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The military style bunning, the cracking and the famous patches. Unmistakeable to shoe tragics.
He wore these again the other day to his great friend van Cutsem's funeral.
You could be in the AE factory with a bit less speed and better leather.
Another victim of the Democrat smear machine gets justice...finalmente.... Pity his career ended down the toilet. He was a bug exterminator originally and just the right guy to exterminate the Dem scum that infects the US Congress hence their unremitting efforts to tarnish and ruin him a la Judge Clarence Thomas.
There are a few pairs on eBay at the moment FWIW.
With feet that size eBa/etsy is your oyster. Vintage in particular.
Let's hope.
California has always been a popular place for surfing orange juice etc ...once people saw enough cowboy movies they realized how nice the South West was. Frank Lloyd Wright is an example. Once the Cochise /Geronimo problem was solved it was safe to bring people in - like John McCain.The Mexicans etc realized that the Yanks had turned the inhospitable country into something you could play golf on and the rest followed.The Mexican argument was it was always just stolen...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IS70kNr0bsQ Vintage straw hats the French way.
Garry White - the Boardwalk Empire "Hatter to the Stars" http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=APrtNX0khzE
New Posts  All Forums: