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Nice, thanks! Good to know that I hopefully won't have to pay any extra shipping. Did they at least send back your original jacket? I hope they don't keep mine for 2 1/2 months. Since I also sent back 4 shirts that just needed minor alterations, maybe they can ship my jacket back with those when they're ready.
Well, I didn't have a plastic shipping sleeve, all I had was a box, so I might get hit with additional fees if it ends up costing more than what Luxire predicted with their prepaid rates.Will do, I'm sure it will be at least 4-6 weeks before I see anything back from Luxire, possibly longer.
The more I think about it, the more I think all the walking the day before did play a big part in my fatigue and cramps on race day, because every other run before and since that race I haven't had those same issues at all.I recently just discovered one park that had the workout stations along one of the routes I run, but I'm definitely glad I did. It's actually in a gated community, so I can't drive there, but if I run past it, it's right next to the sidewalk so I can...
Probably 42 to be safe. I wear between a US 40L and US 42L in jackets depending on the brand and I wear a 42 Doyle comfortably...any smaller and it definitely would have been too tight.
I guess I can see that...I sent in an unstructured jacket so it shouldn't be too bad. Just checked my tracking and the box is already on the move, should get to Bangalore shortly.
^ this is what I did, DHL picked it up yesterday. It was pretty simple, and saved a ton. I went to UPS for a quote and it was like $190 to ship to India. I was sending in a jacket for replication as well as sending back 4 shirts that needed alterations, and I paid $70 through Luxire's prepaid shipping.But, not sure what you mean in your last sentence...how is throwing a jacket in a box different than throwing a shirt or pants in a box? I folded everything nicely and...
Finally sent in a well-fitting jacket today to get my first Luxire SC made. I picked the $400 fully unstructured option, and once I nail my fit I'll move on to more expensive fabrics for some SCs and suit jackets. For this one, I picked the Brisbane Moss Sand canvas, definitely excited to see how it turns out.
5.1 miles today, felt much better than when I did the half marathon last weekend. I stopped at a park halfway through the run to do about 10 minutes of pullups and dips at a park that had workout stations. It was a nice way to break up the run, I think I'll have to run by that park again.
Vass museum calf double monks, worn once, size 45.5, check my sig
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