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Looks like the trolls have begun their pre-Xmas migration!
Yeah but a little bit in a lot of places that matter is all it takes.
You are becoming tiresome - this is an international forum. Get a new meme.Obama voter QED.
They are the ones actually caught. The others got away with it - hence Obama is President.Vote early and often is the Democrat way.
Painfully beautiful. Why has it taken so long for St C's to hit the shoe tragic zeitgeist? Availability I suspect.
You've missed the point mate. In America his crowd aka "low information voters" (and various SF new class Lefties) don't pay for anything. That's the idea. The lifters pay...not the leaners.
Perhaps more politically significant, Americans who will continue to get healthcare coverage through their employers blame Obama's healthcare overhaul for their rising premiums and deductibles, according to this poll.But how many Americans? I have heard 60 million.
That is an amazing example of how shoes get better with TLC.What is amazing is how the definition has been enhanced by the polishing and love so much so that they now have French style toecaps for instance.
Surfing swans on the Gold Coast. Now I've seen it all! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcmDN9BJLY4
The Indian Imperials are Goodyeared maybe the Italian are Blaked. It is a nice looking shoe but this type of shoe sells on PaulFrederick.com for like USD250. Interesting that Florsheim has finally decided to get back to making higher end shoes.
New Posts  All Forums: