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Edwin Clapp were the best, J&M Handmade were great too and of course Nettletons. Stetson are also fab and Crosby Square.The best place to get/find/buy such things is style forum member isshinryu101.
Relaxing in my late 40s/early 50s Edward Clapp New Englanders
No my argument is that he has created the Syria situation albeit on top of a previous failure. He has exacerbated the failure. The neo-con agenda has been continued by Obama/Hillary - disastrously and cluelessly. The same regime change type of mentality.
Daesh was established at the behest of the US to insert a Salafist state in between Alawite Syria and Hezbollah to forestall Iran's (claimed) hegemonic desire to control the Middle East/Fertile Crescent.The Gulf States and Saudia Arabia concurred and assisted with arms and money. The Turks helped when their palms we greased by ISIS oil imports at the right price. They allowed ISIS imported terrorists to enter via Turkey.The US under Obama/Clinton sent arms via Turkey to...
beautiful what brand are they?x postC&J Suede ghillies for Barneys from a couple years ago with red dainite thin soles!
Never a truer word spoken.Today's further revelation http://www.wsj.com/articles/obamacares-meltdown-has-arrived-1475709560?mod=social_content_enginlife
Why Hillary will win? The Fix is In. #1 The FBI http://nypost.com/2016/10/06/fbi-agents-are-ready-to-revolt-over-the-cozy-clinton-probe/
I have bought a couple of canvassed top quality Paul Frederick suits on discount. The problem is the fusing used in the lapels and foulard pocket rim are inferior so the long of the suit looks ok but you see the bubbling/lifting under the lapels etc.
The Unravelling of Health Care = Socialized Medicine The middle class pay for everyone and get forced out of quality health care. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV5dfAa5Nj4
I'm talking about Syria geddditt? Syria makes Iraq look like a picnic. It had 25 million people living in peace. It now has 12 million. The rest - who were not killed - fled.
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