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This.I spent all day in Sydney in Irish linen and very comfortable I was too.Broadcloth.
TVs most popular serial killer!
C&J have a center brass tack where the instep is.
You are being too kind for an SFer. Basically apart from Churchs binder we don't do CG on SF FWIW.
Just my observation from thrifting the Bone stuff but the shirts and ties were much better about 5 years ago IMO. I was wearing a very nice Bone tie I thrifted and the silk Made in Italy quality was like a hand made job with robust silk.
Henry Bucks
Very 30s/40s and very nice shape and colour!
Is that a store display MM? Please don't tell me you have a bespoke cabinet for your bespoke G&Gs! What would you call that shoe? A spectator I suppose. Wonderful combo.
Shows how often you visit SF. The Aussies have their own thread cobber.
her email is marianneunfaithful.
New Posts  All Forums: