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Versace arriverderci Melbourne! Is anyone surprised?
And Topyed you would not be going for that expense or having the shoes destroyed with expensive half soling.
Get the ones with pads not the little rubber knobs. They are too hard on the feet.
One of the best vintage shoes I have bought in the last 12 months is this set of Velveteez woven Adelaides. They seem from the last and white stitching to be late 40s/early 1950s but what marks them out is they are the best and most complex set of woven summer shoes I have ever seen on eBay. Obviously made in a factory - nevertheless the handiwork in preparing the woven parts is amazing. The intricate punching and thought that has gone into their manufacture is...
I love you mate...in the shoe tragic sense of the Brotherhood of St Crispin.
Recrafting time? Just shows how well they were made years ago. Bet the leather will comer up a treat when it is conditioned etc.
2.5 is perfect for felt. Any more/less is a shape of your face thing.With straw 2.5 is minimum/don't bother and 3 is ideal IMO after wearing Panama hats since 1985 in summer worldwide (no skin cancer so far being an Anglo/Celt).
To me this is def one of Vass' greatest shoes. The sort of rustic hand made feel is a winner.
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