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Here are a NOS pair of late 40s early 50s Stetson Gator Saratogas. Looking forward to wearing them.
Anyone care to date this chair. There were two of them in a store in Sydney. I thought they were late 1940s myself.
I knew there was an answer to it!
Beer Wine Champers short skirts and sexually provocative attire whilst looking a little sort of in awe of everything especially. Much more aggressive with males than years ago.They are all at least 5.9/1.75 or bigger especially with their ridiculous shoe height.They still like the older dance music but predominately modern Beyoncé club "Finkin' I'm in Ibitha" sortafing.Food at parties is not the crap we were brought up with either.
I went to a long standing friend's daughter's 21st last night at Ripples at Chowder Bay down the hill from Mosman Sydney and looking straight out over the Harbour. I have been there once before in high summer. Pretty hard to beat and the food is excellent.
My EG Malverns US10.5E on the 202 last. I had a version of these once made for that famous USA Britches company. But these are 100X better.
Beautiful shoes. I love the wide hole punching with the brogueing.
That toecap ruins them entirely and the buckle is too big in proportion IMO. Sorry to be so blunt.
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