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Citizen makes the Miyota movements. All are rob├╣st, some of which are very fine. Along with Sellita, it has become the alternative to the ETA movements of the Swatch group. I believe Seven Fridays uses this movement.
Hi Luke, it is great that you looked and took note of the business dress protocol here. Do bring your sports jackets. Likewise, do bring a suit, specially a brand that you are comfortable with. Accessories depending on what you want are available here. Rustan's and its Store Specialist outlets are good, so is Adora at Greenbelt Mall. You can slum it out with SM accessories made in China or lose your pants at Hermes. Accessories are a plenty. TM Lewin the shirt maker...
Hi Luke, If you are spending only 3 to 4 months here in Manila, I suggest you bring one suit (gray or navy) and a blazer (navy blue). The weather here is quite hot. People wear suits only for formal business affairs. For business, people wear formal trousers with a long sleeve shirt and tie or a linen Barong Tagalog. Sometimes when your are stuck in a cold air-conditioned office you can slip on a blazer. Other than this, I do not recommend you buy suits here for a...
I have been using my Loake Royals for two months now. They are well made. Since they are not too old, the corrected grain issues have not come out as of yet. They wear slightly bigger than my other Loakes with the same size, albeit slightly. It is a bit stiff to break-in, I have the side scratches below my ankle bones to prove it. It does not have a cool and contemporary last, it is formed like a World War II tank. Against all odds, it is a good buy. I cannot...
I think this is a late 1980's tag heuer 2000 on a jubilee style bracelet.
I find the final paragraph horribly funny but true. By observation though, I see that watches in the next twenty years will be worn at the 41 to 43 mm area. Rolex for instance has upsized most of its new collections, others are following. It is the Apropos-Marvin100 mean.
I keep three black captoes. I rotate them, along with my brown oxfords. One is a total bad weather beater, the other is in between (e.g. the office on a good day), the third is for formal occasions (always in mint condition). IMHO, two captoes are in the zone, I'd keep them both if I were you. As for lacing, I don't know. Perhaps I'm a Nike kinda guy (rubber shoe lacing after all are very balanced albeit not the most aesthetically pleasing, ha ha).
I got to this thread by accident. After so many years of being in SF both as a lurker and eventually a member, I think this is the funniest thread ever. Kudos to Vox ! Luciano Barbera is indeed one of my style icons. This video makes small timers like me really miserable in the campiest and funniest way possible. The comments make the miserable feel lower than sh_t. I'm indeed going to s_ck it! I feel like small timer Ephialtes "wanting it all"! All hail Xerxes.
Yes, you are not too late buddy. Yes, it is a wonderful pair of pleated pants! Plainly inspiring, one of those instances out of the SF group-think phenomena that makes this site wonderful. Contrarian, yet chic.
+1, I cannot say it any better.
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