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Very nice! love the Norvegese stitching.
Different journey than most Meccariellos we have seen.
Exactly. But Down Under the same does not apply.The below article gives due credit for Obama's re-election team that was in Sydney the past year using Australia as a test market (like Peoria) for his deformation/deconstruction programs that remove the middle classes real good from their savings and far-fetched notions of independence for themselves in retirement or their children or grandchildren who might be underemployed or unemployed.Obama-style tactics helped Labor in...
His style is MISmanagement.
Uptown Dandy with a great IV with Bestetti himself. http://uptowndandy.blogspot.com.au/
Benghazi....hulllloo....Ambassador is that you?....hulllooo....
There's the rub I suspect ...and why they say Goodyear.
That's 'Strayan mate!
So these are actually what a 11USA/UK10?
Leaves what Carmina last is closest to the EG202?
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