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Same here, I had been trying to find an obstacle course that didn't have huge mud pits all over the place, so I jumped at the chance to do this "no mud run." I never would have thought about signing up for a Tough Mudder, but I'm doing it with a big group of about 10 friends...all guys I've known for about 20+ years. We don't get a chance to all see each other at the same time as we've gotten older, and we thought it would be something crazy for us all to do together.Oh,...
Thanks @emptym for the detailed shoe review! I must have given them the same measurement instructions that you did (including traced measurements of my feet), so I'm surprised I had so many fit issues. The first pair of shoes were nearly a full inch too small, so I assumed that Luxire had to correct some problems with the way they transfer the measurements on to the last. The most recent pair fixed some of the fit issues, length and width are good, but there's not enough...
Tried to hold out but I caved...just pre-ordered the dark glacier heirloom in XL. I wear a large in EP tees, but a 42L in Southwick x EP so I think XL was the way to go.
Nope, it was called the Tactical Titan 5K. I think this was a little milder in comparison. I am doing a Tough Mudder next April, so I'm looking forward to that, this one was just a little warm-up.
5K obstacle course this morning. There were 30 obstacles, so basically a new obstacle every tenth of a mile, which meant not much actual running. It had stuff like cargo nets, rope climbs, monkey bars, etc. Nothing too difficult, but it was still a good time.
Cool, maybe I'll give one of the snuff belts a shot then. And good to hear about the pique tees and polos! I'd love to see the tee in a heather grey and some other lighter colors, maybe a cream/off white and a lighter blue. Pique polos in the same colors would be awesome too.
No problem, thanks for clarifying. Basically I'm looking for something just like the new CXL belts, only in snuff and tan suede.
Must be incorrect on the website then, the item description lists it as 32mm, and from the pictures it did look a little slimmer than the CXL belts that are 35mm. Although, there were no comparison shots between the suede and CXL belts to really tell for sure.
Looks very nice M. How have you been giving measurements to them? I need to figure out a way to accurately describe the changes I need on mine (volume in the midfoot and toebox especially).
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