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They look great man! Have fun breaking them in!!
Here they are without the Instagram filter
It's just a filter. Lol it's from my Instagram. It's not that shiny. Lol I'll post it without the filter
I've had these for about a year and a half
I just got the 714's in 54 and I notice that they sort of angle out at my temple. I do have a large head and was just wondering if any of you have the arms sort of angle out near your temples:embar:
they look like the 714's?
looking to taper my new standards, how should i tell the tailor to do it? I'm afraid of messing up the fades
thnx man, that eases my mind, i was looking at the same dealer sir!!
I'm currently looking at persol 714's and 649's on ebay and i see that most are being sold for below retail and all are claiming to be 100% authentic. Just wondering if they really are legit? anyone care to share some info or thoughts on these? thanks. they go for about $135-147 range on e-bay
anybody know where i can purchase some alden indy's near the Detroit, Mich area? thanks
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