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could these be Selima Optique Rivington?
Can anyone ID these sunglasses? Couldn't find a really big picture, it's Will Arnett on vacation recently in Portofino.
Received my brown Standard Issue USMC Jacket today and it's fantastic! Went with a large, (6' 1", 175) and it's like it was made for me, a perfect fit. Quality is outstanding and I really like the beautiful, rich brown color. Does anyone know if Apolis sells a product I can use to treat it as it ages that will darken any light areas so they are a perfect match?
Thanks for the Black Friday code! Just ordered my 1st 2 pairs of Left Field Chinos, they look great, excited to get them. Happy Thanksgiving!
Hi,I was just wishing I had noticed the STYLEFORUM20 promotion a couple days ago and had been able to apply it to my order yesterday. Really looking forward to receiving the jacket, any chance we could apply the discount if I give you my order number? Thank you.
Just ordered a Standard Issue USMC Jacket in brown. Someone please tell me the jacket wasn't up for sale 2 days ago when the STYLEFORUM20 code was still alive, I'd feel 20% better.
I really like the look of this jacket. Not sure if it's leather, could be like a Levi's Filson oil cloth I guess.Can anyone i.d. it?
Can anyone i.d. this jacket? Looks kind of like a Levi's Filson, only better.
Want to get some new casual sneakers, was looking for something new to buy kind of like Vans only a little different that not everyone has, the pic was taken in Germany, not sure if they are a German brand.
Would anyone know who makes these shoes?
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