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I can do a 10.5 for C&J RL and it is snug but a good fit in D. I usually like 11D/E or 10.5E. Ditto the C&J for BB.
+100!Yes to the highlighted suggestion.
Love the shoes but not feeling the love of them worn with jeans.
There are a thousand stories in the Naked City.....
You can get that done for about AUD400 in Sydney.
Thanks for picking it up for me! I notice something has gone on at Salvos in my suburb that prices for suits are reasonable all of a sudden. Back at the big Vinnies warehouse they are still separating suits so that they have racks of unsold jackets that are basically rags at what cost to the business and waste of good suits?Vinnies needs a big shake up IMO. My solicitor told me a benefactor client left them $3million and he could not get anyone to ring back and encash the...
Shows how little you know .
I would not bother with that thought bubble. EG G&G etc are a waste of time when you could have St C, Bontoni, Santoni, etc.FTFY
I have a couple of Barbera suits. Great suits.
They must have paid big methinks as it had reached EUR348.
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