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What is the leg opening on the Steve Allan?
I want to know how this turns out. I'm going to assume you took Spoo's advice since he knows what he's doing.
I would buy this if it fit. I've found that I need a 46 or an x-small in LP outerwear as they are designed to fit very large. I mean 19.25 inches across the shoulder on a size small is crazy big.... GLWS as this is a fabulous price!
That's a very vague question. The Weston last and width would also be needed to answer you question.
Damn, I recall you getting these exact shoes in a size 43. Does Vass just not fit you? =/ GLWS
Asking $125 Shipped CONUS. In Chestnut Brown with moderate wear. PM me so that I can end the Ebay auction early. Check out the Ebay listing for details.
What size shoe do you normally wear? IIRC these were on Ebay and were sold for an insane price, but I didn't bid because I wasn't sure if they would fit me. Was there something strange with the fit or quality?
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Hi all, Up for sale are some well cared for Polo Ralph Lauren suede whole cuts. Size is US 10B, and they fit my US9.5D feet nicely. Price includes shipping to the CONUS Shoe trees not included.
Stuff I've bought over the past 3 months: Loro Piana Traveler coat in Tan. Sartoria Partenopea Double Breasted Navy Coat in 90% Cashmere 10% Vicuna. Sartoria Partenopea 50% Cashmere 50% Silk Brown windowpane suit. Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere Vest. Attolini Cashmere V-neck. Zegna Burgundy wool cashmere v-neck C&J Sydney loafers Loro Piana Roadster pull in Emerald Green and Lavender Brioni Traveler Coat 3 Kiton Suits (3 piece, Navy Windowpane, and Charcoal grey) Brunello...
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