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Could anyone possibly i.d. these shoes or suggest something similar? These might be English, they were being worn by someone assisting Burt Reynolds at a recent London event. They look like they would fit the bill perfectly for me for an everyday non-work shoe. Thank you.
I was going to get a Filson Bell Bomber jacket at Backcountry with the 20% promo but it doesn't work on Filson, even though they don't have Filson listed in the excluded items list.Opened a chat with Sarah, she said, "Unfortunately Filson is a restricted brand and wouldn't be applicable with the promotional codes. there are some brands that aren't listed that we are getting on the exclusion details now."Wish revolve would get more in, they had it marked down from $325 to...
Does Unionmade usually run a promo around Black Friday?
could these be Selima Optique Rivington?
Can anyone ID these sunglasses? Couldn't find a really big picture, it's Will Arnett on vacation recently in Portofino.
Thanks for the Black Friday code! Just ordered my 1st 2 pairs of Left Field Chinos, they look great, excited to get them. Happy Thanksgiving!
I really like the look of this jacket. Not sure if it's leather, could be like a Levi's Filson oil cloth I guess.Can anyone i.d. it?
Can anyone i.d. this jacket? Looks kind of like a Levi's Filson, only better.
Want to get some new casual sneakers, was looking for something new to buy kind of like Vans only a little different that not everyone has, the pic was taken in Germany, not sure if they are a German brand.
Would anyone know who makes these shoes?
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