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Those shoes say comfort to me...the ultimate test...did I say that?
Hope u find one! I have them in that vintage red brown colour and they are fabulous. The leather is great.
If you have ever been to a game park in Africa you would appreciate what overpopulation of elephants can do to vegetation.
Problem is you could only by them in size 5....
Thanks mate!Now that the truth is out I find it surprising that we have a deafening silence from all the Obama boosters who castigated me when I pointed out pre-2008 that he was an unreconstructed Marxist student agitator. None of this information was unavailable. His resume was wafer thin but he was the Anointed One. The rest is history.Like all of the ex-student radicals (eg Gillard) he has fallen swiftly into the New Class cornucopia. The ideology remains firm and...
Just something that's come up. Flickr have decided to stuff around with a perfectly good system such that I can't upload a snap to a forum. Anyone know what's happened?
How many of us have had this experience?The ones I love are the HR types that have nothing on their desks but wander around endlessly looking to solve problems.That is until they get a real one.Then the behaviour when they are called on it is very unHR....like yeah but ...yeah but...yeah.
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