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Def Japanese with maybe Italian second after I have been emotionally destroyed by Nutcracker's thread. Def not UK but then Cleverley might get me
One of the nicest summer hats is the Akubra Capricorn/Bondi http://hatsdirect.com/cgi-bin/products.cgi?view=71&returncat=Straw+Hats&returnpage=0 Until I left/got mine stolen recently it was a top hat for the following reasons: 1. Cool ventilated in summer (Sydney got up to 44.5C this year in town!). 2. Rugged (hemp fibre) 3. Quality (leather band that is not sweaty). 4. Shape . Maintains its shape despite pulling on/off and summer carelessness. I own/have owned 50s top...
The bar just got raised at SF. Have a bump for that alone.
You said no to Cleverley meets Bestetti with a subtle "wear anywhere green"? Just the blackened toe antiqueing alone is so awesome?
I like the Trionfo more... wit all do respect
Did you go the full last making bespoke route etc or just went with a pair you saw on the site?What sort of secure payment did they have?Literally? or is this after they make up your personal last?
Trouble is you have to shell out a lot more for it....
Sorry got caught in the Akubra moment! LOL.
Here's me just invested in a pair of Racing Green Testonis....
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