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It is the total opposite buddy. Young guys in this forum think that dressing like a 50 year old is cool.
One of our notable Russian rakes. He is less flamboyant than Victor but has a steady array of beautiful coats, pants and accessories. One of the great things about the new Style Forum Board is that you can look at all his posts with a right click of the mouse when you encounter his name/avatar. As Yosemite Sam would say, "that'll learn ya."
Remember the running SF joke/theory that when Victor appeared IST66 disappeared, hence they may be one and the same person. Nowadays, you see a lot of IST66 and guess what? Victor is no where in sight. The joke/theory seems to be holding up.
Stefan, I think the statement in the last paragraph was too overwhelming for most folks involved in this forum. Considering the button down shirt is an American staple (adopted by Brooks Brothers from Polo playing Englishmen) that has since been adopted by respected British and Japanese shirt makers over the years. Heck, even almighty Gianni Agnelli wore it. Most of the SF guys whether lords or dorks wear it. In fact the only issue in SF is whether wearing it...
Quote: Originally Posted by TTO 1930's Boater Redux....(be warned, it's a touch 'costumy') I just finished removing the collar from an old shirt and stitching in some new button holes so I could try out this vintage 'double round' collar I've had for a few years...thought I should go the whole hog with the belt-backed linen DB and the boater! Also loving this tie from Howard Yount -TTO The boater hat will make any outfit (even a...
Quote: Originally Posted by upr_crust There are times that I am criticized in this forum that I am cut to the quick. This, however, is not one of them. As they say in Yiddish, "Go shit in the ocean with an onion on your head". Hi Crusty, Just post buddy! I agree that there seems to be some form of house style here. However, I tend to believe that this is indeed Style Forum and not fashion forum. I enjoy the different fits of the different...
[quote=upr_crust;4205431]As per the advice of several of you in this forum (and others more closely linked to my real life), I made a change to my glasses frames (I needed a new prescription anyway - aging does that to a person), and also decided, with the new style of glasses, that the facial hair did not "fit". Hence the different person you see before you in today's posting. Also, taking criticism from last week (Friday's suit was thought to be too boxy - a...
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Simply inspirational! A simple combination done with great execution.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Alan, very inspiring herringbone suit! Gotta get me something similar.
There is really no such thing as a perfect school and a perfect fit. There will always be legacies in most universities. My take is that you hit your books and get serious. Change is from within buddy. I tend to agree with other posters that it is too late to transfer as a junior. It is better to swim forward than to swim back. USC is a good school, a "purportedly" better sounding school will not solve your problems. Same ole dog, different collar, but still a dawg.
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