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Is this why lots of themo do internships in Europe?
Jeez that's one sleek sharp shoe....Tarsal strapping mania.
What a vintage resource and in such fine condition!
A beginner's guide to Italian men's style by: J.J. Martin From: The Wall Street Journal July 22, 2013 8:47AM Cesare Attolini Mixing colours and patters is an Italian forte, which labels such as Cesare Attolini do with ease. Picture: cesareattolini.com Source: Supplied The unstructured, lightweight jacket made by Boglioli can be worn with varying degrees of formality, including with tailored trousers. Picture: boglioli.it Luciano Barbera WHEN fashion editors and...
I have that roping treatment on one of my pairs. Great shoes/boots!
I remember seeing them in Zimbabwe when they would walk overland from rivers and arrive in pools in nowheresland. You even blinked at the them and the suckers would come charging out of the water all stirred up. They can even sort of spin their ears in the water as a kind of warning off.
Have been polishing them up and they are coming up a treat.
Not really just go in sit down and talk to Adam and Morris.
I have been in there a number of times. They are an incredible couple of guys with some unbelievable stories from the War. All the rich and famous have used them for bespoke. Others just get their repairs done in there.91 year old shoemakers you want? Oi...
Just catching some zzzzs before I guy from Cleverley calls....
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