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Beautiful shoes but be careful to stand back when (as Barry Mackenzie used to say) you need to "syphon the python".....
The captoe stitching on those boots is way off straight. Should have been picked in quality control IMO.
Use Pecards instead of Lexol.
No what you said was da troof!
Just re hats. I have worn straw hats since the early 80s when I was in the airlines and found walking around Singapore or hot climes led to heatstroke and sunburn. The result is that I am still free of any melanomas etc and I have lived my life near the beach, on my uncle's farm at Wagga on holidays and generally in the sun. Anyone that is fairskinned (and/or tonsorially challenged) definitely needs to wear a hat in summer and probably 9 months of the year in places...
My son graduated recently with an Hons Bachelors in Visual Arts from Sydney. He is an artist at 23 and has had a couple of exhibitions. As someone who is cynical of modern university standards I am pleasurably surprised at his in-depth knowledge of his subject and the obvious quality of his instruction.
Just a question is Amfony Mundine the biggest knucklehead in Australian sport? Even by his standards the recent fight build up and losing debacle is hard to beat.
The Grandmaster does not need to "cut and paste".
A lot to be proud of there already.
Good one oncle!
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