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Hi all, ' I have these RLBL shirts listed on EBAY. Forum price is $69.99 shipped to the CONUS for the blue shirts and $64.99 shipped for the lavender shirts. If you want them for the forum price then please PM me and I will give you my paypal address. I have 2 of the lavender in 16 and 16.5. I have 1 of the blue in 16. Both are French Cuffed. Use the drop down window to see what sizes are left. I have the super rare small sizes right now, so get them while they are...
I would wear them in any season besides summer as long as it looked good
Yup, pretty slim cut, just wish the shoulders were narrower. Just to clarify, the reason why this didn't work out for me: I bought this 40R suit but am a 38R. Nothing wrong with the suit, just that the shoulders are too big for me. Hope that addresses some concerns out there.
Thanks for the kind words. It's a great suit and I wish it were a 38R After a request for extra measurements I've realized that the shoulders actually come out to be 17.8 inches. I hope it sells under an hour, that would almost beat the Isaia suit I listed that sold in 15 min I also added a picture of how I measured the shoulder. Should clear up any doubts for potential buyers. Please let me know if you would like me to measure differently
Up for sale is a gently used Kiton Grey Nailhead suit in Size Eu50 drop 7 or US40R. Pants are flat front and suit is double vented with a 3 roll 2.5 styling. Selling this mainly because it didn't work out for me. Suit has one minor flaw that is pictured. Essentially my tailor carelessly damaged the pants near the crotch when he was letting out the thighs. This can easily be remedied as it is about 0.5 inch from the seam and can be hidden away by a man with less meaty...
Surprised I got this Must be the super bowl.
I'll take it. PM sent
Taking a huge hit on this. Make me an offer
Just re-read this whole thread lol.... I love SF
This is Stile Latino that is made by Attolini IIRC. Just thought I'd clarify and GLWS.
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