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one more drop - crazy low price on these Whiskey PTBs at only $265 shipped!
They did the same thing when they opened their Tampa store last year, its right across the street from Brooks Brothers.
I checked this measurement compared to another jacket I have with a ticket pocket, and the ticket pocket on the Luxire jacket is about 0.25" further away from the hip pocket compared to the other jacket. Not a huge difference but I agree it is noticeable if you look closely. That's an easy change I should be able to make on my next suit. Thinking about a navy Fresco in order to get the two staples down before I branch out to a more adventurous fabric.Thanks, your jacket...
I'm no expert on shoulder construction, but the shoulders on this Luxire jacket look/feel/fit the same as the jacket I sent in for replication. Unless I tore the jacket apart, I can't really tell what the construction looks like on the inside, but I'm very happy with the way they copied the jacket I mailed in.
Very nice choice, that fabric should make up beautifully. The reason I went with my fabric was that I already had a pair of odd trousers made up previously, so I knew what I was getting. Luxire's website still lists the fabric as light grey, but it's definitely darker than some of the other Fresco options that are also listed as "light grey."
Yes I agree about the tie! This is an old Panta raw silk that I wore with a different jacket today, but just left it on when I got home and saw the suit had been delivered. If you mailed in a Formosa then I'm sure your suit will turn out awesome too. What fabric did you pick for the suit? Mine is light grey Fresco 0511 (although it looks a little more like mid grey rather than light grey, which is what I wanted).
Thanks! I mailed in a jacket from Epaulet that had unstructured shoulders with no padding and just asked them to replicate it exactly, and I gotta say they did a bang up job. The Epaulet jacket had slimmer lapels (about 3.5") so I just asked them to keep the same shape but widen the lapels. These are probably around 4.25".Thanks! I'm ecstatic about the result. I have a big meeting on Thursday so I'm excited to take this out on its maiden voyage.
Here's the best photo I can show of the new Minnis Fresco suit. The lighting is crap and I don't have a full length mirror at my place, by it at least mostly shows the silhouette of the jacket. If anyone is worried about Luxire doing soft shoulders on a jacket, fear not, they can do it. The suit is probably my favorite thing I've ever ordered from Luxire, and that's saying a lot because over the past four years I've probably ordered over 30 shirts and 20 pairs of...
big price drop on last remaining pair - only $275 shipped for the Whiskey PTB!
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