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So are the Irish linen shirts. I wore one yesterday in the 41C heat. Fantastic and very comfortable!
The 337 after a break in period is a very comfortable shoe. I am more suited to EG202 type lasts but I find the 337 does not crowd my foot even after a summers's day.
You won't need to I suspect.
Whats the best shoe maker in BKK now?
French Shriner &Urner dates the shoes to pre-1955 and usually late 40s with the spade soles etc. The Urner part in the name I believe disappeared around 1955. A great manufacturer but like all US shoemakers of quality = RIP.
Belgraves have a distinct red hue like the vintage reddish brown. At least mine do anyways.
If these are MTO why has that right foot got a crease 10mm into the toe cap area?
Mrs and Mrs Bontoni enjoying day 2 of the Third Test vs Sri Lanka Sydney Cricket Ground Members' Section
I wear hats all summer Down Under. If you don't you are asking for trouble. This season I am preferring Milan straws to Panamas yet I bought a Sri Lankan made Panama style straw on sale this week at RM Williams. Winter time I occasionally do but outside of the Outback you don't see a lot of hats worn in the city like fedoras. But now there are a lot of stingies and Akubras have started making a lot of styles that are outside of the usual rural styles. If I lived in the...
New Posts  All Forums: