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I'm not an expert on fabrics, but I don't think a flannel would be significantly warmer than a worsted wool in the same weight. The cotton might breathe a little better, depending on the weave. If you want something that breathes well, you should try Minnis Fresco. I have a pair on order that will hopefully be here soon.
There are some other lighter weight Hunt Winterbotham flannels that might be better for you than the 11-12oz ones. I have a pair of the light grey glen plaid ones and they're awesome.
Haha, yeah I purged a lot, might have just a few things left, haven't had a chance to go through my closet recently. But I think I'm almost ready to start picking up some new stuff again. Hopefully my size doesn't change again any time soon, need to keep up with my workouts!
Please excuse my French but these are fucking incredible. So glad I did not pass on these, I hope my pair on the way to me look exactly like this. FWIW, in the pics they don't look quite as dark as some other Cigar I've seen recently. These look like the perfect shade to me, not too dark, but also not too light. Some older Cigar looks almost like a dark-ish Ravello, which is a little too light for me, at least in the realm of the Cigar spectrum.
I would suggest a Tampa trunk show, but I realize it's definitely not a menswear hot spot, or anything even close to that, haha. I haven't been buying as much Epaulet gear as I used to lately, but that's mainly because I haven't been making very many clothing purchases at all. There are a bunch of new cool things I'm looking forward to though, like the new sneaker line, EPLA polos, and now the US-made shoe and boots!
Any olive tones at all, or are they just a straight dark brown? I guess I should just wait until mine arrive in a few days, but the anticipation is killing me! After years of wearing Alden, I finally tracked down a pair of shell in something other than Color 8.
Yeah I just happened to see a post here about the pre-order and jumped on it. They didn't have slots for specific sizes in this case, I think they just had a certain number of total pairs available (18-24 maybe) and they let you pick whatever size you wanted as long as you got in before they ran out of slots. I requested a size 12B, which I know they would never order unless someone requested it. I kinda wish I got the whiskey as well because who knows when I'll get a...
Yep, I got an email from them as well, shipping today! Did you get whiskey or cigar? Or both? I got the cigars. If anyone on the pre-order is local, they should be able to go pick theirs up in-store right now. If so, post pics! Like everyone else, I'm also very curious to see how the shade of cigar turned out.
No problem! I'll try and get some pics up this weekend
I got mine, I've just been busy working and traveling and haven't had time to post pics or write a review yet. The fabric feels very sturdy and casual, similar to what I've had from Epaulet, and I suppose these will also get softer and break in nicely with washing and wearing. I got the chocolate and military green, and my only complaint is that they both seem a little lighter than what I was hoping to replicate from my Epaulet rivets. The Luxire is more of a milk...
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