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4.2 miles with more intervals, I was able to keep my pace below 8:45 which felt pretty good for me.
Any cobbler would be able to shorten the 36 down to a 34 pretty easily.
There are tons of Minnis Fresco wool options in all kinds of grey, blue, and tan shades.
6.1 this morning with 10 wide-leg squats every half mile.
If you're going to be outside for any significant length of time in 90 degree temps, I wouldn't wear anything other than linen or cotton-linen, and I would definitely have the sleeves rolled up. Any long-sleeve cotton oxford seems like it would be too hot for that kind of weather, even if it's a lightweight oxford.
Thanks Mike, email sent for the saddle trainer pre-order!
I think I definitely need to get in on team saddle for the next run. When will the next restock of those be? I would need to pre-order because I need a size 13.
They're both a little loose across the vamp, something I intend to fix on my next order. I'm probably going to put a tongue pad in these and that should help. The looseness across the vamp is not ideal, but overall these shoes still fit really well for the most part. I definitely get a lot of wear out of them!
I'm looking for someone in the UK to proxy a pair of trainers to ship to the USA. Will pay cost + shipping + proxy fee. PM me, thanks!
I think I started wearing my Luxire shoes about 5 months ago, here is a recent picture from this past week. I haven't put any product on them yet, but they're starting to look a little rough around the edges so I'll probably polish them up a bit soon.
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