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UK 10 USA 10.5/11
Yes that was my pick.
1940s Stetson Saratogas
I have a pair of 888 EG Brooksvilles for RL. I also have a few pairs of 337s. I think the 888 is a bit more comfortable but EG leather is softer than C&J. At the same time C7Js 337 is a better looking shoe IMO
C&J Ranch Hides I picked up a few years ago. I don't know when they were made but they have a very 21st century vibe.
Who are the red shoes made by?
It hit 40C in Sydney today , Now its 19C and raining! Went with something to keep the feet cool. 1940s woven Deco Adelaides with the ubiquitous Irish linen suit..
My 1940s spades arrived. Now enjoying a well earned drink of Cadillac conditioner. Good fit and very nice too. No sizing or maker's mark anywhere so maybe they were MTM/bespoke made?
The croc sandals are a classic!
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