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still available??
The right shoulder is fine...he's holding up the camera with his right, hence the wrinkles. Agree with hrb ^^^
Worn only once...never dry cleaned. Looks brand new.... http://www.howardyount.com/collections/jackets-suits/products/linen-and-wool-windowpane-blue
Anyone intersted in the linen and wool window pane in blue 38R pls pm me...
Can someone help me identify the make/model of these penny loafers? Thanks...
Can anyone help identify the make and model of this shoe? Thanks in advance!
Yup, jacket in the shoulders way to big. I would return it if you can...
Are the Peal&Co shoes true to size? I typically wear a 9D and 8.5D in Alden (Barrie Last). I want to get one of their snuff Chukkas. Also, they have two different models on the website. Any recs? Thx...
Are these still available? PM sent a while back with no response. Pls advise...thx!
PM Sent!
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