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I had ostrich in South Africa years ago. Very rich and gamey. The ostrich egg omelette ditto.
http://parisiangentleman.fr/2015/05/13/de-la-loi-macron-et-des-appellations-bottier-et-fait-main/ http://nettletonshoes.com/english-cavalry-info/
Totally awesome masterpiece. Love the little goes big tile effect.
Mine have gone even deeper red with Colonnil
Metric measurements are never a good idea
Those are just a great style for what could be potentially a bit clumpy.
Wonderful! Like a beautiful sculpture. I have some similar vintage ones I picked up but, as nice as they are, they are not sculpture.
I use Collonil burgundy colour works a treat.
Top bookmatching
I get Suzukisan's feed on Face book and he is the most exciting traditional shoemaker in the world IMO.Bestetti is the most exciting of the Italians but obviously the finish is not Suzuki standard.
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