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3.1 today, first run in almost a month. Thought I'd give it a go but my hip flexor and IT band are still giving me issues. Looks like it's back to foam rolling for maybe another month.
So here's the super-saturated sky blue linen-cotton that I bleached the hell out of. It looks almost white in the photo, but IRL it's a very very very pale blue. At first I thought I over-bleached, but I kinda like the way it came out. I'd still like to have a linen-cotton version of the sky blue oxford, but this still fills a gap in my shirt rotation, and I'll wear it much more than before I bleached it. I'll post a pic of the pink one too when I get a chance, that one I...
OK, I think I've seen this one I the site. How does this pure linen compare to all the other linen-cotton blends? I like the blends because they work a little better for me in an office atmosphere than pure linen most of the time, but if this wears similar to the blends then I'll probably pick it up anyway.EDIT - actually I see 2 linen pale blue end-on-end fabrics so I'm not sure which one you have there, hopefully Luxire can clarify.
Thanks @emptym! I must have missed that post, I wasn't checking SF regularly for the last few weeks. I'll definitely add that one to my list. Like the post above, do you have the link for this one? I checked their website quickly and I only see the ones I've ordered in the past...unless it's the same one and fabric has just been updated.
Has there been any luck getting a true pale blue linen-cotton shirting fabric? The pale blue I have now is still pretty saturated, and the sky blue (the super saturated one) I never wore, tried to bleach, went a little overboard, and now it's basically white with a very very faint hint of blue left in it. I'll post pics of that later this week when I get a chance. I also bleached the pale pink linen-cotton and that turned out pretty good.
All my pants are flat front and have big ass cuffs, that's just personal preference though. I have pretty long legs and I think the cuff helps break up the long straight line from waist to shoe.
^ I saw them briefly, but I'm going back to look now and they're not loading.
so much win in those last 2 posts that my iPhone couldn't even handle it. I could feel it literally heating up in my hand as it tried to load all the photos. But I see a few of the 8oz tweeds that I'm definitely interested in getting made up into a sport coat.
I got horn on my ecru, I think it looks equally as good as the wood, but I would have been happy no matter which buttons I got.
Got my order in for the brown fresco, can't wait
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