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I'm having the same problem, figured iOS8 might be the culprit as well
I'm having trouble posting images to my replies, tried on both mobile and desktop versions. I click the image I want to post and then it says "embedding image" but when that is complete, there's no image in my post. Tried multiple times but the same thing keeps happening.
Glad you like them. I can provide hourly updates on the tracking if you like.
Order shipped!
Looks like a lucked out and grabbed one right before they took it off the site. I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet, hopefully they don't cancel my order!
Thanks for the code, just picked up the blue static mix. Judging from the measurements, it seems like an XL should fit pretty close to my L from 2 seasons ago, so hopefully that will work out.
My Luxire shoes have shipped today, after about 7 or 8 months from when the order was originally placed. Here's hoping they turn out OK! I'm not really expecting them to be perfect, and Luxire did say these were pretty much a first iteration, so I'll probably have to provide comments and have them remade or fixed. But it is exciting to finally try them on soon!
@jivyivy as a general rule don't order MTM shirts from halfway across the globe if you are in a time crunch, there's just too much that can go wrong.
Same here. I had to toss my original Natty CXL belt a few months back since it had split in 2 pieces, so I'm excited to see the new ones go up, just bought one!
Shipping confirmation! Will be joining team green in a few days, and I won't realistically be able to actually wear the jacket for a few months. Also, the 52L sizing on the Eidos SCs looks like it should fit me like a glove. I'll definitely keep my eye out for more coming down the pipeline from them.
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