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I'd agree entirely.The exploration of the Cold War meme of 'whatever it takes' as a way of combatting the Soviet Empire contrasted with the Brave New World they thought they were getting (same as WWI) and the suddenness of its disappearance - is a critical aspect of the post War era.Horowitz the writer has done a top job interpreting it in this series.Foyle's loves "the rule of law" and finds horror in seeing it compromised by the "national interest" as interpreted by the...
Yes they are vicious - the most dangerous snake in the world. Fast killer.
Everyone talks about hit and miss with Meermins. They look pretty good. What was the price?
The Presidential shoes.... http://www.spectator.co.uk/life/long-life/9116151/alexander-chancellor-francois-hollande-rumbled-by-his-shoes/
Only way to go. They are sensational.
C&J Belgrave Hand grades. They are that lovely vintage red brown colour so I just use Colonill burgundy crème on them to enhance the red.
Love the tan edging contrast with the navy blue. Fantastic combo!
Such a nice change for shell lovers after all that endless Alden/AE crap.
Very nice! love the Norvegese stitching.
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