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Special offer. Take both size 16 shirts for $120 shipped CONUS.
Thanks Blue Size 15.5 is SOLD.
I'll take em. Pm sent.
Man how tall are you?
Fit pics that were requested are up.
Hi all, I have these two Barba shirts that I got from yoox sometime ago. Can't return them and want to buy something else. So pricing them for a quick sale. One is a Barba Dandy Life Shirt, and the other is a regular Barba shirt. Dandy life shirts are great...all the great quality of Barba in a more casual shirt. $110 shipped CONUS for each...
No, He did not. Needless to say, I will not be using him anymore. I should point out that the damage can be easily hidden though. So there are worse things he could have done.
Hi all, I have this PRL 100% cashmere sweater on Ebay. Price is $125 shipped CONUS. It's a nice royal purple that just isn't my style. Size M and fits US38-40 PM through the forum to get the forum price.
G&G sizing depends on which last you are talking about. I take a UK 8.5E in C&J 337 and 9.5E in G&G TG73. But I take a UK 9E in G&G GG06 and MH71. Hope that helps....
They will have the Corneliani maker tag on them. Do a search and you will find a thread with pictures of tags from various makes.
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