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Hey gents, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a beige linen suit. The issue I have is that the suit is too sim in the mid-section, thus requires being let out. I know that cotton will show holes where the previous stitches were, but is it the same for linen?
Put a hole in it maybe
Hey Gents, I'm getting married next summer and want to know if it is possible to use tuxedo studs on a regular shirt? I'm trying to forgo buying a shirt for the tux when I already have an acceptable crisp white shirt. Is plausible to cut off the buttons and use studs in their place? Or are there any studs that can attach to the top of the button? Appreciate the suggestions
Hey Gents, I've been looking into getting a couple of the Lazio fit suits but am in need of help with their sizing. For reference, I'm 5'7 145lbs. with a slim build and own some Club Monaco Grant and Brooks Brothers Milano suits (which fit me nicely), all 36S. Can anyone comment on the comparison between fits for the SS suits? Would you recommend a different fit?
I'm in the market for some new winter tires (as I'm moving to a hell hole of a city). I found out from the manufacturer's website that my tires are sized 215/45R17, but there's no information on what size the wheels are. I've read on a few forums that it's okay to use smaller/larger wheels, but I want to make the tires last as long as possible. What size and diameter wheels would be best to suit 215/45R17 tires?
Making fun of how much money people make is quite mean. If you must know what I do for a living or want to compare dick sizes (I think the latter is more likely), I graduated from university not too long ago. I've passed Level 2 of the CFA exams and am working towards the CFP designation. I also plan on getting an MBA in Finance once I get a couple of years experience under my belt. I'll be primed for a pretty prosperous career in capital markets after I've done all my...
Thanks for the help. Ended up going with the 2014 because they gave it to me for nearly the same price. We negotiated for about two hours and finally the sales manager came over and made me a deal. I accepted it but told him I wanted to put $5000 down on Visa; gotta get the points!Anyways, good experience overall. Got a pretty solid ride now.
Some other things I've thought of: can I negotiate the interest rate; I think they are currently offering 4.99%. How much of a down payment should I be paying? $5000 reasonable?
I made a thread about this maybe two years ago, but the last one was very general and I have a specific car in mind right now. I've also never negotiated for a new car before so I would like some tips on how to do it and what a good first offer is. I'm looking at a brand new 2013 Civic Touring listed at $21989. 2014s are going for $25260. I know it's already a pretty good deal but I figure since the 2013 has been sitting in their inventory for two years they'd be willing...
You're lucky.Got the remake of the third one in a few days ago (they remade it for free). The fit is better although the arms are still quite tight and measurements not what I wanted. Also, the quality of the fabric is quite poor and leaves a rash on my neck after a full day of wearing.
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