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Beautiful shoes. I love the wide hole punching with the brogueing.
That toecap ruins them entirely and the buckle is too big in proportion IMO. Sorry to be so blunt.
I went to that big black tie Murdoch dinner at the Lowy Institute last night. Also went to the Bradman Foundation black tie the previous night for Mark Taylor's gonging in.. I have not worn tux for years and surprised how many people use a black suit and long black funeral tie as "formal wear". Murdoch was even wearing that look. Can't believe even this remaining area of dressing is now prey to "fashion". Lucky I got one at the Gowings sale years ago that still fitted...
ROFLMAO. "Wide range of activities" but Party Over!Incorrect. Her (unnamed) partner claimed he was on top.
I saw the same combo in old shot of a Stefano Bemer (RIP) photo shoot in his store - bottom front shoes. [img]
Cheer up amico mio!You still have a wonderful pair of shoes to wear.
Early onset/ricin.
60 Minutes does the long awaited (non-MSM coverup) expose: http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/10/60-minutes-confirms-benghazi-is-a-real-scandal-and-youve-been-lied-to/
Provenance?You are not seriously going to call this a major shoe renovation project? Puullleaaase...
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