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I found this interesting information about Tuxedo Vents in Black Tie Guide. Vents The original dinner jackets were made without vents then later offered with side vents. While side vents provide easier access to trouser pockets and are more comfortable to sit in, they can also make the jacket less slimming and somewhat compromise the intended formality of the tuxedo. The center (aka single) vent is unacceptable not only because of its sporty...
I own an Alfred Sargent MTO double monk and have different facts from you: great craftsmanship, leather, dye etc. I love these shoes ! From the forum reviews and my shoes I have the opinion that your experience is an exception rather than the norm .
Congratulations!! The Carmina wholecut is pretty nice too IMO.
You can create new words from other languages. For example the Latin name for leather is Tergus and for shoes is Calseus/ Calceamenta. Cheapest suede oxford.
Yes, I would feel too try hard with suit and tie in this particular setting. Thanks dah328.
Hi , need your advice on this one. I am going this afternoon to a job interview in a telecommunications company I used to work for 2 years ago. The dress code is business casual - no suit and tie- and I used to work with the person who is going to interview me. I would normally wear suit and tie for any interview but this situation seems different. What would you reccommend? Is something like a blue blazer appropriate in this situation or no suit or tie ? Thanks, Erik
[ How is the construction of Bexley? This is the first time I've heard of them. .[/quote] I own a Bexley Charles . Most Bexleys are goodyear welted and while the leather is not as soft as my Church,s or C & J I am expecting them to last as much with proper care and rotation. Good deal for the price IMO.
This + shipping should be close to 200 USD. Lugano
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