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Paolo Vitale do some nice belts. Heavy brass buckles and stylish leather. Unfortunately they glue them together but I've used one of their belts daily for two years and it still looks good. Good quality for a decent price it seems.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Are you sure on the chest measurement? That would make this suit a 32R with a 33" waist in the pants Ah, no. The measurements are probably wrong. If you double the chest measurement it would be closer to the truth. But I've measured again and the exact measure is 39 inches. Quote: Originally Posted by agavilanes Hi: The measures of the jacket seems a little odd (the chest smaller than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I would put this a bit differently. The reason people react negatively is not because the rabbit vest/tie are "personal." That alone is not enough. It is the childishness of it, the sad element of fantasy that a grown man would spend that kind of money, and invest that amount of time, to reinforce an Internet persona. For all your talk about how so many of us (me above all) take the Internet too seriously, you...
I didn't do anything. I've always had an attraction to quality clothing.
I kinda like the idea of pushing the limits for sweater lenghts for men. But I'm quite convinced the outfit would look better with something else than tights, they don't really fit in with the sweaters. Maybe some semi-wide 3/4 length trousers would do the trick? The tights just makes it feel like you've taken an old trick from the book of girlswear and applied it to yourself (but with more interesting use of footwear).
Would've been nice to see some pictures. I'm looking for more odd jackets and sport coats. Currently I only possess an old wool worsted jacket from Tootal and a corduroy with patch pockets from Nor-wind (a norwegian make that went out of business three or four decades ago). Currently looking at some nice tweed jackets.
Grey suit with red lining. Wool/cashmere mix. Shoulder: 18 inches. Chest (from armpit to armpit): 39 inches (measured while jacket lying flat). Jacket waist: 36 inches Sleeve: 23 inches Trouser waist: 33 inches (measured while trousers lying flat). Inside leg is 80 cm / 31,5 inches (by measuring the inside leg seam of the trousers). I'm not used to measuring suits so let me know if you need other measurements. Price: $290 I'm a private seller. Shipping is from Norway....
Many favourites like Beth Gibbons, Piaf and Mariza have been mentioned, but these must be added to the list: Marva Whitney Radka Toneff Anette Snell Anja Garbarek Tujiko Noriko
The way you describe it I would say black shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Ayn Rand is nasty. She was probably the inspiration for all those Enron executives--people as valuable as anal leakage. She's an interesting read. But not as your first or only book. Keeping her background in mind, and focusing on her impact on US culture can give a simple european like me a new way to see things. Quote: Originally Posted by Frittata As there is no asian author I...
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