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Surfing swans on the Gold Coast. Now I've seen it all! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcmDN9BJLY4
The Indian Imperials are Goodyeared maybe the Italian are Blaked. It is a nice looking shoe but this type of shoe sells on PaulFrederick.com for like USD250. Interesting that Florsheim has finally decided to get back to making higher end shoes.
I have a few dubmonks and I like the buckles more on the side.The other thing for dubmonks is that you have to learn not to if you are a leg crosser as the buckles can badly scrape the cover flap on the vamp.
So what size are they?
I like those burgundy ones especially the last which I reckon would be tres confortable. It is reminiscent of a J&M Spade handmade from the 40s minus the shovel.
I like the Bestetti like toe gap on those. They look like a pair of RMs used to look like before the quality dropped but have a far greater sleekness.
Pretty good bookmatching
These are nice. The first are early 50s a famous design a few makers copied. The second are maybe late 40s or early 50s with the white thread stitching - I think. Are they French Shriner &URNER?
It's called counter-revolution. If he is a Marxist it's okay ...if he is a rightist not okay.
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