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4 miles with 20 walking lunges at the end of each mile. That really slowed my pace down a lot but it felt great.
You typically need to email for jacket pricing, but I will say when I ordered mine you could get any of the Brisbane Moss canvas fabrics made into an unstructured jacket for $400. A hell of a deal if you ask me, I will probably get a few more in other colors. More expensive fabrics are obviously more expensive when being made into a jacket, but prices vary so it will be best to email them for a quote.
3.1 this morning again. I'm going to keep my mileage flat for a while, I really want to ease myself back in to longer runs very gradually.
I think it's more like they offer a discount for unstructured jackets. But you're right I believe their standard jackets do come fully canvassed by default.
I just sent back my unstructured sand Brisbane Moss canvas jacket (posted pics here about a month ago) to get the bump in the right shoulder fixed. I wanted to wear the jacket a few times to see if anything else needs to be adjusted, but overall I was very happy with it so I'm just getting that one issue fixed. I also used the pattern for this jacket as the template for my VBC Estate Blue hopsack blazer that I ordered when the VBC fabrics were initially offered at a low...
Agreed with kulata, that looks crazy high IMO. I like the buttoning point on a 3R2 to be as close as possible to my natural waist.
Just noticed a 52 was still available in the Valstar linen safari jacket, so I scooped it up. I checked the measurements and I'm probably somewhere between a 50 and 52, so I'm hoping this one isn't too big.
Another 3.1 miles this morning, still working on getting my legs back.
^ It didn't look like those were included in the list of fabrics on sale. I just picked up 3 more shirts, had a gift card for $199.99, and with the 20% off my shirts ended up at $199.98
+1 on this and the tennis trainer as well. Wasn't there some talk a while back about pre-orders for extended sizes and special runs of the tennis trainers?
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