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Those Churchs are Prada era with the Milan city stamp on the heel pad.G fitting is EE
Yeah I was thinking how mad when I realized the series on Fox is a a repeat!
First time in a pair of Barker Blacks I scored. Fit like bespoke = snug but very comfortable.
Pretty much agree though 202 is the most comfortable.
Meth Labs cause bush fires? What is happening to our country? http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/bushfire-caused-by-father-and-son-torching-meth-labs-20130114-2cofk.html
Italian (made) sizes add 1.5 to get US 9.5 Santoni = 11 US
Avoid Fredmans - I got a vintage Omega 1944 from the QVB folks (when they were in Imperial Arcade) and honestly had nothing but trouble for the AUD800 I paid (yes before I knew about SF etc!). Eventually I got that Indian guy in Manly Vale to fix it for a further AUD250.
Def pick 2 but 1 is also nice
One pair I sent to a Hungarian friend arrived. Another pair arrived back Down Under 6 months later!
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