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RIP Paolo Soleri http://www.smh.com.au/national/obituaries/builder-of-beautiful-ruins-20130412-2hq7f.html
Just empirical but the major hat store in Sydney "Strand Hatters" in the famous Strand Arcade is a place I have visited for at least 10 years.One of the young blokes that works in there and who I have known since he started in there told me this summer they were run off their feet. A whole set of special order Fedoras in 40s styles are being introduced for winter.And Sydney is never really cold like NYC etcLook at the last Pitti show. That is the fashion driver.I rest my...
You are wrong and the fact hats are coming back as seen in this thread proves it.
This. You are a very articulate person. That will help your success.
What's the leather quality like?
This. Hence my move to Italian shoes. But for comfort can't beat UK.What imagination thought up this take on dub monks? This thread has the juices flowing.
Toecap is totally stunning.
Very nice. Not Italian quality antiquing but I bet you paid a whole lot less?
Exact summation. Plus putting the heel in (if the dub monk is a snug fit) is facilitated by elastic.
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