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Patrick do you intend to buy a black pair?
There had to be a reasonable explanation....
That's the before...next for the afters....
These are soon to arrive and have some nice features. Weyenberg tan ventilated spectators 10.5D They are probably late 40s with the mild spade sole but the vamp treatment is true 50s. Then that Weyenberg 50s touch of the 7 eyelets more redolent of the 30s. They have that famous tan colour that was a feature of Weyenbergs and I have another pair in a similar colour. Weyenberg still exists as WEYCO and is run or was run by the sons off Mr Florsheim when they left...
This.I like that diamond punching you see on Grenson Masterpieces as well.
Nice!... not a cuff kinda guy but that looks like a ripper suit.
Strangely apt observation (in hindsight) giving that famous 20/20 vision.
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