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Yes, I can. Should reduction of back be equal to increase of front? 1" enough? Would you leave width of waist and bottom of jacket as is? Thanks again!
Thanks a lot for quick and valuable feedback! Do you think lowering buttons by 3/4" and adding 1" to chest sound about right? Would it be possible/reasonable to alter the trousers? Thanks again!
As you can see I'm new to the forum and I think this is a truly great thread. This is a MTM suit, navy flannel no shoulder padding. Considering order another - this time slightly longer with light shoulder padding. Any ideas how to improve from this would be much appreciated. Ideas on having this one altered are of course also welcome. My main concerns are the pulling at waist button and the bowlegged trousers. I also wonder if armholes should be higher? Thanks!
New in this forum so I hope I do this right Anyway - I'm interested! Would you say it's in perfect condition? Also wonder if you accept paypal. Thanks!
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