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8.5F is not a double E fitting it is single E. Like a widish US "D" width fitting.
You are normally a US10.5D/11D right gyasih? I have been wondering whether a Vass 43.5 might fit me as often UK9.5F does and Italian 43.5 also.
Obama's new way to stack the rolls. Bring in and naturalize illegals. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/366776/timeline-obama-administrations-war-immigration-enforcement-andrew-stiles
You are ready for the next chukka.
very sharp!
Some Bontoni there as well. It seems Gravati is going upmarket to match di Bianco and Bontoni. Not to say that there is anything wrong with Gravati having owned a few pairs.
I am in the process of rehabbing a pair of ancient C&Js too with my local cobbler who is a qualified shoe maker. My aim is to clean them, revivify them and resole them whilst keep the patina.C&J Project6 by meister53, on Flickr
The finish... involving perfect sewing is what I like about Spigola.These look very 1920s USA. I would like to see them from above.
Somewhat hard to polish but when they shine up it makes the creasing detail pop.They were very popular with Aussie gents in the 60s and 70s that had a bit of cash and wanted the look that went with that British style country dressing worn by what my sons call "old mates".
x post Today Vintage 60s/70s C&J Ranch hide wingtips
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