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Sick belt. Source?Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
Hi all,Just received my MTO order of 101530 in black calf. The quality of much of the finishing is seconds level imo. And the uppers are scuffed. I've bought 2 Meermin seconds that were in much more pristine. The soles are fine.What should I do?I was going to bring this to my cobbler immediately for toppers ugh [[SPOILER]] Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
I recently bought my first Barbour, an Upperford jacket in navy. I picked it up for heavy discount at Club Monaco in September. Could anyone tell me more about this model? It seems pretty similar to a beadle. Also which fabric are the typical Barbour jacket sleeve linings made of? The area around my bicep joint gets a bit moist after extended wear of my barbour over a suit jacket. Wondering if this is typical. Thanks.
Her name is Nina at Nina's cleaners on courtelyou rd. She's a Russian trained seamstress. Great prices, tough hours for us working flokes, closed Saturday's and sometimes really long turn around times.However I was never disappointed in her work. She did everything from taking jackets in, neck roll, sleeves even took a pea coat in beautifully.Very much recommended if your on the area.Faptalk
Hello gents, Need to get the neck shortened on a few jackets. I had a reliable tailor in Midwood Brooklyn do this pretty competently but I am on the other side of the city now. Can anyone give any recommendations on a tailor that could perform this alteration competently? I visited a Korean tailor in harlem this morning and he said though a translator that they can't do it because the jacket is too tight however I think its just out of his level of expertise. Much...
Hey quick question, bought a bunch of ties from luxeswap on eBay over the last few months. I'm surprised that taxes are collected from NY customers. There are no taxes on clothes under 110$ in ny.
Morning Gents, I'm 10.5uk in hiro boots. The toe box is a bit tight but it has stretched out over the last month. What would I be in the Ron last?
Thanks,Is there anywhere I can see measurements for the New Ray Last Online? Though I consider my feet 'wide' I still fit into standard sides in most shoes.
Hey gents. New Ray sizing question: I have wider feet than normal but wear 10.5uk hiro which fits TTS no issues after break-in. Will I fit a New Ray in 10.5UK as well? In AE 8 last size 12 fits pretty well with extra room in the toes. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: