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Meister ...keeping American shoemaking history real!
Back to the Future today. Late 1930s Crosby Square Spade soled captoes.
Happens all the time after wear. I sometimes use a tap with regularly worn shoes.Ageless cohort.
After you trudge around in the Finnish snow for a few hours they might be more comfortable/fit better.
Summer hats in Melbourne http://media.theage.com.au/national/selections/topping-off-race-wear-for-men-4888109.html
Forget Saphir. It stinks. Use Collonil 1909.
I got a pair of Carminas recently on the Forest last in 10.5 and I would describe them as a close to 10.5F/EUK small US 11E but a bit more like a 10.5FUK Churchs. Like an EUR44.5 in fact. I am a straight UK10 normally so I'll put an insert in to take up the extra volume.A pair of dub monks I had in 10 Carmina were actually more like 9.5UK. Narrower last.
Some good points there re R&M. Abbott also wears RMs!Getting any normal (non-SF person) to consider paying more than AUD350 for shoes is a big call these days.
American Tailors no longer carry them?
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