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I'm not big on wholecuts but those are fab! Especially the colour.
Great idea Leaves. Bonafe has flown a bit under the radar.
Love those limewashed tan ones.
Australian Silky Oak very popular in the 20s Arts and Crafts California Bungalow houses. It was used instead of English Oak (a la Frank L Wright 1/4 sawn). A native timber.
The EG 202 is the ultimate comfort for me.
No hard feerlings and others are more expert at such matters but that is not a good suit for Chan. They don't seem to have catered for your proportions. The pants for starters with the break etc. That suit needsa a lot of alteration IMO.
This very good advice and if you get a corker fitting suit just have it copied.Shirts need collar styas if they are formal business shirts. If you wonder why look at all the pollies who fail to wear them as they probably don't know what they are for.
Why I embrace Italian shoes....Bontonis today FWIW.
Cotton suits are not cool (temp). Linen is what you wear in summer or super light weight wools that act like linen.
Affirmative but need to get me a McMansion to go with the fitout.
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