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Just received my walnut Fifth Avenue's in the mail today. I have some shoe trees for them already, but what else should I do before I can start wearing them normally?
Interested in the xx-017's and xx-018's but haven't been able to find any progress pics out there. How new are these things, and are there any pics out there showing signs of what a nice, faded pair might look like?
You need someone with a big butt to model the trousers? I could assist haha
Fit pics of my peacoat in navy. Color is WAY off in these pics, but I don't get to wear "real clothes" during the week so its hard to get pics in daylight. The collar is so frickin cool [[SPOILER]]
There should be a new rule instated for this thread. *thou shall post no more after receiving your toj item until fit pics are posted
When did you choose to make an item of clothing that wasn't going to please every single person alive?!
I'm not complaining, just stating personal experience. I think within 24 hours is perfectly acceptable.Also, I "spoiler'd" the pic just as a courtesy. If you want to see the pic, you can. If you don't care, you don't see
E-mail responses aren't as speedy as they used to be. Used to be Charly responded within an hour an average, now its within about 24 hours. I got something from him earlier today, though, so just have a little patience.
Hello fellow TOJ loyal. I've had my FQHH moto about 10 months now and just wanted to post an evo pic. Let me know what you think! [[SPOILER]] EDIT: Oh shit, almost forgot to mention. I've worn this thing around Tokyo a bunch and the most common thing I hear is "that thing makes you look like Wolverine", haha!
Anyone have any wisdom to provide in regards to conditioning horse hide?
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