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What size are you? I have a a pair of biggish 11Ds C&J Conistons over in the States. Dainite soles near new.
Like these. Look very much like a pair of vintage Nettleton gators I have
C&J post Michael Douglas can't keep up the output to match. I would reckon this might have something to do with it.
Come on guys these sell for like AUD400 in Sydney!
It was done back in the 90s. I remember driving across from Siena to Florence in the early 90s and seeing a small but prominent roadside sign directing people to an Italian Cole-Haan factory outlet.Talk to isshi about these. I warned him about buying a pair.Trouble was they were beautifully hand finsished but an early foray into corrected grain which has killed their resale when the odd pair pops up.
Unrequited love. Nothing else. I love the guy's shoes.
And sooo unnecessary....
Last Friday went to see my old classmate Billy Birmingham do his schtick at the Putney Bowlo in Sydney. He held the audience captive for over an hour with stories imitations and anecdotes of his career and everyone was taking snaps of him on their i-phones. Sometimes you forget that kids that were 16 when he stated are now in their 40s! Funny that. A true Aussie...
New Posts  All Forums: