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I actually like the smell of the turpentine solvent that Saphir uses in their products, but my wife hates the smell. That's an understatement. Trying using Renovateur in an enclosed room.
This and becoming inane to boot.Nice I'll show number 2 son those as well.
10.5E aka widish 10.5s basically UK10E normal width.
Just be careful I sold my pair of 11Ds because they were like 11.5DUS.
One of the SFers has 3 pairs for sale on eBay in 10.5EUS
UK size is?
I love a little humility after a vicious smack down.
Very nice green!
Is that blooming shell or hullo I need Mr Pecards?
Not really ugly that's a bit similar to the Bettanin style but they are not Lattanzis. Last time he had them on for USD99 opening bid.Barely worn Bontonis at 1/3 MSRP BIN and they are still for sale? What is going on in the world?
New Posts  All Forums: