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I paid return shipping on mine, didn't think it was a big deal
Based on the feedback I received, I think that strategy that should work out for you.
Try sending an email if you haven't yet. Adele was able to respond to an email I sent about a week and a half ago and my remake is good to go, and I mailed my original waffle knit back as well. Not sure on the timeline yet for when we can expect the remakes to completed though.
^ Sky Blue Oxford by Brembana
First to pay gets the item, FREE CONUS shipping, PM me with any questions! Up for sale is an Epaulet heirloom shawl cardigan in the ecru nep color, size 42, made by Northern Waters. This was made during the special order promotion from 2015, but it sat in my closet unworn for about a year, so I figured it was time to let it go. Here's a link to Epaulet's site for some additional information on the style and some more photos and...
First to pay gets the item, FREE CONUS shipping, PM me with any questions! Up for sale are three rare Aldens in a super rare size. I have some Whiskey PTBs (Alden DC), Cigar LWBs (Alden Madison Ave), and tan suede LWBs (Leather Soul). They are all size 12B, which must be special ordered and cannot be found in stores. In fact, no retailer is offering any of these models right now, and even if they did, you would not be able to find them in this size. If you wear a 12B on...
Looks awesome, glad it worked out for you!
Can't stretch it enough to give me the required space I need in the toebox.Thanks for the info. I think my foot started to stretch out when I was running a lot. Did a few half marathons and things like that in the last couple years. I have a hip issue now that is preventing me from running those kinds of distances, but my foot stayed the same size. Now without running at least it should stay where it is, so if I find something new that fits, hopefully it will still fit for...
Yeah, I had sizing locked down pretty well, but then my right foot decided to grow, or stretch out or whatever (especially in the toebox), so now most of my shoes are too tight on my right foot but fit perfectly on my left. I'll have to slowly start buying bigger shoes to fit my right foot, and then use a tongue pad or something like that for my left. Either that or buy from a maker that can sell mismatched sizes. Thinking of taking a trip to Budapest to get properly...
PTBs from DC for Whiskey Wednesday. Look for these to hit B&S soon (size 12B) because I'm getting some toe pain in my right foot when I walk. It's always awesome when it takes months and months of trial and error to nail down a size (a special order size no less) only to have one of your feet decide to start growing and screw everything up.
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