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Most of my DJ's are velvet.
Need some more formal trousers, don't need any more DJ's. Anyone know any place that sell flat front trousers only with grosgrain piping in NYC?
Has anyone had any problems bringing one to the Open? Going tonight and was planning on bringing my brick (D2X,) but didn't wanna deal if they gave you a hassle getting in.
I hunt in Africa in moleskin in the winter and it is slightly more susceptible to hair, but it's not a big thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bill Brasky bump Yes.
There in a couple of weeks. Anyone with experience?
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I have sold clothing for a long time and have sold the best. Nobody puts more into the make of their trousers than Julie Hertling. Best Regards, Gary Agreed, and the guy does a heck of a two martini lunch.
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I am a huge fan of cordoroy and we usually carry a terrific collection of all types of wale. The very best we carry is made by Hertling Trousers of fabric milled by DeBall. This cordoroy has a cashmere like hand and is available in eight and ten wale. We also make the ten wale horizontally. Gary Julie's a great guy and has probably forgotten more about trousers than this board knows. As far as fine waled...
Like there's a choice???
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven I pay over 1% more and it is a day or two slower in hitting my bank account. I will take amex, but if the customer asks, I will always take mc/visa I really like cash! Carl Anyways at all to get it down? They kill me on keyed transactions, which a lot of my big tickets are (phone sales.) Cash and wire transfers rule!
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