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No. The best way to ensure good presents from the family is to buy your own. Most members (apart from my spouse) aka my 20 year old children would not think twice about the old man.Who needs mistakes at Christmas time?
I have a suit by Caracciolo. Is it the same company?
QED.I honestly reckon those and the pics below on the same page are of some of the best looking shoes I have seen on SF and that's talking as a total shoe tragic BTW.The patina and lasts and semi Bestetti toe treatment are just a knock out.I have been thinking of taking a holiday in Hawaii where I have not been for years but on second thoughts that could lead to rapid bankruptcy.There is no way a crease should be forming half an inch into the toecap. They are at least a...
We did not need the second pic to remind as of one of our most significant exports!
All in bags in trees after 24 hours and no scratching of spit shines.
Basically RMWs are all foreign bits assembled in Australia according to my cobbler and nothing like the good old days.
This. Speaking as an owner of Conistons de C&J.
C&J right? though the bespoke are made in house methinks or by EG.
All shit with no malice intended. Thanks for the heads up.
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