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Those 1940s style tarsal strap/ball strap shoes won't have the beautiful, voluptuous Bestetti toecap like yours coming at you!
I am usually a 10K in UK shoes... sometimes 9.5... but some information on eBay re sausages seems to suggest that a 9.5F might be adequate as it is an Italianish snouty last.But I do not really know whether to do it in two colors. Or do it all in a single color.What do you think is better? Two colors like these? Or one color only?[/quote]Anything in Bestetti gets my juices flowing. You can't go wrong with him.
All of the above.
One size too big!
Love Tarsal straps. What do they cost in BUD?
Total agreement. They really have busted loose. I am very tempted to get a pair of the green specs.
That cracking around the heel area is not good.
Nice shoes!
I love those even more than my Bontonis...
Is the blue cobalt or really navy blue?
New Posts  All Forums: