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Haha, I passed up that exact suit at last call last weekend. Wish I had the funds to snap it up. GLWS
Why don't I see any signs of welting on the sole? Is this a double sole? Are these soles channeled?
I think you're missing the point.You'd be ok being sold something that is fake, when you thought youwere getting something authentic?
What are the tagged sizes? As in EU50?
You're better off with C&J by far. I had a pair of Maurizi shoes and although they looked good, I felt like they were made of plastic. I also got them for gilt and ended up selling them after 1 wearing for a $150 loss
Who did the recrafting job?
Up for sale is a truly wonderful heather blue Isaia Sport Coat. Size EU50R or US40R. Made out of 65% wool, 30% silk, and 5% cashmere. Great for fall through spring. I believe this is from 2011 based on the sleeve tag which has fallen off but will be included for the lucky buyer. Comes with intact sleeve bastings, while other bastings like the back vent bastings have come loose. Nothing wrong with that as you'll remove them before you actually wear the jacket anyways right...
Just so you know that Etro coat is made of 78% wool and 22% poly. The lining, or filling if there is any, is 100% cotton.
They fit narrow. These would work best with for a US 9D or 9.5B.
Up for sale is a NWT Polo Ralph Lauren Navy Blue Polka Dot silk pocket square. Bought this as a gift for someone but ended up giving them a shirt instead. Take it off my hands for $35 shipped CONUS Totally awesome piece IMHO and I bought one for myself as well
New Posts  All Forums: