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Keep looking - they are so numerous on eBay (not just Imperials) that you will undoubtedly find a large or wide pair maybe NOS.
So sleek. The loss of these companies was one of the greatest artistic losses in America IMO
1. Black captoe brogues 202 last. Very comfortable.2. Burgundy antiqued Monmouths. Very comfortable not as much as 202s3. Brown Burnished Brooksville wingtips on 888 very comfortable. 888 is chisel version of 202.4. Pair of Malvern leather and canvas linen spectators. Also very comfortable. Don't wear much.On a sad note (for older Aussie Forumites) the death of the Rugby League great Ferris Ashton of Controversy Corner fame. Rex Mossop,of course, as all Manly guys would...
There is a thread abou him. Please use it.
I wish...they are Bestetti Gladiators! maybe Russell should get a pair.Has the American version already started on Foxtel? I have not seen it on the list.
Magnanni are an under appreciated shoe hereabouts ....as were all Spanish shoes at one stage.
V cleats = certainty of an injury on modern honed or polished stone floors and any type of surface where aquaplaning is feasible.
This!Bespoke is less than double the price of OTR. Amazing!
Attention Eljirado Looking forward to the arrival of these from the USA:
58 years wearing glasses. My brother had laser surgery in Germany to correct long sight similar to mine. He has had a few serious post-op probs that have been 'rectified' and now looks a complete goose. Drooping aged eyelids accentuated (that were hidden behind glasses) and the appearance that does not look like he has benefited from this piece of basically cosmetic surgery.So all of the above with your remarks.
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