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It's wonderful but it may be in the wrong place. Where does it come from?
So true. Allan Edmonds makes some effort on their website. That is where SF comes in.
Not trying to be funny buy if you do a lot of sand walking probably top quality desert boots that you can access quickly to remove sand and are lightweight. You might also consider using a cotton canvas elasticised gaiter type covering over the lacing like tradesmen wear to prevent soil and sand entering the shoe.As for more formal shoes you will need a good pair of captoes black shoes and maybe some form of tan brogued shoe for less formal occasions with a blazer or to...
All of the above.
What size are you? I have a a pair of biggish 11Ds C&J Conistons over in the States. Dainite soles near new.
Like these. Look very much like a pair of vintage Nettleton gators I have
C&J post Michael Douglas can't keep up the output to match. I would reckon this might have something to do with it.
Come on guys these sell for like AUD400 in Sydney!
It was done back in the 90s. I remember driving across from Siena to Florence in the early 90s and seeing a small but prominent roadside sign directing people to an Italian Cole-Haan factory outlet.Talk to isshi about these. I warned him about buying a pair.Trouble was they were beautifully hand finsished but an early foray into corrected grain which has killed their resale when the odd pair pops up.
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