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Probably one of the nicest if not the nicest pair'o dub monks ever.I'm gonna say it. Carmina are the masters of shell IMO from what I see coming out of their workshops on these posts and on say Epaulet etc
AUD most overvalued currency in the world http://www.smh.com.au/business/markets/dollar-the-most-overvalued-currency-20130215-2eho2.html
crante means knotched. So the rubber sole is attached to the leather by knotching? I suspect it means the rubber is sewn (knotched) onto the leather inner sole rather than just being glued on. Just my surmise.This - along with that swan neck detailing around the vamp also favoured by EG. Masterpiece is regarded as slightly superior to EG quality so far ahead of C&J = the normal Poulsen sub-out maker.In fact they look just like a Masterpiece pair I had from Paul Stuart some...
Anyone looking for a pair of red Cages like NOS in PS9.5/USA11/UK10? PM me.
I have a pair of Poulsen Skone for Dunhill which is also N&L and they are actuaslly BG C&J. Those have that round size decal in there on the shoe wall that is probably Grenson or maybe EG?
This. They are a beautiful shoe. My EG are more comfortable but boring.
Sorry maybe it's me but I can't feel the love for the AS Miller.
The receipt says 1938 actually but in truth - from the look of the heels and that black treatment to the instep and that they are probably kangaroo (hence not dried out like calf that age would be) - I would place them as made in the very late 20s/early30s for manufacture purposes.They may have already been on the shelf or in a depository when they were purchased.Isshi might like to chime in here but the whole vibe of those shoes is more 20s than late 30s to me.What...
Keep looking - they are so numerous on eBay (not just Imperials) that you will undoubtedly find a large or wide pair maybe NOS.
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