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Some love lavished on (one of) my Bontonis
me want in your next sell off!
Fifth from right what brand is that?
70s years old Stetsons Avenues out for a walk today and then back to familiar surroundings. Original laces BTW as well!
All of the above plus Huma's Saudi connections and Bill's connection with his debauched mate Epstein.
talking to my cobbler who is a full trained shoemaker and has worked on a lot of RMs. He tells me the inner sole is now a cardboard flex material and if you want leather you have to but the $1K special jobs with the sign off. Is this true?
I won't go there...
I recently hooked into the Facebook RM Williams site and I am stunned how much negativity there is about RM quality. The mod has to constantly apologize or reassure posters.
Number of beavers versus rabbits. Rabbits breed ....like rabbits.At one stage - till they discovered myxomatosis and later the calicivirus - we had 500 million rabbits in Australia (1950s).Now Akubra has to import rabbit felts.
The FBI investigation = the Fix was in http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/sep/24/obama-used-pseudonym-emails-hillary-clinton-fbi/
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