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I wear hats all summer Down Under. If you don't you are asking for trouble. This season I am preferring Milan straws to Panamas yet I bought a Sri Lankan made Panama style straw on sale this week at RM Williams. Winter time I occasionally do but outside of the Outback you don't see a lot of hats worn in the city like fedoras. But now there are a lot of stingies and Akubras have started making a lot of styles that are outside of the usual rural styles. If I lived in the...
Amazing that stuff from his estate is still going around. Bit like the recent sales of that old Hollywood star.I never thought I would say this but time for an intervention? You usually have to go over to CESSpool to find that sort of stuff.
I can't believe I am saying this but a point my cobbler makes is that modern glues are very strong and keep a shoe together. Lloyds have been glued (cemented) for years and sell allover for top dollar.Those Indian Goodyear Florsheims will give a lot of wear for the price.Re briefcases try Cardini in the Strand. When you say briefcase do you mean the traditional "off to Number 10 Downing St" variety or a "document bag" or a satchel?
Woo hoo!
It's all good but the footwear drop down on the B&S classifieds still does not seem to work
I happened to be in the Sydney George St store for the sales and noticed a new pair of boots I had never seen before with a spectacular leather and priced at AUD600. I asked about them and was informed they are made by the specialist old guy bootmakers who hand last/welt the top croc boots like were made for Clinton and Bush 43. The leather was a spectacular calf superior to any C&J handgrade or EGs whatever. Very impressed I was. Only available in the two brown and...
Anyone looking for driving mocs in the sale should wear a pair of the DJs Milana Fuoco brand (around $90 on sale). Like walking on cushions with no heel shock like other types. Made in Italy. I bought three colours.
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