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Nothing to do with each other
Herring Charles 2 has a nice vintage vibe.
My son who is in the art world use Metho with a drop of detergent ina spray bottle to clean spectacle lenses and frames etc or get rid of smudging on metal. Works a treat on any glass or metal surface.
They need a quick couple of drinks of Cadillac crème and then a few months in Pecards then cleaned up with some tinner type liquid maybe before use. Otherwise watch out for tears.
They would be classic additions from that maker IMHO
I have a pair from Barneys. They are an excellent shoe with different levels of manufacture. I bought mine on sale at Barneys 80% off.Very comfortable shoes fashion forward a bit like poor man's Bestettis. Re sizing I bought the US11 size but probably 10.5 would have been better with the snouty Italian lasts.
Condolences... life is so cruel only the good die young.
You wear Cherry Moores and they look so sharp that everyone comments favourably... but not everyone wants comments on their shoes.
Amazing till recently we had about 3 in Sydney now there is one.
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