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I love a little humility after a vicious smack down.
Very nice green!
Is that blooming shell or hullo I need Mr Pecards?
Not really ugly that's a bit similar to the Bettanin style but they are not Lattanzis. Last time he had them on for USD99 opening bid.Barely worn Bontonis at 1/3 MSRP BIN and they are still for sale? What is going on in the world?
Probably one of the nicest if not the nicest pair'o dub monks ever.I'm gonna say it. Carmina are the masters of shell IMO from what I see coming out of their workshops on these posts and on say Epaulet etc
AUD most overvalued currency in the world http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/dollar-the-most-overvalued-currency-20130215-2eho2.html
crante means knotched. So the rubber sole is attached to the leather by knotching? I suspect it means the rubber is sewn (knotched) onto the leather inner sole rather than just being glued on. Just my surmise.This - along with that swan neck detailing around the vamp also favoured by EG. Masterpiece is regarded as slightly superior to EG quality so far ahead of C&J = the normal Poulsen sub-out maker.In fact they look just like a Masterpiece pair I had from Paul Stuart some...
Anyone looking for a pair of red Cages like NOS in PS9.5/USA11/UK10? PM me.
I have a pair of Poulsen Skone for Dunhill which is also N&L and they are actuaslly BG C&J. Those have that round size decal in there on the shoe wall that is probably Grenson or maybe EG?
This. They are a beautiful shoe. My EG are more comfortable but boring.
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