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You're lucky.Got the remake of the third one in a few days ago (they remade it for free). The fit is better although the arms are still quite tight and measurements not what I wanted. Also, the quality of the fabric is quite poor and leaves a rash on my neck after a full day of wearing.
Wondering if anyone SFers have had experience with Samtani and Son in Langley as there is a Groupon deal on right now? $599 for custom suit, shirt and tie plus an extra $50 with a promo code. They were mentioned in a previous thread but couldn't get an idea of the quality.
It is a bit thin, but nothing that would deter me from ordering it again.
That's a pretty good deal. Should get a pretty good fit if they take your measurements in person
Did they take your measurements in person? If not, I wouldn't have ordered three right off the bat.
Hi Gents, Figured I would share my experience with Blank Label. If you're unaware, they do custom shirting for a relatively good price. Basically you send them your measurements (or one of your best fitting shirts) and they make the shirt to your specifications. Their website (blanklabel.com) is very refined. You can use their interactive create-a-shirt tool to build a shirt and have a decent idea of what it will look like before you buy it. They have a decent amount of...
I'm having trouble finding socks that suit me. Over the calf socks are too warm and don't allow my trousers to fall when I move from sitting to standing. Ankle socks are a little too dandy for my workplace. And athletic socks are.... athletic socks. To compound the issue, my calves are quite large and ankles are quite thin. This bodes well for swimsuits but not so much for business attire. I'm trying to find socks that hit about four inches above the ankle so no skin...
Thanks for helping me out there. I would definitely have bought these from you, but I think I'm going to have to go with a 7.5. Good luck with selling them
Wow, my feet measure the same width and length. When you say they're a little tight, do you mean in length or width? It's funny, I was going back and forth with JE about what size to choose; gave them my feet measurements and sizes of shoes I have. They told me to go with their size 6.
It's been a couple weeks; are these still available? I'm very interested. I've been looking into getting a couple of Erwin's but can decide on the sizing. Any chance you can measure your foot length and width for me?
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