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Cop of the year because imagine the price next year with the diving dollar?
First person in Sydney with Bestettis?
Thanks I have been wondering what the milkshake Moriartys look like in the flesh.
Really enjoying their $700 lounges in my back room especially the one on sale at $400.
A dodgy developer in my suburb had some offices in there once and I had to go in to see a real estate agent I knew. So that is the only time I went it in but in its day it was a top address for companies. Tired building now but well situated.
Here is the finished product in Sydney. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/frank-gehrys-uts-dr-chau-chak-wing-building-opened-the-most-beautiful-squashed-brown-paper-bag-ever-seen-20150202-132seq.html
Very cool. wonderful in fact.
LOL! See those guys in the white coats over there.
Why did you get them in black?
First Frank Lloyd Wright House in Los Angeles Finally Reopening http://la.curbed.com/archives/2015/01/first_frank_lloyd_wright_house_in_los_angeles_finally_reopening.php
New Posts  All Forums: