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These are nice. The first are early 50s a famous design a few makers copied. The second are maybe late 40s or early 50s with the white thread stitching - I think. Are they French Shriner &URNER?
It's called counter-revolution. If he is a Marxist it's okay ...if he is a rightist not okay.
I can do a 10.5 for C&J RL and it is snug but a good fit in D. I usually like 11D/E or 10.5E. Ditto the C&J for BB.
+100!Yes to the highlighted suggestion.
If there is ...me old mate "Arv will detect it for yous....Oops! Internet Explorer could not find www.censoredinternetinthatshitholeaustralia.auThis. In fact probably start a Revolutionary War II against them.In 1970 Chile allowed a Marxist to take control and by stealth they nearly created a Marxist dictatorship.Another nasty piece of work and staunch Obama ally engaging in anti-democratic...
Walmart.com handled over one billion page views on Cyber Monday. Yet HealthCare.gov crashes when as few as 20-30,000 people attempt to use it at the same time.
And this guy was an Obama supporter! JONATHAN TURLEY: Thank you, Mr. Chairman. The danger is quite severe. The problem with what the president is doing is that he's not simply posing a danger to the constitutional system. He's becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid. That is the concentration of power in every single branch. http://realclearpolitics.com/video/2013/12/04/turley_obamas_become_the_very_danger_the_constitution_was_designed_to_avoid.html
Love the shoes but not feeling the love of them worn with jeans.
There are a thousand stories in the Naked City..... http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/unearthed-forensic-snaps-reveal-a-dark-moody-violent-side-of-sydney-in-the-50s-and-60s/story-fni0cx12-1226776101867
You can get that done for about AUD400 in Sydney.
New Posts  All Forums: