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All of the above and thanks for that Bede stuff which is all true hence Offa's Dyke that that non Angles used to keep themselves totally separate from the invaders.
The Spanish version of those Quebecois fuckwits that want to break up functioning nation states to make some dubious feel good mini state. Like the breakup of Czechoslovakia.
Nice tie
Nice shoes
Just noticed spectators in the top shoe store in Sydney's Strand Arcade. Have not seen that before. They must be about to roll out Down Under. Just got a vintage pair made like a saddle shoe. Pics further down the track .
Bottom one looks like a Bestetti copy.
Wonderful...especially the 40s style vamp to toe vibe.Gobsmacked at the quality and stylishness of them.The greatest ever American shoe in the greatest ever shape...IMHO of course...
Sizing c1945 The following was cited from The U.S. Army Quartermaster's Review May-June 1945, "Data compiled for millions of inductees shows the following to be the actual measurements of the "average" newcomer to the Army as he appears at the clothing counter of a reception centre: 5' 8" tall; 144 pounds in weight; 33 ΒΌ" chest measurement; 31" waist measurement. From the tariff tables showing the frequency of size issues it is found that the sizes most frequently issued...
Amazing...1970s but could be almost 1940s bold look...or exaggerated 30s and even a bit 20s the way it is shaped at the bottom.
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