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True. My most comfortable shoes are the 202s but I have others that are comfortable too.
Just been using that Collonil Diamond shoe crème. What a great product for a lustre shine and penetrating oils to revivify the leather. None of that godawful smell of Saphir asphyxiating the polisher.
Very sharp especially on a skinny guy.
First day at school. Progress report 5 hours later have broken in beautifully and so comfortable on day one.
This.The reality of what went on in Boston makes the movie look like a fairy tale.
Appears that photo may disguise a different persona.....http://www.skynews.com.au/eco/article.aspx?id=890702
That sounds about right.I am no expert on Japan but travelled there every week for 3 years in the airlines.Someone said that the Japanese have the idea of kata - ie perfection in action such as sushi cutting and maybe the perfect stroke in golf.The developing of such perfection is a high achievement to them culturally.I could see shoemaking (from your thread) has developed/ing along the lines of a type of kata.
Quote of the day!
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