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I would not bother with that thought bubble. EG G&G etc are a waste of time when you could have St C, Bontoni, Santoni, etc.FTFY
I have a couple of Barbera suits. Great suits.
They must have paid big methinks as it had reached EUR348.
More on the new Gehry building in Sydney:
Thanks for that because a lot of Italian shoemakers also use "hand made" or "hand sewn" as an addition and write it inside the shoes in pen.
What is the story on the Jo Ghost line of Italian shoes?
eBay but you have to keep looking.
Different from some of D'Annunzio's boots. Senza cazzo on the front.On display in a small museum under our dressing rooms was a portion of his shoe collection. Most are sort of variations on a theme—many white shoes with very slight variations and lots and lots of shoes with spats. Very petit, delicate feet he had too. He had special luggage cases made for his shoes—or for some of them at least. They are big cases, like huge stacked bento boxes or tiffin lunches, with a...
They give me the same sensation as my AS Cherry Moores but of course these being Bestetti take the vibe to a new level.
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