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Just received my 101477 - DARK BROWN LAMA CALF size 10.5uk. Shipping only took 5 days, 3 business to arrive in NYC from Spain via FedEx. Shoes are in very good condition, leather smells wonderful and other than some slight scratches on the left midsole: And a bit of glue peeping out from under the right toe welt: They are perfect. I placed the order and they we're ready so long ago I was even charged by Meermins old pricing model in euros. I'm going to treat them...
Hey, I'm trying to pay for a meermin shoe and on the last step of payment processing I keep getting "Error in communication with the business. Please try again later" I tried contacting Meermin but they aren't responsive. !
So with Meermin now giving us now the big FU, what other brands/threads do you guys recommend I check out to snag comparable shoe? I'm sure in a few month to a year the Euro will rebound and this may become an advantage. About a year ago 1 euro was at 1.39$ the 140euro classic line was 194$.
Are these wolverine 1000 mile boots (color cordovan) made out of cordovan leather? Or just regular leather? http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/wolverine-1000-mile-boot-men/3199403?cm_cat=datafeed&cm_ite=wolverine_'1000_mile'_boot_(men):374989&cm_pla=shoes:men:boots&cm_ven=Google_Product_Ads&mr:referralID=dba7ed34-5f9c-11e4-b18e-001b2166c62d&origin=pla Thanks
I'd go with a M. I'm 210 and a bit taller and that's what I wear. Similar build.
Anyone have any insight on the Milano fit flannel trowsers? Quality? Similar to Jcrew Ludlow fit? Thinking about picking up one in store today.
When's the next sale on sale?
Anyone have luck shipping these to a large office building in the US to avoid dues?
I'm trying to do this as well.Looking to resole with the Vibram Morflex Sole. However can't find where to purchase this online. Any suggestions?If not online I'm willing to use an NYC cobbler.
Hey SF, Looking to add vebram soles to my DBs like this https://warosu.org/data/fa/img/0080/53/1396665238022.jpg Where can I order the sole? I'm fine having my local cobbler handle the job. Thx,
New Posts  All Forums: