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Back to the Future - Day 2 Late 30s /early 40s Bostonians mild spades. With all the wet weather in Sydney did not want to go out in anything flimsy.
We have has a similar experience Down Under with the Rise and Fall of PM Rudd. To him, and to the coterie around him, his presidency was a radical discontinuity in American politicsThis was my take. He was a Leftist revolutionary student agitator (like Gillard) who simply would not let the campus go and grow up to be a big inclusive politician of the Centre Left/Social democrat.Ajami is one of the great writers of his generation.Thanks for drawing it to my attention.
Those military battle dress UK pants are awesome
Thanks I'll step it up just for you.
Charles Krauthammer on the Obama Fall http://www.nationalreview.com/article/347244/obama-fall
\Uptown Dandy/Dan Flores could fill you in on that model.
Uptown Dandy/Dan Flores could tell you a bit about that model.
These will be (despite their design issues) probably you most comfortable shoes. They are so sturdy you will probably use them for a variety of weekend activities - like long walks etc - where they will come into there own and become like slippers comfort-wise.
It's 'ignorance is bliss' FWIW.Obama = Schadenfreudehttp://www.nationalreview.com/article/363907/obamacare-schadenfreudarama-jonah-goldberg
Meister ...keeping American shoemaking history real!
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