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And ain't it grand?,,, so much so they want to cheat by imitating it.The real thing on a pair of (ancient) C&Js I am rehabbing
Thanks for confirming that. I like the bureaucratspeak for gerrymandering constituencies/electorates/electoral districts"the current practice of affirmatively furthering fair housing carried out by HUD grantees, which involves an analysis of impediments to fair housing choice and a certification that the grantee will affirmatively further fair housing, has not been as effective as had been envisioned. This rule accordingly proposes to refine existing requirements with a...
Some discussion hereabouts as to who was the worst US President.Obama features highly in the "Abuse the Constitution" stakes but he would certainly qualify as the laziest.
This frightening plan is what the US will get for the next 2 years unless Congress stops it. Defund HUD's Affirmative-Action Zoning Federalism: Using its power of the purse, Congress can stop what might be the most disturbing social-engineering project ever undertaken by the federal government. Will it? Last week, House Republicans pushed through an amendment to a HUD spending bill that defunds enforcement of the agency's new "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing"...
Solid!Remind me of the late 40s/early 50s vibe of the Stetson Saratoga like these of mine:
Funnily enough my observation (over 30 years wearing straws) is that the cheaper Panamas (like 350 WPSI ones you get in HNL) take the wear and tear better. They don't get floppy like the top grade Panamas do with the slightest shower. They also have more glue in them and withstand wetting and losing their shape and rebound instead of having to be professionally reflanged like Montecristis. If I had a Monte again I would be sure to have it hardened up to preserve the...
A good well made and priced Spanish shoe
very nice last and helps to carry them off.
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