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For the Perth'ians. https://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/announcements/consumers-stitched-claremont-tailor-joseph-anthony-bespoke-anthony-george-riordan
Initial contact through that form on the website. They contact you back and you just go back and forth. Just be specific with what model and type (suede or black calf etc). Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding on both ends, and I got sent some suede cap toes instead of the black calf ones I ordered. TNT picked them up on Monday to return.
from the rembrandts i've seen, nothing good.
opinions? http://www.malfordoflondon.com/suits/1820-paul-smith-luxury-navy-blue-windowpane-peak-lapel-suit-italy.html
Welcome Fabio. What industry are you working in?
Cost me $220 landed.
http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1927 Would you be interested? I'll wait for a response from the guys to see how they want to proceed.
Dammit. Ordered the 7.5 black cap toe oxfords from Meermin. Received the 7/ suede cap toe oxfords... Does the forward dash "/" denote a half size? They are a bit tight. Waiting for a response from Meermin.
Awesome. Thanks!
I need to stock up on some plain tee's. What's the best way to buy uniqlo online?
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