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Funnily enough my observation (over 30 years wearing straws) is that the cheaper Panamas (like 350 WPSI ones you get in HNL) take the wear and tear better. They don't get floppy like the top grade Panamas do with the slightest shower. They also have more glue in them and withstand wetting and losing their shape and rebound instead of having to be professionally reflanged like Montecristis. If I had a Monte again I would be sure to have it hardened up to preserve the...
A good well made and priced Spanish shoe
very nice last and helps to carry them off.
Love these - remind me of some Ballys I covet.It is like Italian d├ęcor where they mix something totally out of era/classical vibe with something ultramodern and get away with it.You would ask yourself what could you wear with those shoes and then your wear something very conservative and suddenly you get away with the statement. Bravissimo!
I was always wondering what it was about grey I disliked.
Impeachment approaching? Even the Hispanic supporters are worried. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2688025/Im-man-Obama-meets-Hispanic-hecklers-interrupted-Texas-economic-speech-immigration-complaints.html
"when I get the urge... I just gotta splurge" !https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L80XYgxjIw8&feature=kp
I have a a pair of crepe soles chukkas by Testoni and I must say the crepe makes for comfortable shock absorbing walking around.
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