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I like the idea of an app. Probably 90% of the time when browsing the Internet and shopping online, I'm using my iPhone or iPad, so I'd definitely get a lot of use out of an app.
another drop to only $125 shipped
one more drop, down to only $105 shipped
I like noine cm Bigi ties as well (I have 2 from NMWA), as someone else already said, being a tall guy I'm already making my knot in a section where the tie is getting narrower, which sometimes produces a knot smaller than I'd like. Any narrower and I probably wouldn't buy.
price drop to $115 shipped...insanely low price for a pair of like new Buttero
can't get much lower here...I saw Epaulet was selling the same size 13 pair on their website for $170, which just sold. Could have gotten them here for a lot less, only $145 shipped now!
Thanks! Yes the shirt is 100% linen from Luxire, one of my favorites.
Wore my other brown Yellow Hook tie today, linen brown houndstooth from last summer:
Good points. I'd probably ask to open the quarters up a bit as well.
Awesome thanks Mike. Most of my other jackets have really big lapels (like 4.25"), so these will still be smaller than those but not too narrow for me. Anything less than 3.5" is probably a little too narrow for my tastes, so I'll definitely dig the slightly wider one on these new jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: