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Check out WaterWorks or lefroybrooks. Better quality and styling.
Thank you despos and the groom for your replies.
If you shortened a jackets length can you move the pocket or the flap up so it does not look un-proportional .? Thank you.
No my first post said to take a hand out from your parents before you do from a friend or just don't go. Subsequent posters asked how i have so much money to party and i explained just so. I must of struck a chord with members here. I assume The option your advocating is to mooch of op's friend and i still disagree. And just to get back to my personal finances/life I apologize style forum I was wrong to think parents should pay for their children's education and...
Think past the now
Actually it's a 2 bed room with a garden in the back. ground level. Quite nice. I'm an architect and oversaw the renovation. My advice is don't owe others. Yes it is easier for me because I have family money however it doesn't change the fact my parents followed the same exact advice to get where they are and have told me so. It's how I try to live my life and was just passing on the advice. Now if the original poster follows suit he or she might not be wealthy nor have...
my under grad and grad was paid for by my parents as well as my car. like i said take in as little debt as possible if you can swing no debt like myself more power to you. on top of that i just recently moved into my parents lower level rental apt and i dont pay rent. not glamours living at home with my parents right above me but beats doing yard work to pay for bachelor parties.
I don't post much but do frequent the forms often. I felt compelled to reply. Op you need to stop taking handouts from your friend. He clearly is in a whole other financial class then you. Why should he have to front your bill just because he is more successful. In the future if you want a hand out ask mommy and daddy. At least by keeping it in the family you won't come off as a failure to your successful peers and yes they are probably thinking that if you can't keep up...
Did you add another button to the sleeve? I think if no button added the proportion looks off.
Suit supply charges 28$ to lengthen the sleeves and .75in is the max with working cuffs.
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