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Superb finish and style from those pics almost back to vintage 20s-30s quality in the styling and manufacture.
Dumbing down the great Gatsby http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2013/05/dumbing-down-the-great-gatsby-will-baz-luhrmanns-s.html
Thanks for showing a real live shot of these. As good as I expected.
No but similar to Plaza which is a great fit for Aussie feet.
Nothing wrong with TieRack especially its top made in UK rangeOne of the thread's best so far....
When one friend of ours female observed the same thing (in reverse) my wife just said to her "Listen...They are blokes. They watch footy" Deal with it!.
Me want one!
Pure 1940s that sole and beautiful to boot!
He is brilliant maker and those suedes are great.
That's my immediate thought but they are well trained.
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