no problems wearing this jacket often and enjoying it every time I wear it. I did send in a jacket to copy and I made some minor tweaks to the one I sent in, and this was the result.3.75"
Speaking of jackets, here are some awful photos of the estate blue hopsack which totally don't do it justice at all. A couple changes I will make to my next jacket: make the shoulders look more natural and not as roped, and open the quarters a bit. Might also add a touch to the length. It feels fine when I wear it but it does look maybe a smidge short in the photo. I think also contributing to that is the fact that these pants are older and I've since updated my pattern to...
I want to get that Dugdale Brown Green gun club made into a jacket so badly
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