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That "message about yourself" can often mean being comfortable in you own skin/persona. It strikes me that a lot of adverse comments about people who dress sharp/well is rooted in envy. At the same time for a lot of people dressing well is a sign of personal confidence. They might not enjoy it themselves but like you to channel it for them and often that is the source of positive comments.QED my avatar.
They look great. What a nice design!
Hartts are particularly good shoes especially the double sole jobs from the 50s. Near indestructible.
Honestly don't know maybe the Philadelphia. They are 10EE which suggests an easy fit when I am 10F/10.5E but I think a 9.5F would like them better. PM me and I'll send some pics
Obsessive/Compulsive with a denialist streak.You've found your true home at last.
Of course they insisted on it being registered so that cost me like AUD30 extra. Just land line them.Black Lowndes in 10F UK.As a result I have a Topyed used pair of black Carminas dub monks in 10EE for sale. Fit like a snug 10UK or better for a UK9.5. Mild chisel dizzel like a C&J337 but not as wide..
Excellent observation! Happy New Year!
I have seen them in Sydney at a pop up store. The cricket boot ones and others I mean. They look like a bit better than Loakes more to Church's level. http://www.jeffery-west.co.uk/jefferywest/product.asp?item=marriot-cricket-chelsea-boot-29-229 I tried on a pair and they are an English shoe with a fashion forward Italian vibe such that the last is longish in the Italian manner which for me meant going down from UK10 to 9.5 and I almost fitted the 9.
This story just reinforces a lot of the negative comments about EG I have seen made on this thread and others over the years. No way those shoes should have even left the factory.
Like this? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Vintage-FLORSHEIM-Wingtip-LEATHER-Dress-Shoes-40s-Sz13-AA-/261146544830?pt=US_Mens_Vintage_Shoes&hash=item3ccd8c0abe
New Posts  All Forums: