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Those are mine! Still working out some kinks but Asish & Co. have been a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process
Emptym - I'd love to see the results of a Luxire-made cordovan shoe! Where were you able to source he shell? I got my mid and light grey Minnis flannels this week, and they are fantastic, totally worth the premium price. The came a little longer than expected, I requested a 33" inseam but the actual measurement was around 33.5" so I dropped them off at the tailor to get shortened slightly. While I was there, I was browsing through his swatch books, and he had some books...
I got the black Stewart tartan, so there must have been enough fabric for a few pairs. I know this was in the top 3 of Mike's all-time favorite fabrics...can't believe it's still sitting there!
I had these, grew out of them, and sold them. When I saw them pop back up I grabbed them in a bigger size instantly. I think that was all I needed to make today a success.
Rough 12 miles this morning. My pace was almost 10 seconds slower per mile compared to my 11 mile run last weekend. I'll need to speed it up a bit if I want to hit my goal in my half marathon in January.
drop to $50
Got shipping notification for 2 pairs of Minnis flannels. That was pretty fast for these fabrics, I think it was only about a month from order date to ship date. I think I'll have to pick up a pair of one of the H&S tweeds now...the brown herringbone is calling my name. Also, @luxire will you be stocking any other patterned oxford fabrics for shirts at any point? I like wearing OCBD's with denim and chinos, but outside of a business or biz casual setting, I don't really...
7 miles this morning. Had a little adventure running through some sprinklers on at full blast down one of my usual routes.
Thanks gents for all the kind words on the new TSM Ravello boots! I couldn't be happier with them, the shade is perfect, and I was also able to get a narrow width. I was extremely lucky and called Ed maybe 4-5 months ago and got the last open spot on the order. I don't know how big the order was, but I imagine it was only one or two pairs in each size.
TSM Ravello wingtip boots arrived yesterday, so I took some natural light shots this morning. My Grail boot has finally landed!
New Posts  All Forums: