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Just a question is Amfony Mundine the biggest knucklehead in Australian sport? Even by his standards the recent fight build up and losing debacle is hard to beat.
The Grandmaster does not need to "cut and paste".
A lot to be proud of there already.
Good one oncle!
Your avatar would be proud of you!I procrastinated on buying a pair one night for BIN USD250 nearly brand new and lost out.BONTONI forever I say!
Prince Charles visits C&J http://www.theshoesnobblog.com/
They sell a lot of it at Paulfrederick.com. Beautiful colour but the colour seems to bleach out and in the end they don't last like a white shirt for the same money.
Don't encourage him!
Very nice indeed. A makeup?
J'aime bien le cord du roi....
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