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Her name is Nina at Nina's cleaners on courtelyou rd. She's a Russian trained seamstress. Great prices, tough hours for us working flokes, closed Saturday's and sometimes really long turn around times.However I was never disappointed in her work. She did everything from taking jackets in, neck roll, sleeves even took a pea coat in beautifully.Very much recommended if your on the area.Faptalk
Hello gents, Need to get the neck shortened on a few jackets. I had a reliable tailor in Midwood Brooklyn do this pretty competently but I am on the other side of the city now. Can anyone give any recommendations on a tailor that could perform this alteration competently? I visited a Korean tailor in harlem this morning and he said though a translator that they can't do it because the jacket is too tight however I think its just out of his level of expertise. Much...
Hey quick question, bought a bunch of ties from luxeswap on eBay over the last few months. I'm surprised that taxes are collected from NY customers. There are no taxes on clothes under 110$ in ny.
Morning Gents, I'm 10.5uk in hiro boots. The toe box is a bit tight but it has stretched out over the last month. What would I be in the Ron last?
Thanks,Is there anywhere I can see measurements for the New Ray Last Online? Though I consider my feet 'wide' I still fit into standard sides in most shoes.
Hey gents. New Ray sizing question: I have wider feet than normal but wear 10.5uk hiro which fits TTS no issues after break-in. Will I fit a New Ray in 10.5UK as well? In AE 8 last size 12 fits pretty well with extra room in the toes. Thanks
Anyone have any idea which last these handwelted meermin wholecuts are on?
Any pics of the +J spring collection? It's supposed to have launched in JP already right?
I'm have family that's going Europe in a few days. What's the current price on the classic line in the EU? I can't see it though the US website. It may be cheaper to grab it there and pay VAT with the euro approaching parity with the dollar. Thanks,
New Posts  All Forums: