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I think I'll crawl back into my SHELL.
Beautiful but you won't be seeing that quality anytime soon.
Pit to pit 22.75 on a 58EUR suit not possible methinks? Has it been heavily altered?
Very nice!
I gotta ask.What country is producing shoes of that sublime beauty? Just the proportions for starters. Then the thumbs up to the great shapes of the 30s/40s.
When I had my orthotics made I did a similar thing except that the plaster wrapping they use in Australia returns a full plaster cast of the foot - not a hollow imprint that is then filled with resin. Well at least that was what I thought. I have wondered whether the hard plaster cast could be then used as a model for MTO but obviously you need resin to create a mould that can be shaped exactly to the shape of the foot for last purposes.Makes me wonder whether the plaster...
I don't know about the rest of you but I reckon this thread has sucked the shoe porn oxygen totally out of the footwear threads.Hence the name NUTCRACKER I suppose....Isshi could chime in here with a pair of vintage Florsheims that are the best shoes in his collection (he reckons) and that is really saying something.
More rubbish thinking on this thread.
http://www.smh.com.au/national/obituaries/character-actor-went-from-full-bloom-to-barbarella-20130405-2hbka.html Who was talking about Barbarella?
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