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Nothing wrong with TieRack especially its top made in UK rangeOne of the thread's best so far....
When one friend of ours female observed the same thing (in reverse) my wife just said to her "Listen...They are blokes. They watch footy" Deal with it!.
Me want one!
Pure 1940s that sole and beautiful to boot!
He is brilliant maker and those suedes are great.
That's my immediate thought but they are well trained.
Saphir is too smelly I may revert to Collonil.No . Do not use Parade Gloss as it is too full of turps and destroys the leather. Even regular Kiwi has to be watched though it works well.You will never make the cut for the Riverine Club mate.
F is a regular fitting for normal people (aka Aussies, Brits Euros et al) and is half way/a tad between the US "D" normal (aka abnormal) and US "E".
Forget Me Knot: In 2012 Recht documented a one off surgery/performance during which a plastic surgeon removed a 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from his abdomen while he was awake. The piece of skin with the hair was tanned and mounted to a 24kt gold ring. [1]
1940s Nettleton mild spades
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