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3.1, nice and easy
@emptym Those linen pants look great. Question - do you change measurements on casual pants like these when compared to dress trousers or business casual stuff? All my linen pants are worn biz cas at work, with a crease and cuffs on the hems. I'd like to get some casual linen pants to wear with no crease and no cuffs, something that could even be worn with sneakers, but I'm not sure if I'd need to adjust any measurements significantly or not. I might just need to try it...
be sure to post pics when your stuff comes in!
A little too slow on the trigger and missed out on crazy deals on the Esemplare bomber and Eo To To navy tee, congrats to whoever grabbed those. I still managed to snag 2 ties though, and my Valstar linen field jacket showed up today. That thing is bananas, sign me up for any pre-order or release of that jacket in another color. I just wish I could wear it now, but it's already too hot here. I'll get a ton of wear out of it in the fall for sure. I was a little worried the...
I agree, placed my order for this today. Over the next 2 months I should be getting:Sand canvas unstructured jacket (sent it back to be fixed)VBC Estate blue hopsack blazer, can't wait for this oneNavy canvas unstructured blazerVBC mid grey hopsack trousers3 linen/cotton shirts (pale blue, cool white, pale pink)
Best fabric for unstructured cotton navy odd jacket? Brisbane Moss navy canvas Brisbane Moss navy blue twill Brisbane Moss navy cotton cavalry twill Brisbane Moss dark navy twill I think I'm leaning toward the navy canvas right now.
4 miles with 20 walking lunges at the end of each mile. That really slowed my pace down a lot but it felt great.
You typically need to email for jacket pricing, but I will say when I ordered mine you could get any of the Brisbane Moss canvas fabrics made into an unstructured jacket for $400. A hell of a deal if you ask me, I will probably get a few more in other colors. More expensive fabrics are obviously more expensive when being made into a jacket, but prices vary so it will be best to email them for a quote.
3.1 this morning again. I'm going to keep my mileage flat for a while, I really want to ease myself back in to longer runs very gradually.
I think it's more like they offer a discount for unstructured jackets. But you're right I believe their standard jackets do come fully canvassed by default.
New Posts  All Forums: