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Maiden voyage...these fit like a dream and will be getting a ton of wear year-round:
Foam rolling is awesome, and it will feel better the more you do it. I have one of those crazy Rumble Rollers, and the first time I used that after switching from a standard roller it killed, and sometimes it still does, but it's definitely a good hurt.
How much did you pay for the fabric? I was looking at #0571 in the Fresco II book, which is £51.80 per meter on hfwltd.com, so converting that to dollars and estimating I'd need 3.5 meters, that's about $300 just for the fabric, plus shipping I'm up to $365, and the CMT price is over $700 now. The total will be around $1100 all in. Are there any fabrics currently available that are close to this navy Fresco windowpane? It's actually listed as navy chalkstripe on the...
This is the best photo I could find at the moment, hope this helps!
I've been getting all my recent pants from Luxire as well. They've been working pretty well for me but I'm also working to rectify some bunching problems under the seat too. I'm waiting for my next pair to ship - they had some suggestions for changes that I added to help with that problem. I actually had them make some copies of Epaulet's rivet chino style for me with a higher rise and fuller legs. I'll post some pics of those once I get them back from the tailor (needed...
My last jacket I ordered was 1/2 lined with soft shoulders, and I love it, wear it constantly. If I tried the unstructured it would be more for the lighter weight rather than more natural shoulders compared to the soft shoulder option.
Cotton Dockers - I think you consistently put together some very nice ensembles, but usually your pants look a little too snug around your thighs for my tastes. If I can see fabric pulling and the outline of the pockets through the material, then it's too tight for me. Have you considered trying some more relaxed cuts? I only ask because for years all my stuff was too tight in the butt/thigh area, and just recently I started getting stuff that wasn't quite as snug, and I'm...
There may be a shot at a GMTO with Alden, but it is extremely rare. See the recent #2 LWBs that AoC did. Other than that, I can't think I any recent examples.
Thanks Kent and Venividivicibj, I'll send an email with my details once I narrow down my fabric choice. I was leaning towards a windowpane fabric, so I might need more cloth for the pattern matching. I've been thinking about an unstructured jacket vs a standard one with 1/2 lining and a fresco fabric. I still want something that I can wear for work, so I'm not sure if unstructured would still be dressy enough. Although the ones you posted do look really nice and not as...
Has anyone done CMT with Kent? There are some Minnis Fresco fabrics I have my eye on for a spring/summer suit, or basically it will be year round for the climate I live in. How many meters would I need to order for a two piece suit, approx size 40/42L? 3 meters?
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