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This!Bespoke is less than double the price of OTR. Amazing!
Attention Eljirado Looking forward to the arrival of these from the USA:
58 years wearing glasses. My brother had laser surgery in Germany to correct long sight similar to mine. He has had a few serious post-op probs that have been 'rectified' and now looks a complete goose. Drooping aged eyelids accentuated (that were hidden behind glasses) and the appearance that does not look like he has benefited from this piece of basically cosmetic surgery.So all of the above with your remarks.
Beautiful bro'.
Don't go there....FWIW.Probably made up for the store by Nettletons (RIP manufacturer) aka top score.
There is also a thread here on a downtown Santiago bespoke maker.
Yeah so he can "raise the tone"!
Very nice but next time I would go for one of Kielman's more exciting designs. Those are pretty vanilla when Kielman has some great looking vintage styles.
I remember meeting him at a party back in the 70s that some Brazilians I knew in the Eastern Suburbs had organized. I go down the QVB regularly and wonder who buys them.
I have a nice Corneliani one that I wear. To be honest the striped suits that have the widest stripes make the suit more out there/unwearble/attention grabbingly negative. I have a navy blue DB linen suit but I don't wear it as the stripes are a little too wide and 'clownish' according to comments.
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