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Love this shoe but they top out at like USD880 right?
Some sharp shoes there especially the navy blue and suede single monks that have already sold out.
So Italian....those blue pants are 1920s style.It's an Italian Norvegese spade style favoured by a few Italian makers like Bettanin and Venturi. I am going to have it rounded off.
I don't know about anyone else but I am feeling a lot of love for those St Cs.... especially with that 1940s style French toe. Just can't understand how you used wax on cordovan to get that beaut shine so quickly. I thought you used crèmes for shell cordovan?
Here is a pic I found of them. They are the Barberini model
Day 2 after a cutback on the left toecap and use of oxblood Collonil Diamond crème followed by Angelus Mahogany wax.
Patrick have you used the Mac method on those shell shoes already to get that shine?
Yeah I have a pair of Bettanins in that colour I am going to send to Antonio Meccariello for a dye and lustre job.
Mine are being topyed and will be posted soon.
Seriously sharp like a modern take on my 40s spades.
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