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I love big punching.Maybe because C&J are slick shoes?
We does that not surprise me? Thanks for summarising Meermin.
what is it transferring iPhone pics to flickr? How to you get them up to 500x500?
Cross post from the Vintage thread
I have been after a pair of 1930s Boots for years. These are the famous Regal brand in NOS 11D.. Quite a score when you look at the condition. I suspect they have always been wrapped up in a box and fairly airtight. Can't wait till they arrive Down Under
Just got the Cherry Moore shoes yesterday. What a great crowd to deal with. Pure class. Just some advice. The leather in the AS shoes does need to be conditioned before polishing IMO. I put a layer of Pecards on and it has sucked it up overnight.
Both good but the Borgiolis are something else.I think the green ones had their surface too brutalised and you lost the top layer. This is always a problem with taking shoes back to base. Chapping the top layer. Sometimes the wax still brings it back but after a lot of effort.
That is a worry in itself. Pity as Peter was a nice guy from the contact I have had with him through his second hand eBay site.
This maybe even black
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