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Bullshit. Everyone in the building game big or small goes broke at some time. It's your ability to get back up that makes your bones.
Narcissistic and buffoonish maybe but that's why punters watch reality TV. That's why his campaign cost $5 a vote when hers cost $10.The guy knows how to build stuff and at the right price. He became a billionaire in NYC real estate. That alone indicates he is not stupid and will bring real change to the USA.He'll bring the $3.5 trillion that's sitting offshore so that the US Marshall Plan 2016 can be paid for legitimately rather than Obama style QE4 debt financing.All...
Tears before bedtime. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3928032/Huma-breaks-weeps-openly-returns-campaign-headquarters-aides-ran-doomed-bid-elect-Hillary-Clinton.html
Trump Victory Repudiation of Obama. Good and Bad. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5204081433001/?#sp=show-clips
All of the above plus picked up 30% of the Hispanic cohort.
Gillard as is well known trod the same path in Adelaide. Whether she read Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' I don't know.
Thanks mate cheers!I would give a hundred USD to be a fly on the roof of the Presidential limousine as Obama and Trump motor down the road to be sworn in and to hear what BO says to The Donald.Then he gets out of the car to be confronted by Bush 41 and 43, Carter and Bill Clinton. As Jackie Gleason used to say "How sweet it is!"This is the sweetest victory of all.8 years ago I warned everyone what this Marxist Alynskyite student radical would do if he ever got elected....
Thanks to all the true believers/contributors on here for the fun A hundred of us had a nice little drink this afternoon Down Under for The Donald on this wonderful and memorable occasion. It has to be one of the best moments in my years of political interest . God Bless America!
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