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You don't belong on SF anymore. You have broken the Code of Conduct!And some prices for the Green Cordovan model in the picture please.
Top Aussie SF thread slag fest.You will know post August 14....
It's Sir Mark Thatcher.I always wondered why... and the reliable Wiki came up with the answer.It appears that Denis Thatcher of G&T fame was made a baronet shortly after Baroness Thatcher was given a life peerage.He was the first guy to be made a baronet since the 1950s so he was granted a hereditary peerage which on his death passed to (now Sir) Mark.For those who may be fascinated by such things.For the first time in history an Australian born person was recently made an...
I think I'll crawl back into my SHELL.
Beautiful but you won't be seeing that quality anytime soon.
Pit to pit 22.75 on a 58EUR suit not possible methinks? Has it been heavily altered?
Very nice!
I gotta ask.What country is producing shoes of that sublime beauty? Just the proportions for starters. Then the thumbs up to the great shapes of the 30s/40s.
When I had my orthotics made I did a similar thing except that the plaster wrapping they use in Australia returns a full plaster cast of the foot - not a hollow imprint that is then filled with resin. Well at least that was what I thought. I have wondered whether the hard plaster cast could be then used as a model for MTO but obviously you need resin to create a mould that can be shaped exactly to the shape of the foot for last purposes.Makes me wonder whether the plaster...
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