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WAPO retracts fake news article.http://nypost.com/2017/01/01/washington-post-retracts-story-about-russian-hack-at-vermont-utility/
Cheers and Happy New year to all!
Well that could be a good explanation for the Trump win that covers all voting cohorts.
The point of the black vote is its key to Democrat victory. It is made up of two types of voters. Those that actually vote and those who choose to not vote.Thus even miniscule changes in the black vote and its Democrat solidity can have an exponentially adverse impact on the Dem vote - especially in battleground situations. North Carolina is a perfect example ditto Michigan. Florida as well.This Trump increased his share of the total black vote by boosting the Repub...
Good job!More serious hard brushing IMO and some tight trees. Time to deer bone the beef rolls. Best ever video on polishing shell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ1k8mJt3iI
Typical WP poorly researched scare article. Almost fake news.
Yeah right. Hence he did better with blacks than any previous candidate has for years.There was nothing clueless about what he said to black voters. It was spot on and not only not racist but liberating.Chicago under Rahm Emanuel being a case in point.
1. Yes because there is not a green alternative that provides base load power sufficient to move modern energy requirements..2. Yes. But not Obama style at the risk of proven technologies.3. You are taking the piss?
This thread needs to move along. They are posting new stuff on the Bestetti Instagram site.
New Posts  All Forums: