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Left tan is Barker Black methinks.
No not Alden without that ridiculous dinky strap.
see the other Berwick thread
My Paul Stuart Grenson Masterpices were closed channelled FWIW.
Barbisio is now owned by another Italian compnay and is not the quality of the one you just bought. Good price for a vintage hat.
They are Portuguese and are sold Down Under by a seller in Neutral Bay in Sydney. Solid Goodyear shoes leather quality AE standard maybe less reasonable quality lower end suede. Unspectacular styles with none of the Meermin or Carmina vibe.
A big slappadaface for all your Italian haters...
How do you have a 39.5 waist with a 22.5 pit to pit chest? This is a guy that swam the English Channel after all.
Funnily enough I will be posting a pair of new Ludgates in deer skin suede...Yes! Handgrades no less... with open channelled soles for some reason.
GF you will need to let it dry awhile before applying creme/polish. Why did you use saddle soap on it when you had just conditoned it? You may need to condition again. I like the look of the patinated brass buckle too.
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