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They need conditioner or even stripping/cleaning and application of Collonil Diamant IMO.
Latest Prada collection has some interesting takes on that late 1980s Italian hiker style.
No need. The shoes fit the average EUR feet ie UK "F" "E" "5" etc
EUR feet are like UK/Aussie feet.
That raises some interesting questions because a lot of my youth (starting in the 1950s!) was spent barefoot. Lotsa working class kids in Australia pre and post WW2 went to school without shoes.
My take on this is that you are right isshi.Just look at men's suit sizes as an indication of how skinny guys were.This was due to many factors but generally it is considered that exercise, harder physical work and wholesale less food consumption contributed to this fact.It is not a long call to suggest this would have been balanced by shoe size.The modern wide foot is caused by the shoes worn in youth that allow expansion like runners/trainers. When folks get older and...
You outdid yourself on that one bro!
The wingtip pairs were tragically made to top quality but in corrected grain/binder and don't stand up from what I have seen of used pairs on eBay.
It will be interesting to see them worn and then buffed and polished in few months.
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