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Patrick have you used the Mac method on those shell shoes already to get that shine?
Yeah I have a pair of Bettanins in that colour I am going to send to Antonio Meccariello for a dye and lustre job.
Mine are being topyed and will be posted soon.
Seriously sharp like a modern take on my 40s spades.
True. My most comfortable shoes are the 202s but I have others that are comfortable too.
Just been using that Collonil Diamond shoe crème. What a great product for a lustre shine and penetrating oils to revivify the leather. None of that godawful smell of Saphir asphyxiating the polisher.
Very sharp especially on a skinny guy.
First day at school. Progress report 5 hours later have broken in beautifully and so comfortable on day one.
This.The reality of what went on in Boston makes the movie look like a fairy tale.
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