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Is the blue cobalt or really navy blue?
Yeah I've got those ones too.nyuk nyuk nyuk
They have ...but it would be nice if you could find out whether Carmina could reproduce those spade sole shoes as a special order Leaves.
My twenty year old son has warned me off for "rockin'" pink shirts...
This. The fact this guy was euthanased is an indictment of the moral standards of contemporary European society.Hold that..."the moral standards of contemporary European society"...that is an oxymoron right?
You will get there one day....
The military style bunning, the cracking and the famous patches. Unmistakeable to shoe tragics.
He wore these again the other day to his great friend van Cutsem's funeral.
You could be in the AE factory with a bit less speed and better leather.
Another victim of the Democrat smear machine gets justice...finalmente.... Pity his career ended down the toilet. He was a bug exterminator originally and just the right guy to exterminate the Dem scum that infects the US Congress hence their unremitting efforts to tarnish and ruin him a la Judge Clarence Thomas.
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