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Just cleaning out my closest, and i've found quite a few shoes that don't really fit me. Prices include shipping only to CONUS, I am open to reasonable offers, so feel free to send me a PM with your offer. Thanks for looking. Allen Edmonds (Montgomery Model) US 10.5, Black, Used once. Asking $90>$80>$72 Antonio Maurizi EU44, Black, Used Twice. Asking $100>90 A. Testoni Black Label? (Correct me if I'm wrong) Marked 10F, Dark Brown. Asking...
I would be interested in the Zegna cashmere scarves. Obviously it will depend on pattern and color, but I am shopping for quality scarves right now.
Hello, Is this shirt still available? Thanks, Ray
Hi all, My size: 38-40R in suits and coats. 15.5-15.75x34 in shirts and a 32 waist in trousers. Shoes are 9.5-10D What I am looking for: Suits, sportcoats, outerwear, shirts, and shoes. I have a bunch of shirts in size 16 that people have given me as gifts. This was before I knew what size I am....especially looking to get rid of these.
Need to post once more before I can PM you. PM sent btw
Is this still availible? Or is it on Ebay already?
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