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Great advice especially when its a half sole done/butchered by a Mister Minute type.Re handgrades they would be around GBP150 I suspect plus postage. With new Handgrades around GBP400 that might still be worthwhile.So what are you looking to do ? Total recraft?If you did Paypal and is is over the 45 days its all lost but some guys pursue the dodgy dealers via the credit card connection with paypal if any.
Yes EUR62 is like a big US48.
Wipe down disinfect inside with Dr Scholls spray cover in leather conditioner begin rehab with cream polish etc etc.
Seriously nice present.
The Life and Times of Roger Rogerson = Episode 1 http://www.theage.com.au/tv/Crime/show/The-Life-and-Times-of-Roger-Rogerson/The-Life-and-Times-of-Roger-Rogerson--Part-1-4311802.html
Late 60s early 70s going on some I have.
80s revisited. eBay is full of that sort of design.Obviously the Platinum species of Mezlan right?
Those are one of the best specs I have seen and I own a few vintage pairs.You could rock those anyday with linen suits or non-dark summer suits or even lighter blue wool suits..
The Palm Beach is late 50s after they changed the famous cloth and label. The 1940 one has me confused as the lapel style has nothing to do with 40s. Is it some type of dinner jacket? The Harris just shows how much better it was made years ago.
Scafora is hard to beat especially his antiquing
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