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another price drop, only $150 per pair
Had a day off work today so I just got in 6 miles before lunch. Similar to MP's post above, it was fun to switch it up and run at a different time of day, but it felt much tougher for some reason, I guess I'm not used to running with the sun out. It felt pretty warm as well, which probably slowed me down a bit.
10.1 today, only about a month left before my half marathon
Sometimes I feel stupid buying any knitwear at all living here, but it is nice when the weather cooperates enough to break it out. Then by March I'll be back in shorts and tees. But, I definitely see myself buying one more heirloom per year for the next couple years as part of my annual knit allotment.
Thanks! It looks good in the photo, but it does have a tendency to ride up throughout the day, and I pulled it down slightly before taking the pic. Most likely I'll leave it alone and just wear it as is and let the sweater take shape. After a while if it still bothers me then I might try a small stretch.
@owljohn looks great in those pics...I still wear mine all the time and it's easily my favorite tie I own. Looking forward to see these samples released, I'll have to keep an eye out so I don't miss out!
Finally unboxed my dark glacier heirloom and got to wear it today since the weather finally cooled off enough. I definitely see myself wearing this a lot as outerwear for the Florida winter. It's just enough to keep me warm on days when I don't quite need a heavier jacket. I went with a 42 (same as my Doyle and EP jacket size) and the fit works well for me. If anything, I'd want it maybe an inch longer, but that's what happens being 6'4". Maybe I'll take Mike's advice and...
Yup, just paid my deposit for the double monks. Hoping I sized correctly!
+1. Color on those is phenomenal
Thanks! I was really happy with the shade of Whiskey, not too dark, not too light. I can try a thin insole as well if the tongue pad doesn't help. I did find it strange that I have multiple pairs on Barrie in the same size that fit a little tighter than these do. This is my first pair of shell PTBs, do PTBs generally fit roomier than LWBs?Thank you sir! Here is the best pic I could get of the flaw, it's the small black line near the bottom of the photo:
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