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His Go the Roosters Grand Final Tricolour tie was also a beauty.
A friend of mine had a Triumph Stag. When she was good she was very good ...when she was bad she spent a lot of time in the garage with overheating problems.
Walked into the Bally shoe store on Pitt St Mall and noticed that the clunky gunboat Scribes are all gone and in their place are Italian shaped Aussie weight stylish shoes. Took them a while to work that out.
This is pretty much a summation of how it happened for me and like all brilliant apprentices...isshi took it to another level.
Those are a masterpiece. I will explain why as someone who has a collection of spade shoes both calf and spectators.What is wonderful with those is the way the spade sole is so voluptuously shaped. It is a mid point between the 1940s shape "dig a hole" spade like many of my pairs and the rounded spade "extension sole" type as they Americans called it in the 1930s.Instead of this:More like this:and this:But the above just don't compare with those Fosters shoes. The closest...
1950s Weyenberg suede spectators. They have that lovely red brown calf so popular in the early 1950s with the bit of spade bump out left from the 1940s.
A lot of staining and revivifying etc
Might put these up as well...Roblee mild spade ventilated spectators c 1940s NOS size 10.5D.
I think they are bespoke from the lack of interior details and quality of the leather.
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