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More love for the bigger sized lover http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bontoni-Liviori-Double-Monk-Strap-Shoes-Size-12-1300-Handmade-in-Italy-/160995964102?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item257c1b74c6
One of AEs greatest designs and being a bit vintage better quality to boot.
That beautiful toecap! Cleverly genius.
Double unrequited love.Some apt observations there. Up until recently in Australia reptile was the preserve of flash types, spivs etc.Re you USA observations triggered the memory banks back to 1992 when I recall watching CNN and hearing Ross Perot (ironically a billionaire from Government contracts) put down the "Beltway" with some line about their dress sense:On change in Washington: "All these fellows with thousand-dollar suits and alligator shoes running up and down the...
http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2013/02/craig-corvin-bespoke.html http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/2011/04/todays-favorites-craig-corvin-bespoke.html
Another beauty from Mr M.
your are just paranoid. Just use an insert on the offending foot to take up the volume.
Wonderful boots
Interesting. Church's has used linen canvas for years without ill effect.
Lovely boots. Just a pedantic suggestion. The rolled laces need to be thicker/chunkier = proportion wise.
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