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Very nice but next time I would go for one of Kielman's more exciting designs. Those are pretty vanilla when Kielman has some great looking vintage styles.
I remember meeting him at a party back in the 70s that some Brazilians I knew in the Eastern Suburbs had organized. I go down the QVB regularly and wonder who buys them.
I have a nice Corneliani one that I wear. To be honest the striped suits that have the widest stripes make the suit more out there/unwearble/attention grabbingly negative. I have a navy blue DB linen suit but I don't wear it as the stripes are a little too wide and 'clownish' according to comments.
Got off at Elizabeth, walked down Park, crossed Castlereagh and turned back down on Pitt towards Mall at 1 pm. Junkie City. The dealer must have loaded them all up in the previous 30 minutes because there were at least 6 in various stated of torpor lying against walls or in one case lying twisted and contorted on a public bench in impossible positions. Where do they all shoot up? In Maccas? Why that area? You see lots in town - as my son says "on the Murray Cod" (nod)...
Sydney muy expensive place http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/top-dollar-puts-sydney-higher-on-expense-scale-20130204-2duwk.html
He needs the Man from UNCLE!
The site says the sale finished on 15 Januar 2013.
Lino irlandes.
They have a store in Sydney. Fab tiles and I got some mosaics years ago off a Japanese hotel overbuy.
It pains me to agree but then there is the Sin City aspect....
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