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Chip off the old block I say! Congrats!
When you see these you realize there is an argument for shell cordovan....
Yes a truly Orwellian intrusion into privacy...frightening stuff.
Maybe not but it sure is a journey to the Dark Side.
And he is a total Democrat dickhead to boot. You forgot that part.
Want to know where you information is stored? http://www.smh.com.au/it-pro/security-it/telstra-storing-data-on-behalf-of-us-government-20130712-hv0w4.html
You are such a prisoner of ur youth bro' IMHO of course.
That is a very nicely shaped shoe and a colour I particularly like. You might find that the shoe antiques itself with application of cream/polish over time. If you want to maintain the colour light tan/neutral is the go. For instance I have use Saphir, Angelus and Kiwi waxes/creams on a pair of C&J Clifford hand grades and they have progressively antiqued themselves in a variety of areas.
Nothing wrong with Magnanni just that they don't get a lot of love round here. Were they from Gilt sale?I love the way the Italians/Spanish are started to use that mild spade welt from the late 40s/early 50s.Gives the shoes some added style.
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