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Yeah there is basting.Here are some pictures of the sleeve! Hope it sheds light on the matter!
I purchased a Zegna jacket that only came with two buttons. One that looks like the front closure and one that looks like the inside breast pocket closure button. Is it supposed to come with buttons for the sleeve? The salesperson said that the sleeves didn't need buttons but I'm not certain he was right. Can someone point me in the right direction?
How is the quality of the fabric/suit with a MULTISEASON label on it? Someone asked about it but didn't get a response.
I have a shirt that has four button holes that require studs to fasten, not including the collar. As well, I have noticed that newer cufflink and stud sets come with four studs.
I noticed that some of the vintage cufflink and stud sets only come with three studs, whereas there are four button-holes on contemporary shirts. Does this render older stud sets obsolete? Tiffany and Co. cufflink and stud set
Do you like Diesel? I currently have 3 pairs of shoes from them. They don't last long but at least they are cheap.
I'd like to know what you think of these blazers. and
Just as the topic says. What mentality/style does it take to wear a blazer? I always feel as if wearing a blazer is for the older set, say 50+ crowd. Maybe it was all the college professors that I had who always wore blazers. Whenever I wear one of mine, which was probably two times in 2002, I felt too old or that it just wasn't my style.
Have you tried anything from Dior Homme?
Am I missing something here because I think the site says the shirts are $38US with no minimum order. I'd think that shipping would cost $38US.
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