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Nice!... not a cuff kinda guy but that looks like a ripper suit.
Strangely apt observation (in hindsight) giving that famous 20/20 vision.
This I like. A leather steamer chair. Never seen one before.
All Lands end shorts and linen shirts are good. Most ae Baird McNutt Irish linen.
Virgin on the Ridiculous...3 x American 1940s Girls who haven't been able to get a date so far... It's not that they are unattractive...maybe they have been locked 'indoors' too long?
Tradies generally have bigger incomes earlier too.Though a friend told me his 24 yr old daughter who has double degrees in Engineering is going to start out in the Pilbara/Perth two weeks on two weeks off gig at 120K opening salary!
Here are a NOS pair of late 40s early 50s Stetson Gator Saratogas. Looking forward to wearing them.
Anyone care to date this chair. There were two of them in a store in Sydney. I thought they were late 1940s myself.
I knew there was an answer to it!
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