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Millions at risk for Therese Rein as Britain slams work efforts by: Jacquelin Magnay, London From: The Australian July 08, 2013 12:00AM THERESE Rein faces multi-million-dollar contractual problems with the British government after her jobseeker company, Ingeus, failed to deliver on promises to get sufficient numbers of long-term unemployed back to work. Ingeus, which was founded by Kevin Rudd's wife, is one of five British providers believed to have been issued with...
Loake 1880 is a good place to start. Then there is SF B&S when you know your overseas sizes.
Gator Down Under http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/central-coast/brutus-the-bully-american-alligator-put-back-in-australian-reptile-park-lagoon/story-fngr8h0p-1226673235942
I scored a pair of these made for Brooks in (would you believe?) shell cordovan. Totally agree with you.
Amazing blog quote:I agree with this article too...coming from the UK I would buy a new pair of gbp50 shoes from Next almost every year....sweaty feet, plastic soles, occasionally fall apart. Throw them away and start again.Then I bought some Goodyear welted Jones the Bootmaker shoes on sale reducd from gbp150 to 75....that was about 4 years ago or so...I'm wearing them now. They look almost new, they had a half sole replacement here in Aus and they are super comfy! So I...
Your first shopping mistake.
Improving the (Bon)toni in the office.
Where are you getting that information? My Gilt email says none of that.
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