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Just picked up a Partenopea coat as well.I was eyeing that coat as well from lord midas.Great deal at around $200, just too loud for me to justify buying it for myself.Hope you enjoy it
Dainite is much more durable then leather soles. However, getting a leather sole guard is a much more economical choice, as each Dainite resole will cost 3-4 times as much as a replacement leather sole guard.
Same as outlet prices....
I can understand your frustration.However, with the pictures you've provided the pants look fine.Also 20 times of wear is a fair amount of wear especially if you are sitting in them rubbing themon whatever you're sitting on. As others have said please take more detailed pictures so that better advice can be given.But from what I can see, the pants still look fine.
I think SBL is great.Just not for me unfortunately.I prefer a slightly softer leather with more grain.Very good quality and value for the price though.
What about those teaser pics? I'll post up some of my more recent kops here in the next week or so.Can anyone say Vicuna?
The DB bag is $680!!! Check out Glaser Designs and buy one of those. You'll love the quality for sure.
Glaser DesignsLotuff LeatherFrank Clegg Leather WorksFilsonMuholland BrothersRalph Lauren Mainline/Purple LabelBrooks Brothers (Though Only Select Stuff)I'm sure there are others but like I said, if you really want a high quality briefcaseSaddle Back is probably entry price point. Then you're looking at $750 and up.Try getting something high quality but preowned. That's what I did with my first briefcase.It's been 9 years and it still looks awesome...just with patina now
Utter Garbage.....
Try looking into Frank Clegg bags, although it may be out of your price range. At the $500 mark you won't really find anything except Saddle Back Leather that will last +15 years and age well at the same time. That's retail of course and you might get something good on Ebay for the price. I too dislike SBL for various reasons and got my self a Frank Clegg briefcase. It's a very good briefcase isn't quite as good as an SAB, but isn't too far off from SABs quality. Hope...
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