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First time SF has had a Perkal Bros commission. Congrats
Not very nice style IMO = the stitching on the counter. The front toecap is great. Heel counters are better free of brogueing IMO.
It's his opinion that is the problem. Maybe his persona even more but that is for others to judge.Interesting view you have as what constitutes "integrity in journalism" in the contemporary sense.You give an insight into how bad the US media really is aka an Obama/Pravda-like cheer squad mixed in with a little of the old "payola" problem of the 60s music business.We have the same problem Down Under.It's an ideological thing aka "we should rather call them political...
That smaller toecap with wider vamp is a nice look.
Italian shoes generally follow the British sizing unless they are in metric where UK 10 = EUR44 UK 9 = 43 for instance. Italian width is like USA "E" or big "D".
Looking forward to this NOS Ecuadorian Hat Company Milan in size 7.5. Has that Optimo Panama style vertical crease as was popular in the 50s/60s.
Muy interesante - especialmente todo eso a proposito de Japon. Gracias!
Just one of the shoe porn blogs about.
Now Mayor Bloomberg hates Banksy http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/2013/10/20/15/23/banksys-street-war-with-new-york-mayor
Beautiful! I have the 202 version.
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