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One thing to consider is the interlining and/or fusing for the collar and collar band (or even what type of collar, eg a one piece). I didn't change from my last order of an oxford cloth with light interlining and no fusing. I find the collar a little too floppy for my taste, IIRC at least one person in this thread mentions what he does- might be fusing on the band? I don't have a Kamakura pique to compare against. I also didn't do the squared off hem like the blogged...
I waited 4 weeks before emailing (3 days ago), got a response quickly- pant fabric is out of stock for another 10-15 days, shirt has been cut and was under production. So maybe another 4 weeks all up.
Yes, if buying a dell keep an eye on the dell factory outlet (DFO) for refurb and as-new stock (Dell Factory Outlet). Ordering process is a bit clunky: call or internet chat with them, they go away and see if the item is still available, couple of hours-days (if on weekends) later they get back to you.
Wasn't width @ bicep the usual specification?
templeofjawnz@gmail.com to my commissioning email address (not the PayPal linked one).
Got tracking for lamb MA-1 ordered 15 July 2013. The spreadsheet lists an order for a lamb MA-1 from 9 July 2013 and he got it 11 July 2014.
I misunderstood that one. I hope to see a quick cancellation, and that system limitations are overcome in the future.
I agree about a lighter weight moleskin. I've only had RM Williams 12oz and 15oz so a 20oz moleskin seems quite a step up and I'm unsure if it might be too warm for my winter. Cheers.
Eyes on Rathdowne (Rathdowne St, Carlton, Melbourne) has provided me with great service. There's a couple of comments about them in this thread. I've been meaning to go back to get some prescription lenses put into my sunglass frames.
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