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I have a pair of Carmina black monks that would fit you.
I had a pair the same - a make up for the famous old Britches of Georgetown store - but designed a little bit differently. The punching on the lacing area was not there.
TLC is a wonderful thing!
I bought a lot of top fabrics in Sampeng when in the airlines and had them made up. Cheaper, better and more varied styles of fabric. I had a 48 hour manufacture linen suit made up with Sampeng linen for a wedding I flew to in Italy, wore it for 10 years and eventually gave it still intact to Vinnies.
Can't remember if he 'died pretty' though??????
You have nailed it there re the 30s. And when you think that in the midst of all this the Great Depression was going on. Yin and Yang.
Biden is a wanker and will never be allowed to win by the Dem grandees.
Nice last. His shoes are very nicely finished.
Good assessment says me... waiting to man up enough to wear a pair of racing green Testonis.
New Posts  All Forums: