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Lovely comfortable shape.
Australian Customs is always discovering animal/bird/reptile smugglers - but I suspect even they would baulk at taipans.
Having had a lot of stuff made in the 80/90s in BKK for myself and the missus I would have to say the best think to do in BKK is take something that is a perfect fit and have it copied. They are geniuses at that. I have never once found or heard of real luxury cotton fabric in a Thai cloth market - more details and prices please in case I need a small quantity in the future. I should have elaborated that I was buying linen. The suits I had made lasted me 10 years and had...
Aussie through and through...nice to wear on Australia Day.
That was a BKK story I told during daylight hours....
I just used to get out of the tuk tuk and then walk down this duckboard lane into this like market place of cloth.
Old post but I got many good suiting fabrics in Sampeng Lane years ago when I travelled to BKK in the airlines and got stuff made.
Nice to see you are easily persueded.
Maybe I am missing something but I thought cutaway collars were dead?This.
What has not been considered is how much stuff is also deposited by occasional thrifters back in donations.I reckon I give as good as I get. Also have a lotta fun.
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