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The black captoe from J&M are a great first pair of shoes out of college. You have great judgment buddy.
As previously stated by other posters, life is short buy it! But don't expect it to be fully usable in law school, you still need to buy a backpack. Let it be a reminder to you, or an inspiration piece "not to drop out of law school." You'll be like Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon after burning his boats, no retreat no surrender. The bag will have that perfect patina by the time you get admitted to the bar.
Nothing says "douche bag" in a movie better than an ascot. That being said, I was visiting Spain a few years ago and saw a young man wearing an ascot with a medium point collar shirt with jeans. I think it looked excellent! Ascots coupled with very casual stuff can really work to add sprezz in one's look. I think caution must be raised when you mix ascots with navy blue blazers, dress shirts, slacks and moccasins. You will need the following to make it work, as follows...
Quote of the week!
But isn't this exactly the running joke in SF. Young man dressed in old man's clothes=Cool!
I think low rise pants will eventually go out of style, my nuts can't agree with me more. Meanwhile, we lovers of the natural waist will simply have to wait out the storm.
What I liked about KitonBrioni was the fact that you can vicariously try and see certain clothes that you would not buy even if you had a shitload of money. Some accessories are hits, some are misses, and while his clothing style was not kosher or halal in SF standards, he certainly stood his ground.
It is the total opposite buddy. Young guys in this forum think that dressing like a 50 year old is cool.
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