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How many of us have had this experience?The ones I love are the HR types that have nothing on their desks but wander around endlessly looking to solve problems.That is until they get a real one.Then the behaviour when they are called on it is very unHR....like yeah but ...yeah but...yeah.
Meanwhile back at la cucinaSorry... the juxtaposition of this with the reigning slugfest is what makes this thread one of the craziest on SF.
Interesting article on US footwear manufacture in TN by an 'Australian' company that was previously manufacturing in China. http://www.smh.com.au/business/comment-and-analysis/the-hk-aussies-outsourcing-to-the-usa-20131121-2xwvo.html
No animus mate just their sheer utilitarian brutality is a little confronting for the gentle sensitivies of the blokes round here.
You would never wear those out...even on safari.
Yet the USA struggles to maintain even a RTW shoe industry with 2x the population?
replacement should have been the order of the day but this is a point isshinryu makes about the quality of a lot of UK leather from the top brands.
I was watching a cable doco on Sam Giancana.Never realized he was also doing Monroe at the same time as JFK.Doco claimed he knew RFK was doing her next (courtesan c 1670?) and had Marilyn wacked with a big dose of Nembutal. He then made sure the love letters from RFK were spread around the room to implicate him and get the heat off his Senate/Racketeering stuff/appearances.Problem was the Kennedys got wind of her condition got round there quick smart and the Secret...
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