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Ah, what's better: too big or too little? For instance if I notice I can't reach both arms fully forward without significant tightness across the back panel I start doing it all the time, whilst helicoptering my arms. Maybe I need Fred Astaire's dancer sleeves or similar.
I was pretty happy with Eyes on Rathdowne a few years back for some Mykitas, best price when compared, and good service. Planning to go back to get some sunglasses soon. Though do note that everything is by appointment.I do have a similar question: any recs for Melbourne made to measure shirt makers? Preference would be for non-CBD locations and not too crazy pricing (Oscar Hunt starts at $150 which is okay I guess). I reckon I'm a weird shape and/or have weird ideas about...
One thing to consider is the interlining and/or fusing for the collar and collar band (or even what type of collar, eg a one piece). I didn't change from my last order of an oxford cloth with light interlining and no fusing. I find the collar a little too floppy for my taste, IIRC at least one person in this thread mentions what he does- might be fusing on the band? I don't have a Kamakura pique to compare against. I also didn't do the squared off hem like the blogged...
I waited 4 weeks before emailing (3 days ago), got a response quickly- pant fabric is out of stock for another 10-15 days, shirt has been cut and was under production. So maybe another 4 weeks all up.
Yes, if buying a dell keep an eye on the dell factory outlet (DFO) for refurb and as-new stock (Dell Factory Outlet). Ordering process is a bit clunky: call or internet chat with them, they go away and see if the item is still available, couple of hours-days (if on weekends) later they get back to you.
Wasn't width @ bicep the usual specification?
templeofjawnz@gmail.com to my commissioning email address (not the PayPal linked one).
Got tracking for lamb MA-1 ordered 15 July 2013. The spreadsheet lists an order for a lamb MA-1 from 9 July 2013 and he got it 11 July 2014.
I misunderstood that one. I hope to see a quick cancellation, and that system limitations are overcome in the future.
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