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Seems silly to ask for a lower charge for removing a shirt cuff, but not ask for a higher charge when adding pants cuffs, hidden buttons, extra pockets, side adjusters, custom pleats...
FYNCT is awesome, I just wish they posted more often. That glass piece is a MONSTER- definitely over 100 lbs and impossible to carry properly
Since you guys are talking Zelli, do they do any embossed or is it all real? I picked up a pair that I'm kind of regretting. I also e-thrifted these as some beater shoes, they're probably too ugly to flip but I'll rock 'em Also: picked up 3 Kittens that were on their way back to their POs at a consignment shop, the guy gave me a discount that made them the same price that the local GW charges Also, not menswear related but I picked up a kinda tatty pair of Chanel flats,...
I'm going to keep an eye on that Belvest- damn that's nice
I realize you're planning on losing some weight before you wear this, so take the commentary with grain of salt. I believe in having things tailored for how you look today, not how you hope to look in 6 months, but you may be more optimistic than I am. The jacket is too tight in the waist, which is what's causing the ripples in pic 9. The sleeve pitch is also off, which is pretty typical for a Suitsupply suit. Neither is far enough off to warrant changing if you're happy...
Count me in for this one
Does anyone know who SDA (Italian service) uses to deliver in the US?
That hidden buttonhole is the best thing I've seen all day. I have no experience with bespoke trousers so that's a totally fresh idea to me, I love it. Edit: And can I just say thank you to the community for the attitude of collaboration that's shared here? I haven't seen a single person who's protective over their order number or refuse to share collar specs because "it's theirs" - that attitude is rare anywhere these days, let alone on the internet.
Shady - great shoes, but I hope you come into this thread with an open mind. The ability to be open to new knowledge is closely correlated with intelligence, and if you want to develop your style here you'll do well to learn from what you will find in the last several pages of this thread (and whnay's good taste thread, the 20+ composite thread, etc). Menswear's rules and traditions were developed for good reasons, subtle though they may be. Wearing those shoes without...
Would you want to wear it if you put brass buttons on it? +1 to Ragazzo, my sentiments exactly
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