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Happens all the time after wear. I sometimes use a tap with regularly worn shoes.Ageless cohort.
After you trudge around in the Finnish snow for a few hours they might be more comfortable/fit better.
Summer hats in Melbourne
Forget Saphir. It stinks. Use Collonil 1909.
I got a pair of Carminas recently on the Forest last in 10.5 and I would describe them as a close to 10.5F/EUK small US 11E but a bit more like a 10.5FUK Churchs. Like an EUR44.5 in fact. I am a straight UK10 normally so I'll put an insert in to take up the extra volume.A pair of dub monks I had in 10 Carmina were actually more like 9.5UK. Narrower last.
Some good points there re R&M. Abbott also wears RMs!Getting any normal (non-SF person) to consider paying more than AUD350 for shoes is a big call these days.
American Tailors no longer carry them?
My grandfather forged his birth certificate back to age 39. He was born in 1873 (we are from his second marriage). He then got incensed that they would not let him join up in 1939!They wanted to cut his leg off after being wounded at Lone Pine. He refused and was repatriated back to Australia in 1916. He played first grade cricket for St George Cricket Club into his 40s.He had a bit of shrapnel in the leg that got TB eventuallly and he had it amputated in 1957!Here he is...
This is good if you like antique UK fashion
Just remembering my grandfather - James Henry Boots 18th Division First AIF. Gallipoli Veteran wounded and repatriated from Lone Pine.
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